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Surveillance and security car cameras have evolved and improved their functionalities over time, incorporating features such as motion and parking sensors, night recording and external monitoring .

Undoubtedly, their cheap prices and easy purchase process from online stores like Amazon, have made them quality devices and preferred by the most drivers.

Review of the Best Car Cameras

You will be able to make a comparison of prices and characteristics that allows you to select the one that best suits your budget and requirements by visiting Amazon.

You can also know about some models in our articles.



In this article, we will present you the best 15 surveillance cameras for cars, offering a variety of prices, brands, models and technical features. Discover them! 

CROSSTOUR Car Cameras Dashcam 1080P Full HD

It is known as the first car surveillance camera to include a Sony sensor . Its wide field of view with 170 ┬░ angle, HDR sensor and 12MP quality, allow more defined and realistic images even at night.

Despite its prestigious qualities, it is a cheap device that we can easily find in Amazon. As if that were not enough, has a lens aperture that improves the quality of the videos and allows you to record clear images regardless of the darkness of the night .

AUKEY 4K Dashcam – Full HD 1080P Car Recording Camera with Dual Port Charger Model DR02-J

Do you feel unprotected on the roads? The field of view of this camera for cars is 157 ┬░, so it manages to capture any detail with excellent ultra-sharp 4K quality and high dynamic range HDR .

Image sensors and convenient installation are factors that make the Aukey 4K a technological companion, compact and highly recommended for driving .

It delivers 920x1080p quality with 30fps video, focusing on its high image quality both day and night. It has an intelligent and robust design, with functionalities such as motion detection, g-sensor, loop recording and parking surveillance.

SUPEREYE HD 1080P Camcorder Car Front Surveillance Camera 170┬░ angle. Night Vision

High quality (1920x1080p) with 30fps video provides clear, reliable and wide images of every detail despite external conditions. 

It has a intelligent design, 170┬║ wide angle lens, 2.7 ÔÇŁscreen and touch operation that represent some of its best features. It offers a wide field of vision, as well as its motion detection system, parking surveillance, g-sensor and loop recording for greater security in each of the captured files.

With the purchase of Supereye equipment you get 60 days money back guarantee and more than 24 months to cover other possible inconveniences with the dashcam.

MIBAO: One of the Best Video Cameras for Cars with a 3.0″ HD LCD Screen and Motion Detection

Buying this dashcam ensures full HD images with 1080p quality and 170° viewing angle, providing evidence and records of every detail that occurred during our trips. 

This camera has at least 8 great features for car surveillance , although it is also recommended for lovers of travel and leisure. 

Night vision, 170 ┬░ recording, motion detection, G-sensor, heat dissipation design, parking mode monitoring, loop recording and WDR. This little device has it all!

ANMYOX Mini Black Car Dash Camera. Includes 16 GB SD card

Its 1080p quality allows us to monitor traffic, the movements of other cars, pedestrians and everything that happens during our travel hours . It has a 140 ┬░ wide-angle lens, motion detection, and loop recording to ensure safe storage.

For a cheap price , it is possible to obtain this mini camera with a 16 GB SD card, which allows us to start recording immediately after installing it. Protect yourself! More and more people want compensation for damages caused by themselves, therefore, it is important to have proof of what happens on the streets.

APEMAN Car Cameras 1080p Full HD Model C550. Includes Rear View Camera

State-of-the-art technology has arrived at Apeman and its C550 camera is tangible proof of that. It has two cameras for the front and rear recording of the vehicle , allowing clear images that do not miss any detail.

Its front HD camera is 1080p and 30 fps, while its rear camera is VGA 640×480 , which allows a very stable quality for recordings clear and fast transmission. In addition, this dashcam model ensures data protection, with its g-sensor for emergencies, saving and blocking stored files to prevent their loss or overwriting.┬á

AKASO V1-EU: The Best Loop Recording Camera for the Car. 1080P FHD

Not sure what to give for birthdays? This camera presents a useful, safe and highly technological gift for any driver who loves photography and travel. You will not only have a device to capture the details of your adventures, but also a security camera to protect your life and your car.

With Akaso it is possible to obtain an intelligent camera, with HD 1080p quality technology and great night vision .

BLUESKYSEA B1W Dashcam WiFi Mini Front Car Cameras with 360 degree Recording. Rotating Lens and G Sensor

The Blueskysea B1W camera’s discretion is unmatched by any other. It is a stealth device, which with its 360┬░ rotating body makes it easy to adjust the angle and allows recording of both the interior and exterior of the car.

This latest generation device incorporates a WiFi function to download videos , watch recordings and change their settings from a simple mobile application.

As if that were not enough, has a G sensor that detects impacts and starts automatic 30-second recordings, even when the car is off . It has a great resolution of 1920x1080p with 30 fps for images that exceed the user’s expectation.

Its low price is a guarantee of a good investment and we can easily find it in Amazon.

AOBO 1080P Mini HD Portable WiFi Car Spy Camera. Model A9 ES

Its incredible 150 ┬░ wide-angle lens and HD resolution of 1920×1080 plus 30 fps allow high-quality live broadcasts, allowing us to record even the imperceptible details during long hours of travel.

