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Baby safety at home is an aspect of everyday life that should definitely be present. Our babies are curious, very agile and fast, if for a moment you feel the house very quiet, turn on the alarms because something is doing the little one.

At the very moment you find out that you are going to be a father, all the attention is for the baby and you want the best; keep it and give you all the security in the world. While they are newborns everything is fine, but when they start to move you must be very careful.

Baby Safety at Home: Prevention Measures

At some point you will find yourself in the need to leave your baby alone. We will give you some useful recommendations and tips that you could take into account.

  • Buy a firm mattress and fitted sheets, remove all toys and very large blankets from the crib.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all areas of the house and make sure they work.
  • If you are going to leave the baby alone in the room, make sure there is no risk of falling from the crib, bed or sofa.
  • Check there is nothing within reach of the baby hands that could hurt, for example, cords or blinds ropes.
  • If you have more small children or pets, try not to leave the baby in a place where they could accidentally harm him.

Baby Safety Accessories

There are many baby safety accessories on the market that make your home safer for them and will give you more peace of mind.

We show you some of these baby safety accessories that you can see in Amazon online stores and we give you some useful tips below.

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Safety Doors or Barriers for Accident Prevention

If you have stairs in your house, the bars or fences for the safety of your baby are essential if the little one is already crawling or starting to walk, to prevent them from falling down. When using baby barriers on stairs keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Use safety fences for stairs both at the beginning and at the end of the stairs, until you are sure that the child already knows how to get down and up them.
  2. Make sure the fences are the right size or are adjustable to cover the width of the stairs, hallway, or gate where you want to install it.
  3. Use bolt-on fences as they are safer.
  4. Do not leave objects or toys near the bars where the baby can climb.

Baby safety fences can be used in different places, they are not only useful on stairs, they can be placed on the door of any room so that the baby does not enter it or just do not leave it and stay safe and guarded in a specific area of ​​the house.

Baby Safety Kit

If you want to make the house safer for your baby and you do not know how or where to start, we recommend that you buy a Baby Safety Kit, there are many brands on the market. The content and quantity of accessories may vary as well as the price.

These kits are made of non-toxic and resistant materials, are easy to use and install for adults, and allow to provide safety and protection to the baby.

You will find mixed kits which may include, baby safety locks, outlet protectors, door stops, furniture anchors, corner protectors, furniture roll straps.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are devices that have a camera, allows to observe the baby when you are in other occupations. There are monitors with various features, such as motion sensors, night vision, two-way speakers, among other functions, the most recommended for you will depend on your needs and budget.

Babies need constant attention and baby cameras are necessary to help you keep an eye on them, day and night.

Crib Accessories

Your baby’s crib should be as clear as possible for his safety, forget about expensive duvets and pillows, these are dangerous for the baby, look for fitted sheets and light blankets.

You can buy accessories to protect your baby from the edges of the crib, such as protective bars to prevent unwanted accidents.

Baby Safety in Different Areas of the House

To make a safe baby or child-proof room, you must secure drawers or closet doors that are below knee height, remove any decorations or appliances that may be pulled by the baby.

You should also use safety plug covers throughout the house, childproof locks for windows, secures and hides loose cables.

If your house has stairs, install baby safety gates from the moment the baby start crawling to avoid accidents.

Secure rugs or carpets using duct tape, also secure any heavy furniture to the wall.

Kitchen Safety Standards

As your baby grows, the curiosity grows too. One of the favorite sites to unleash their curiosity is the kitchen, which is one of the most dangerous places for them.

In the kitchen they can suffer severe burns, cuts or ingest some dangerous product for their health, make sure that they are always supervised in this space.

Attach oven guards, safety plug covers, drawer locks, and baby closet door locks, and keep electrical appliance cords out of reach.

In the Bathroom

Babies love bath time, but never leave your baby alone for a moment. There are data that affirm that a baby can drown in just 20 seconds in 1 inch of water.

We will give you small chores to make the bathroom a safe area for baby.

  1. Put nonslip mats, baby safety locks in drawers, and childproof padlocks on the toilet.
  2. At bath time, fill the tub first with cold water before adding hot water.
  3. Place makeup and cleaning supplies in high places, out of reach.

In the Garden

In the garden we can find many objects that in our eyes can go unnoticed but that can be dangerous for our little, restless and curious babies. To minimize the dangers in the garden and maximize the safety of our little ones we will give you several tips.

Keep chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers in a safe and locked place. When using these products, do not let your baby play or go out for 48 hours after applying them.

Whenever you use garden tools such as scissors, shovels, rakes, ladders, wheelbarrows, knives, saws, hedge trimmers, scythes, among others, keep them out of the reach of the baby, store and secure them on a tool board in the garage or preferably in a locked shed, they can cause serious damage.

Both manual and motor lawn mowers cannot be handled by children under 12 years of age, much less be carried as passengers.

If there are ponds or pools in your garden, put a fence around them since babies are always attracted to water and this represents a drowning danger for them.

Without knowing it you can have plants in your garden that can be toxic or cause allergies to your baby, make sure what type of plants and shrubs are in your garden.

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