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Security camera kits are the solution to control the access of intruders, theft and unexpected events that can occur at any time of the day inside our home. Being vulnerable, it is unpredictable when an incident of this type may occur, but … What can you do about it? Well, install a CCTV.

Today, buying the best home security camera system represents one of the most effective ways to improve installed systems. Manufacturers have developed equipment with up to 16 security cameras, with accessories included in the price.

The features they offer are magnificent, IP WiFi connection for video surveillance, night vision, movement detection, with recorder included, among others. Best of all, installing them is cheap when you consider all its benefits.

The 7 Best Security Camera Systems

We present you 7 of the best valued models for their quality, performance and price in Amazon online store.

SANNCE 1080P Wireless Security Camera System With Remote Viewing 4 Camera Set

It has infrared monitoring as a quick response, under 36 pieces of LED lenses that provide 99 feet night visi├│n. Each camera has standard H.264 video compression to store the files.

Installation is simple and it is a kit that we can find available in the manufacturer’s official online store and in Amazon. These surveillance cameras have 4-channel NVRs with 1080p quality, based on 4 2MP cameras with IP66 waterproofing.


  • H.264 video compression technology that saves storage space.
  • The combination of the 4ch NVR and 2MP cameras deliver sharp images and videos.
  • Remote and easy access and control, using the free Sannce Vision app


  • In comments from buyers it is stated that although the motion detection works, they do not receive the notification alerts.

You can find this surveillance system For a cheap and attractive price, presenting an unbeatable offer in the market.

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1 Sannce - Sistema de seguridad para el hogar, HDMI, 960H DVR Sannce - Sistema de seguridad para el hogar, HDMI, 960H DVR No hay valoraciones

ANNKE: Indoor WIFI Security Camera Kit

Are you looking for a security indoor camera system for your house? ANNKE brand presents a cheap, accessible and very profitable offer. Its 1080p resolution and 4 channels of operation provide sharp, clear and distortion-free images.

Recordings of up to 816 hours are possible, with adequate storage capacity. They provide personalized motion detection, ideal for marking the area that we want to monitor with greater precision.

Through its mobile application it is possible to control the security system, reviewing the videos and live captures from wherever you are. And its price? It is perfectly suited to any budget.

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1 ANNKE 30m / 100ft DC Power Video Cable HD/AHD/TVI Prefabricated... ANNKE 30m / 100ft DC Power Video Cable HD/AHD/TVI Prefabricated... No hay valoraciones


  • Motion detection can be customized to reduce false alerts by selecting the desired areas.
  • Even in deep darkness it offers clear night vision.
  • Through the Annke Vision application on mobile devices the system can be accessed and operated remotely.


  • Although it has many utilities, its configuration is somewhat complex according to the opinion of a user.

SZSINOCAM: One Of The Best Wireless Security Camera System With Infrared Leds

It is a set of WiFi IP cameras indicated for those who want to increase their level of security inside and outside the house. This camera combo offers IP66 quality, 4.0mm lens and night vision up to 99 feet thanks to its infrared LEDs.

Its installation and configuration are simple, with specific compatibility with smartphones. Recommended compatible applications for operating the cameras in this system include CamHi, Danale, and Szsinocam. Its 4CH WiFi operation provides excellent 1080P HD quality.


  • It has P2P technology for connection to Apple, Android or PC smart devices with QR code scanning.
  • 4 channels for simultaneous CCTV viewing. Wireless, plug & play.
  • Cameras suitable for outdoor use are totally waterproof.


  • Motion detection cannot be sent via FTP, which may be useful for some users.

The price in an online store will always be cheaper, especially if it is the Amazon electronic market.

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1 Tonton 5MP Lite 8CH DVR Video Recorder AHD/TVI/CVI/CBVS/IP 5 en 1... Tonton 5MP Lite 8CH DVR Video Recorder AHD/TVI/CVI/CBVS/IP 5 en 1... No hay valoraciones

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ANRAN 1920P CCTV Home Surveillance IP Camera System

Surveillance with ANRAN CCTV IP cameras is increasingly effective, thanks to its POE (Power Over Ethernet) system to transport signal and power from its source through network cables.

For its installation, only the network cable or the POE switch is necessary, so it is a specific kit for smart homes. They have motion detection and its configuration to focus on certain areas, in addition, it provides pop-up notifications to inform about possible alerts.

The recommended APPs for the configuration of this surveillance camera system are Danale and Eseenet.


  • Weather resistant cameras made of aluminum alloy.
  • Built-in 2TB hard drive for storage, 8-channel NVR and 5MP cameras.
  • Very elegant in its white color, it can be easily integrated into the decoration.


