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A CCTV Security Camera System gives people a greater sense of security and peace of mind, especially in areas where the crime rate is high.

Not only does a security camera system deter thieves (most would prefer an easier target), it also provides images that can help identify the perpetrator if a theft occurs.

If you have multiple independent cameras installed, it can be difficult to keep monitoring synchronized and stored; that’s where a multi-channel video recorder comes in. A multi-channel video recorder (MCVR) records and synchronizes footage from separate security cameras.

If a robbery occurs, footage can help authorities establish a crime timeline. Many of the most modern and sophisticated models are wireless and can be viewed and monitored from your mobile or tablet.

The 7 Best 8 Security Camera Systems

If you are thinking of creating your own CCTV and buying a Camera Kit, then we analyze the characteristics, pros and cons of the best-selling and best-rated models on Amazon. In this online store the price of a security camera kit can be between 120 and 3,500 dollars, depending on its components, the number of cameras and their technical characteristics. Before starting the analysis of the 7 best, we show you some of the best models that you can find on Amazon.

ANRAN WiFi Security Camera Systems for Wireless Surveillance. P2P and 2TB Hard Drive

The 8 cameras of the ANRAN kit offer a sharper video, high resolution both day and night, due to their 1080P resolution and night vision that has an automatic IR-CUT filter and 36 pieces of led lights that provide up to 66 feet of vision in complete darkness.

Its cameras are waterproof and are ideal for outdoors and indoors. It can be controlled remotely and you can watch videos in real time, for which you have to download the Eseecloud application for iOS and Android mobile devices, scan the QR code and that’s it! you can now monitor your home from your mobile.

The surveillance camera system is capable of sending alerts through emails. You can see the offer on Amazon below:

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Technical Characteristics

  • Metal frame with IP66 waterproof certification
  • 1080P video resolution and IR-CUT filter
  • 36 led lights for night vision
  • Motion detector and alert system


  • Easy to install and use (Plug & Play)
  • Remote access from mobile devices
  • Offers a 12-month warranty


  • According to a comment, if it stops detecting a camera, the system must be rebooted

ZOSI System of 4 1080P WiFi IP Surveillance Cameras. Includes 8 Channel NVR

The ZOSI Security Camera Kit is great for indoor and outdoor with a wireless NVR recorder and an internal hard drive.

Excellent quality and good price, easy to configure and install, night vision and motion sensors, its cameras can be connected via WiFi or through cables.

Through the Zosi Smart APP, up to 5 mobile phones can be connected to monitor cameras remotely, it means that more family members can be aware of what is happening at home in real time.

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Technical Characteristics

  • It has an internal 1TB hard drive
  • H.265 + video compression the latest in data reduction for rendering digital video images.
  • HD resolution and night vision up to 30 meters


  • 2-year warranty, if the equipment presents a problem within the first year it would be replaced by a new one
  • It works perfectly with cameras connected to WiFi and connected by cable, simultaneously
  • Free lifetime technical service


  • Possibly when installing and operating for the first time it should be updated

Reolink 4K Ultra HD 8MP IP Camera System. 24/7 Recording, PoE and Night Vision Model RLK8-800B4

Reolink 8MP security cameras are capable of displaying sharp and clear details in videos even when zooming, thanks to their 4K ultra HD technology. Easy to install and use, with recording capacity 24 hours a day throughout the week, thanks to the capacity of its hard disk.

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Technical Characteristics

  • 4K ultra HD POE cameras
  • Equipped with a 2TB hard drive
  • It has two USB ports
  • Durable and waterproof IP66 metal-cased cameras


  • Remote access
  • You can add an unlimited number of cameras
  • You can install an external hard drive up to 4TB
  • Two years warranty and the first 30 days you get your money back if you are not satisfied


  • Motion sensor is very sensitive

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ANNKE 8-Camera CCTV with 5-in-1 DVR

If you are looking for security cameras, Annke offers a kit of eight surveillance cameras, thus providing the possibility of covering a large surveillance area, with a DVR that has a built-in 1TB hard drive.

Remote access through the Annke Vision application, available on Google Play and APP Store. Useful and essential for the surveillance of your home or business, easy to install and use.

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Technical Characteristics

  • 8 Cameras with professional 1080P full HD lenses
  • Night vision with a range of up to 66 feet in total darkness
  • Made with top quality materials resistant to weather and sub zero climates
  • A DVR with a 1TB hard drive
  • Each camera has a wide viewing angle of up to 82.2 degrees


  • The sensitivity of the motion detector can be customized to rule out false alerts
  • Flexible playback mode, so you can jump to any important event you need to see
  • Cameras provide sharp, high-quality video images


  • The manual is a bit confusing

SANNCE 1.3MP WiFi Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Camera Set with Remote Access from Mobile Devices

SANNCE offers a wireless video security system, thus freeing you from the hassle of wiring. It has 4x960P cameras.

Manufactured with special and resistant materials to be used both outdoors and indoors, with a simple configuration and a truly plug and play function, (install and use) remote access through your Android or iOS mobile through a free application.

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Technical Characteristics

  • Transmissions are point-to-point (P2P) between NVR and cameras which means that network forms a closed circuit
  • In low light situations the system turns on the IR-CUT light to change the video to black and white for a clearer and sharper image.
  • Dual antenna NVR for greater communication range with cameras
  • Remote access from mobile devices that allow you to watch and record from anywhere
  • Motion sensor


  • Lifetime online technical support
  • Cameras are quick and easy to install
  • Alert of any event in real time


  • Possibility of having problems with installation of the mobile application

P2P FLOUREON Camera Kit with Motion Sensor

Floureon brand’s DVR and 4 security camera kit with a 1TB pre-installed HDD is one of the easiest to install and operate on the market. DVR can work with 5 kinds of cameras at the same time such as TVI / CVI / AHD analog cameras and IP cameras which are compatible.