Buying this dashcam guarantees us an endorsement of what has been experienced in pleasure trips, in transportation for work matters and small trips around the town. The AOBO mini camera model A9 ES provides loop recording functions, night vision with 6 infrared LED lenses under a distance of up to 5 meters.

FREDI Mini Hidden Car Surveillance Camera Wireless WiFi Remote Connection with Memory Expansion Slot up to 128GB

It is a dashcam that fulfills advanced functions for the security and monitoring of large or small cars, motorcycles and even bicycles. Its 4 LED pieces located around the optical lens, provide a great visual range for night vision of up to 5 meters .

It is a very small camera, almost imperceptible on the surface of the car and with intelligent operation that improves the level of surveillance. It has loop recording, date and time stamp, motion detection and a storage capacity of up to 128GB.

APLIC Car Parking Camera with Reversing Vision Assist Sensor System

More than a video surveillance camera, this device is an aid for car parking , equipping it with additional sensors and a camera that focuses the movement rear of the car.

It has a TFT screen that transmits video signals with high resolution, showing the graphic overlay of optical support and the distance in meters. Safe parking prevents collisions, crashes, scratches and damage to other vehicles.

It has acoustic and parking sensors, a signal system, a screen resolution of 480×272 and a maximum range of 1.7m distance . It is an ideal parking camera for beginner drivers and those who are not proficient in reversing the car.

TOGUARD Car Surveillance Camera with GPS and WiFi Full HD 1080P

Its wide-angle lens has 6 layers of glass, which focus an adjustable lens with an angle of up to 170 ° and achieve full HD videos with a resolution of 1920x1080P.  This model is recommended for taxi drivers and public transport workers, since in addition to presenting a safety device, it also has a GPS function.

As if that were not enough, this Toguard camera has a Wi-Fi connection, G-sensor, motion detection sensors, parking monitors and a loop recording system .

VGROUND Car Rearview Camera with 7 Inch Touch Screen. Dual Camera, Front 1080P and Rear 720P

Indicated for those who want to improve their rear view from their car, this camera has a rear-view mirror and a 7-inch touch screen, presenting a great optical improvement with its glass 2.5D advanced anti-glare in blue.

With this security camera it is possible to have a full, clear and undistorted rear view. It has a 170 ┬░ wide-angle lens and excellent resolution even during dark nights or rainy days.

The quality of its front camera is 1080p, while its rear camera is 720p and it has 4 LED lenses for clear night vision. Find it at a good in Amazon.

DIRECTTYTEAM: One of the Best Wireless Rear Cameras for Cars, RVs and Trucks with a 7ÔÇŁ LCD Monitor

The Directtyteam wireless security rear camera has a built-in 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, for a stable WiFi connection and optimizes the experience for the drivers. Covers a wide angle of 120 ┬░, with intelligent shifting system and 800×480 HD resolution monitor.

It is a camera with intelligent functions such as night vision up to 15 meters, 18 infrared LED lenses, IP67 waterproofing and high resolution with an acceptance range of 100 meters in open areas . It is ideal for cars, caravans, vans, recreational vehicles, trucks and of course, private cars. Its installation is simple and it can be installed perfectly near the rear light.

PUMPKIN1 Dual Wireless Backup Camera for Trucks, RVs, Buses and Trailers. Parking Assistance

This dashcam model has two backup cameras powered by two video inputs, presenting a perfect opportunity to have a camera at each end of the car, being able to see both the rear and the front of the car with the image rotation button.

It has night vision with 18 LED lenses, water resistance, low battery consumption, a 7 ÔÇŁwireless full color HD screen that presents images of high resolution, as well as easy installation and configuration.

Want to Buy the Best Car Camera? Follow these Tips in our Buying Guide

Before buying a dashcam it is necessary to plan well what you need, taking into account the characteristics of the car and the demand for security and video surveillance you have, as well as the price you are looking for according to your budget.

We invite you to follow this buying guide to be more clear about which camera to choose according to your needs.


Determining what technical functions we need in a car camera will be the key factor in choosing the best model before buying. Do you need night vision, parking sensors, movement or WiFi connection? Choose a camera that meets the necessary requirements to improve safety and comfort inside the car.

Image quality:

The higher the resolution of the camera, the sharper the images will be and, therefore, the better the field of vision. Choose a dashcam with good resolution, as well as LED lenses that improve vision at night.

Viewing angle:

The vision that the camera can cover varies according to your lens optical, it is good to choose cameras with more than 150 ┬░ for greater appreciation of the parameter.


For small and compact cars, it is advisable to choose cameras mini spy for cars, which in addition to being imperceptible , perfectly match the intelligent design of the car.


Before buying a dashcam you should establish a budget that helps determine what your purchase limit is . In general, in online stores such as Amazon, it is easy to find high-quality models with a sale price.

User Opinions

According to the opinion of users , buying these models of cameras for cars  is an investment with very good fruits , on all those devices that in addition to video surveillance, allow better parking, GPS function, WiFi connection and other functions that provide technology and improve the experience of long trips and daily transfers around the city.

Comparison of the Best Car Cameras

We select those that have a good price-quality ratio and are better rated by users and we prepare a comparative table in order to facilitate your decision.

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