  • A little expensive, but according to user opinions its quality and after-sales service makes up for it.

The 8 security camera system has an opportunity price, which we can take advantage of in an online store like Amazon.

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1 2K Cámara Vigilancia WiFi Exterior, GALAYOU Cámara IP... 2K Cámara Vigilancia WiFi Exterior, GALAYOU Cámara IP... No hay valoraciones

ARLO: Wireless Audio Security Camera System

Buying security camera kits is not a luxury, today it represents a necessity in any home. These security cameras present an offer of resistance, quality and very good images.

Ideal for both outdoors and indoors. Arlo security cameras have dual audio outputs, both a microphone and a speaker that promote their push-to-talk function in order to speak and listen through the camera.

Their resolution is 1280x720p, they have rechargeable batteries and they promote web access through their Arlo application available for iOs and Android.


  • The cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Totally wireless, installation without cables.
  • Free cloud storage for the last 7 days of recording.
  • It has an intelligent siren that can be activated by detection of movement, sound or remotely.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.


  • Few features but it has the essentials.
  • Expensive.

Arlo is an innovative manufacturer with high quality standards and competitive prices in the market. Visit Amazon’s online store and take advantage of this offer!

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1 Arlo Essential Spotlight, Cámara de vigilancia WiFi 1080p,... Arlo Essential Spotlight, Cámara de vigilancia WiFi 1080p,... No hay valoraciones

Anni: One Of The Best Outdoor Security Camera System With Night Visi├│n

Do you want to buy a kit for outdoor surveillance? Anni devices provide an excellent offering of IP66 certified security cameras that, under their night vision, offer a wide and clear panorama of the entire exterior.

Its movement sensor processes smart notifications to connected phones and, as if that were not enough, it is possible to establish an area of ÔÇőÔÇőinterest through its DVR function, with the aim of reducing false alarms.

This set is compatible with the IP Pro application to view the captured images live, as well as the playback of videos on Smartphone.


  • 720P 4-camera system and 8-channel NVR
  • Compatible for playback on smart devices with WiFi or 2G / 3G / 4G using the free app.
  • Reliable and secure information transmission.
  • You can activate multiple alarms.
  • Built-in WiFi module of excellent performance and stability.


  • Supplied with UK designed plugs and cables only 3 feet long.

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1 Kit de cámara de vigilancia inalámbrica con 1TB HDD, NVR de 8... Kit de cámara de vigilancia inalámbrica con 1TB HDD, NVR de 8... No hay valoraciones

FLOUREON: Surveillance Camera Systems With Email Alert

If you are looking for a surveillance kit with high resolution cameras, Fluoreon brand has the most tentative offer for you, with 1080p cameras and IR technology from 82 feet away.

Their IP66 certification allows us to install them outdoor, under an ideal resistance for both rain and sun and other outdoor exposures. This kit has a price appropriate to its functions and an unbeatable offer.

Its movement and audio detection presents an alert system via email, so that the user is fully informed about possible events.


  • Night vision up to 99 feet with 36 infrared LEDs.
  • Fit 5 in 1: 1 eight channel DVR + 4 1080P cameras.
  • Easy installation and configuration with remote viewing with the XMEye app.


  • The impractical navigation interface (isolated opinion).

Security Camera System Buying Guide

We present the factors that we consider relevant when purchasing any of the Security Camera System for sale in the market.

What is the Price of a Security Camera System ?

The offer of camera kits for home security is increasingly tentative, especially in an online store such as Amazon. In previous years, these systems were unattainable, but growing demand has led to a decrease in their prices, as well as the possibility that any user can obtain this product to protect their home.

No doubt, buying these Security Camera Systems at good prices presents us with the most effective opportunity to thwart theft, deter intruders, avoid irregular situations, scares and any other threat.

Prices Range

The prices of CCTV surveillance camera kits can be very varied depending on different factors such as the number of cameras, performance and technical characteristics, among others. As a reference we have that in the prices range between 70 and 7,000 dollars, while in Spain they are between 45 and 4,000 euros.

Cheapest Surveillance System for Sale

We allow ourselves to remind you that cheap is not always the right purchase. We show you below the Aottom 4 channel and 4 720P WiFi video surveillance kit that at the time of this investigation turned out to be the cheapest offer in the online store Amazon USA, Spain or other locales (results may vary).

We recommend that you carefully analyze the components included in each of these systems in order to determine if you would have to make any additional investment.

In addition to its economical price, it also has a high quality standard. Seize it!

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1 Aottom Cámara de Seguridad WiFi Exterior, 1080P PTZ Camara... Aottom Cámara de Seguridad WiFi Exterior, 1080P PTZ Camara... No hay valoraciones


  • Expandable storage capacity.
  • Bullet type cameras with climate protection.
  • Free IP Pro application compatible with iOS and Android devices.


