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The models, functions and the high standard of quality of Apeman brand cameras represent their most dominant and competitive attraction factors in the market . Its security cameras are a guarantee of good operation, durability and sharp images.

Apeman is a brand that has met even the most demanding expectations, demonstrating that both its work team and its resources work for safety and a guarded environment for both homes and businesses.

Apeman WIFI IP Camera Catalog in Amazon

You can see below the most popular models of this or other brands on Amazon, it will depend on the existence at the time of the search.

Apeman and its Interior Model

The Apeman ID75 1080P wifi IP camera is ideal for monitoring the interiors of a home, it has a simple connection through its application, sound and movement sensors, possibility of copy the files to the cloud and, in addition, a resolution of 1920 x 1080p .

Apeman Outdoor Model

Although there are those who claim that the Apeman ID73 security camera can be used both indoors and outdoors, the best recommendation is to use it indoors. In some cases it is used to monitor gardens and closed parking lots. It provides a resolution of 1920 x 1080P and night vision that improves the panorama despite the darkness outside.

You can also see the action or sports camera model that can definitely be used outdoors for other purposes than surveillance.

Apeman Dome Type Model

The Apeman ID72 security camera has a 1080p resolution with night vision, motion detection and two-way audio, simple configuration and a very stable connection with Wi-Fi.

This Apeman dome-type WiFi surveillance camera allows a panoramic angle of 350º, with zoom and tilt of 110º. As if that were not enough, it is compatible with Android phones, iOS and Windows computers.

Our Review of Apeman’s Best Models in Wireless and Other IP Cameras

What are the Advantages of Apeman Cameras ?

  • Compared to other brands, Apeman offers innovation and a highly functional resource for indoor and outdoor surveillance . Their camera models represent solidity, confidence, good price and a lot of innovation in terms of technology.
  • The value for money of each of its models is unmatched , presenting high standard security cameras with affordable prices. 
  • Their cameras are resistant .
  • The installation of each Apeman model is intended for people with little knowledge . Their models have a good connection with different equipment.
  • It has impressive image resolution , providing crisp and clear information about what is happening inside or outside the home.
  • Apeman brand cameras include accessories that complement their operation.

Apeman brand features

Its main characteristics present a range of technology and good operation, with WiFi, micro USB and microHDMI connections, long-lasting batteries, excellent photographic and video resolution, dimensions that allow a location camouflaged and, as if that were not enough, very good angles for monitoring spaces.

APP application: Apeman for mobile phones and computers

Apeman recently launched its own mobile application «Apeman» whose download links you can find below. You can also use generic applications such as Final Cam, ZSANYCAM, FN Cam, OKCAM or Camking that help us to enjoy the comprehensive features of these security cameras.

APP for iPhone

APP for Android

Apeman Technical Support

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User testimonials on Amazon about the quality and proper functioning of Apeman cameras show that each of their models are a guarantee of safety, sharp images, excellent resolution and the confidence of a complete and adequate monitoring.

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Apeman brand Cameras

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The most outstanding characteristics of the Apeman WIFI IP cameras are their models, functions and their high quality standard. Its surveillance cameras are synonymous with the guarantee of sharp images, smooth operation and durability.
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