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Since its creation, Akaso has focused on offering the best filmographic and sports equipment considering itself specialists in action cameras. However, they have done a great job in developing different models of WiFi IP cameras.

Since 2013,  Akaso has expanded its name rapidly in the markets thanks to its technological innovations in cameras and sports equipment, as well as its efforts to venture into various fields related to outdoor sports and recreation.

What seems like a short but substantial trajectory, Akaso has become a brand that includes the wild spirit of those who seek extreme adventures set in the middle of nature or surrounded by the various challenges imposed by the city, while still capturing any moment of action in a very clear and detailed way.

But, what can you find on Akaso products catalog?

Akaso Sports and Action Cameras

Akaso sports camera models such as Brave 4, Brave 6, EK7000, EK7000 Pro, V50 Pro, V50 Pro SE, V50 Elite have earned the respect of the public who loves adventures and technology, with safe equipment, resistant and good for all kinds of terrains. The V50 Elite model is one of the favorites, know it below.

Indoor IP Cameras

If you are looking for indoor cameras, models such as Akaso P20, Akaso P30 and Akaso P50 will be able to keep your home safe and secure thanks to its high-end technology and easy installation. You can learn more about P30 model below.

Akaso Outdoor WiFi Camera

Akaso B60 stands out for being the model of outdoor WiFi IP camera whose low price and excellent performance have made it one of the best sellers in its catalog, for that reason we have developed its review.

Akaso DashCam

If you are interested in the most advanced and cheap car cameras, Akaso offers you unsurpassed models such as the C200, DL2, P4, Trace 1, V1 and V300, which have become a milestone among more responsible drivers. More details about the V1 model in our analysis.

Akaso Products and Accessories

This brand has developed products that have revolutionized the concept of home automation, such as doorbells and smart locks, as well as a variety of accessories and products, including drones.

For 6 years, this brand has focused on improving the experience of its users by presenting the best technological equipment such as WiFi IP cameras, dash cams, exercise trackers, video projectors, video-bells, smart locks and of course , advanced drones. With this impressive catalog, it has managed to stand out against its competition driven by its affordable prices in reference to its high quality.

Akaso Brand Review

Although this brand develops various products such as image projectors, drones and more recently it has entered with greater commitment in the sports sector through its association with Hanagal Footware (distributing sports equipment such as backpacks and shoes), which has really made it so popular to this company is its impressive and economical cameras.

Despite its low price compared to more recognized brands, Akaso offers practically the same quality and performance in its equipment, without affecting the budget too much. It is this balanced value for money, which has made this brand one of the most recommended.

This young brand continues to expand and meet the needs of its consumers through superior technology equipment that is now available to everyone.

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Information on one of the best surveillance camera brands on the market: Akaso IP WIFI models. Advantages, Technical Characteristics. Where to buy it at the best price.
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