  • Medium video quality.

What is a CCTV ?

The term CCTV has been adopted from the initials of the words included in the phrase Closed Circuit Television. It is an essential and effective surveillance system that has been used for almost 80 years and that consists of the installation of a set of cameras that will allow monitoring those areas in which security may be compromised, hence its popularity grows with each moment.

With the advances in technology, CCTVs have evolved and are much more advanced using smart devices such as WiFi IP cameras. CCTVs allow different uses, including surveillance and access control in homes, schools, shopping centers, hotels, roads, hospitals, casinos, factories, public transport stations, condominiums, military installations, police stations, among others.

Components of a CCTV

Among the main advantages of a CCTV are its intimidating capacity due to the presence of cameras and the fact that it can be used as tools for the recognition of criminals after the execution of a crime. The components of a CCTV are as follows:

CCTV Cameras: Types

Of course the system cannot function without CCTV cameras. Currently there are different models and types of cameras. Factors such as type of installation, technical characteristics and budget arrangement will determine which camera to install.

Among the types of cameras are:

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Type
  • Spy Cameras
  • PTZ type

To select the one that is most convenient, characteristics such as:

  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Email alert
  • Resolution and lens
  • Amplitude of vision.
  • Price
  • Mounting options

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, installation and configuration of CCTV cameras can be quite quick and easy.

The Digital Video Recorder or DVR for CCTV 

The DVR is the device in which videos are captured, stored and managed, it can be said that it is the brain of CCTV. Most digital video recorders today have a hard drive with the necessary software to operate cameras, store and manipulate information.

One of the classifications for CCTV DVRs is the number of channels. The most common versions are 4, 8 and 16 channels. It is necessary to know the number of cameras that you want to install in order to buy the right DVR, since each camera will occupy one channel.

Cameras have traditionally been connected by wiring to the digital video recorder, but with technological advances that is changing and more and more models that use a WiFi connection for data transmission appear on the market.

DVRs are sold separately from the cameras ?

It is also very common that you can buy the complete security kit that includes the cameras, the DVR and the accessories necessary for the installation, as you will have seen throughout this article.

In case you want to buy only the DVR for the closed circuit TV, we show you a very good offer below:

CCTV cable

Choosing the correct CCTV cable can have a great impact on the efficiency of the security system, it is the one used to connect the camera and its power supply.

There are some criteria that we must take into account to select the appropriate CCTV cable. Budget, number of cameras involved, length of cable required, power requirements, and the need to integrate with other systems.

The combination of a coaxial cable with a BNC connector has traditionally been used for CCTV installations, however, since this type of cable has limitations, now others such as fiber cable are used. If you are looking for an offer with good value for money in CCTV cables we leave it below:

Power supply

It is responsible for supplying the power to the cameras and is generally available in different voltages 24 VAC or 12 VDC. Before selecting the power source, you should know the type and amount of energy your cameras use. They are generally easy to install and maintain.

How Does a CCTV Work ?

A closed circuit television has three basic components, surveillance cameras, digital DVR recorder and the monitor. Through them, information is generated, stored and managed. 

Through their lenses the cameras capture live broadcasts. The quality of the recording will depend on the technical characteristics of the camera. Some cameras have a slot for the use of an SD card for local storage.

Later cameras transmit the information to the digital video recorder DVR which is used to obtain a continuous record of what is happening.

Recordings stored in the DVR or SD cards can be played back on the computer, a TV monitor or on the smartphone, even remotely.

Tips for Buying a Good Surveillance Camera Kit

Buying a video Security Camera System is a way to protect our assets, family and home in general. Before making such a purchase in an online store, we must take into consideration some relevant points that can improve our experience with these security products.


Make the decision of what functions you expect your camera kit to have: motion detection, two-way audio, pop-up notification to the phone or mail, night vision, IP66 certification or all these functions in a single device.


If we do not want to make a reform in our home, it is better that we choose a Security Camera System that is easy to install, if possible wireless or via WiFi.

How many cameras do you need 

According to the number of potential risk areas within your home, select a camera kit that can meet this demand. Evaluate this possibility before selecting.

Operation, Activation and Deactivation

If we have long working hours and the house is alone most of the time, it is advantageous to buy a programmable, automatic camera kit with remote controls.

We hope that with the guidance we have offered you, you have been able to find the right surveillance and security camera kit for you and your family, your home or business.

Best Security Camera System Comparison

As you may have already noticed, Amazon offers a wide variety of brands of security cameras and different models of surveillance camera kits. Here are seven of the best sellers:

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ANNKE Surveillance Camera System


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