Transmits clear and sharp images both day and night. It offers remote access through your smartphone, tablet or computer, using the IP-Pro application available for iOS and Android devices.

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Technical Characteristics

  • DVR with 1TB HDD pre-installed for increased storage and compression
  • Waterproof cameras for outdoor monitoring.
  • The cameras have night vision with a range of up to 82 feet
  • Lens has double glass, metal body and elegant design


  • It is compatible with various types of cameras
  • For remote access it supports mobile, tablet or PC
  • Easy to install and configure


  • According to some users it has problems when installing and recording

SZSINOCAM Waterproof Outdoor Security Camcorder System

Szsinocam system consists of a 4-channel NVR and four cameras with HD resolution. It offers night vision thanks to 36 infrared LEDs that turn on automatically in the dark and has a vision range of up to 66 feet.

Whether you are traveling for vacations or business, you can be aware of everything that happens at home or office thanks to its remote control, through Szsinocam APP or another compatible one such as Danale and CamHi. Alarm notifications can be customized to your needs in each camera.

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Technical Characteristics

  • Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi networks
  • Cameras do not support audio only record video
  • Although not included, the system supports hard drive for storage up to 4TB
  • Dynamic monitoring with motion detection
  • Full HD 1080P day and night, indoors and outdoors


  • Temperature resistant between 70 degrees and -20 degrees
  • Easy assembly, handling and configuration


  • Does not include hard drive

What is a CCTV ?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a system in which all elements, from cameras to recording devices, are directly connected to prevent the video from being transmitted in the public domain, instead it will be transmitted in a closed circuit (hence its name).

Since their inception in 1942, security camera system have undergone drastic changes. Whereas before technology could only be used to observe live images, it quickly became a recording system that allows users to view and preserve data, this has made it the latest security technology.

Today, property owners everywhere use security camera set technology to build simple and comprehensive surveillance camera systems for peace of mind.

Types of CCTV Available

There are several different CCTV systems available to the public, but each falls into one of the following three categories:

Simple CCTV Systems

They consist of a camera (or cameras) connected to a monitor by a single coaxial cable. In a simple system, the cameras get their power from the monitor.

Network Powered CCTV Systems

They work in the same way as simple systems, except instead of the camera drawing its power from the monitor, both camera and monitor are powered separately via the network.

This type of configuration allows for greater adaptability, as it is easy to add more cameras to the system without worrying about a lack of power.

Recording Capable Systems

They incorporate video recorders that allow the conservation of the data and the possibility of monitoring the images later.

A DVR can also be added to this system for additional storage and video retrieval or streaming.

PoE Surveillance Camera Kit

Power over Ethernet-PoE is an option that allows you to use a wired network to distribute both data and power.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is also an option within an IP-based system to increase savings and reliability.

PoE enables multiple networked devices to receive power and data over one standard cable, which can lead to significant cost savings when designing CCTV systems.

How does a CCTV Security Camera Kit Work ?

There are two types of CCTV security camera systems, Analogue and IP (network / digital) and its operation will depend on what kind of circuit it is.

Analog Security Systems

Analog surveillance systems work by connecting standard analog cameras to a digital video recorder (DVR) via transmission cables. DVR receives the video from cameras, compresses it, and then stores it on a hard drive for live or later viewing.

This setting also allows you to transfer the video over the Internet for remote viewing. With the analog system, the DVR takes care of compressing, converting, storing and transmitting the video.

It is also responsible for controlling all of the camera’s built-in capabilities, including motion detection, schedules, notifications, alarm inputs, and more.

IP Security Systems

IP systems can be more easily interconnected, and as such are a more expensive option. In an IP configuration, the camera takes over responsibility for the DVR, including compression, conversion, and streaming of the video over an Internet connection.

With this setup, a DVR is not required, but video can be streamed directly to a personal computer, an NVR (network video recorder), or the cloud.

What is the CCTV Surveillance Camera System Used For ?

From public buildings to private offices, and from residences to country clubs, they use strategically placed security cameras to view events as they occur, as well as to capture images and videos for later observation.

Some common uses of CCTV technology include:

Home Security

Homes with a surveillance camera kit are less likely to be burglarized than those without.

Although security cameras do nothing to physically prevent crime from occurring, they are used today by homeowners to deter criminals from entering and to keep their families safe.

Another residential use of CCTV technology is as a «nanny-cam». Nanny cameras are effective for parents who have to leave their children alone for long periods of time with outsiders to see how these people take care of their little ones.

Business Surveillance

Companies use CCTV technology for a number of reasons, including crime deterrence. Banks, offices, museums, restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses are hotbeds for crime, as most of them always have cash on hand.

To protect money, business owners strategically place security cameras in the cash register area, in back offices, near safes, and at entrances. Small businesses employ security cameras on sales floors to prevent theft and vandalism.

As with the babysitter cam, businesses also use security cameras to keep an eye on employees and make sure they are making the best use of their time.

This is especially useful when a business employs night crews, such as cleaning and maintenance crews, call center staff and inventory management teams.

Traffic monitoring

Traffic police use security cameras to monitor traffic at intersections and on main roads, this allows them to identify drivers who run red lights, who are speeding or who are driving recklessly, and to fine those drivers while preventing more serious crimes elsewhere.

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