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There are pieces in the house that, without having much prominence, become essential. Coat rack stands are one of those pieces. Discreet or very colorful, functional or designer, these accessories help us organize those everyday clothes without having to go to the closet.

Although their origin or when they began to be used is not very clear, there are records that indicate they were already used at Victorian parties to organize the belongings of the guests. So from very aristocratic origins they have become part of the daily life of many homes and of various social levels.

There are different types of coat racks, we invite you to know some of them by visiting our articles:

But what is it that makes a coat rack  stand special ? Nowadays, it is possible to find vintage coat racks or modern versions that play with materials and designs, so it is not easy to decide. At we know it, and that is why we explain everything you want to know before making your purchase.

We can classify them according to their use, their style and according to the materials in which they are built. To next, some of them:

Models of Children’s Coat Racks Stands

Tired of looking for your little one’s favorite coat and lifting sweatshirts off the floor? Give your child’s room a charming and attractive organization by using a children’s floor coat rack.

One of the most important things about buying a children’s coat rack stand is that it will teach your child to keep the room neat and clean at all times. Usually its assembly is very simple and fast.

They are a perfect storage solution for the children’s room, they allow hanging clothes, hats, backpacks and jackets. They can be purchased in different finishes which allows you to choose the one that best suits the existing decoration.

Coat Rack Stand for Suits 

As many say, time is money. Stop wasting it in the morning to find the right outfit for your day. Also known as valet coat rack this accesory definitely makes your job easier.

Simply choose your outfit the day before and wake up calmly with a clear decision for that day.

They can be found in different designs, materials and colors, which guarantees that you will find the right one for you, attractive and functional, the perfect combination. Stainless steel ones generally look good in any décor in your home or office.

They typically take up minimal space due to their compact and slim design.

Most suit racks require assembly, however, they are extremely easy to assemble and all tools and hardware are almost always included for assembly in a matter of ten minutes.

They are characterized by being able to comfortably place a complete suit, jacket, tie and pants on them. Some even a pair of shoes if the base allows it.

For Handbags

Finally! A great way to organize all your bags in one place! The Coat Rack Stand. Handbags are a great necessity, especially for the ladies who carry them everywhere. But what happens to them when they get home? Do you leave it on a table, the kitchen counter or on the floor?

The Coat Rack Stand is the perfect solution to put your favorites in one place, where you can easily find the one you want to wear with your outfit of the day. You can keep them organized without having to store them in drawers or cabinets.

They allow you to save valuable space in your closet They come in different prices, sizes, styles, and colors, so you won’t have a problem getting the one for you on Amazon.

Other Types of Coat Racks Stands

Modern Coat Racks Stands Models

Many of the different modern Coat Racks Stands represent the perfect marriage of functionality and art. They are as practical as traditional or antique ones, but at the same time they add a fresh and whimsical appearance to the entrance of your house or to the environment in which you decide to place it.

No matter where you live, a modern floor hanger can help keep your home organized. Even if you live in the tropics, where you are much more likely to need a place to hang a hat than a coat.

What better to make your entryway or hallway stand out than using a modern floor coat rack? It is the perfect piece. Practical and versatile in terms of style and design, it can be a great focal point. It also gives you the opportunity to personalize the decoration.

Antique Coat Rack Stand

Forget the belief in maintaining an appearance of coincidence. Decorate a room with furniture of different styles, colors and designs can be modern and fresh, but they can also be difficult to achieve. An antique coat rack stand is an element that can help you achieve that desired decoration.

On the internet you can find many ideas on how to do it, expert tricks to mix old, modern and traditional designs, so that your space looks beautiful and pleasant.

Vintage Coat Rack Stand

Furnishing your home is a delicate balancing act between buying furniture that is cheap, of good quality, and looks good too. Vintage-style furniture can give your home a well-designed and sophisticated aesthetic without breaking your bank account.

Some items, such as vintage coat rack stand, are often a great opportunity to add character and uniqueness to a home.

Wooden Coat Rack Stand

Solid wood coat rack stand are made for both style and durability. They can be part of almost any decoration, both in homes, offices and reception areas.

Place this wooden floor hanger in your hallway or foyer to give your family and guests a place to hang jackets, scarves, coats and sweaters when they arrive.

Metal Coat Rack Stand

Metal coat racks are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum, which makes them strong and durable. It can be used to hang various kinds of garments such as coats, jackets, scarves, bags, umbrellas and others.

Original Standing Coat Racks to Decorate Your Home

In online stores you will find the largest variety on the market. From children’s standing coat racks, to coat racks with wheels for easy portability inside the house. The design has evolved in all areas, and these accessories could not be left out. Therefore, if you want to combine functionality and beauty in a coat rack, you have come to the right place. We have them all!

And there is nothing that helps to highlight a space more than a practical object designed with a funny wink. Although it is a very basic structure, manufacturers have devised ways to create authentic works of art for home in which unconventional materials and playful forms play an essential role.

Those small details in the decoration of the house are what make a room become a space with good taste.

If we also consider that today coat racks are not only in the hall or in the bedroom, but can also be found in unusual places such as the kitchen, then we are talking about an accessory that, in addition to being useful, is also versatile.

Go ahead and give a new look to your home with an original coat rack stand!

Advantages of Floor Standing Clothes Hangers

Although there are several types of coat racks, the standing ones have become one of the most used models. And this has its reasons:

  • They provide greater stability. Many wall racks end up giving way over time. The standing clothes racks stay in position, without counting that it is not necessary to adhere them to any surface, which saves us work.
  • You can play with the height of the hooks. When choosing a coat rack stand for suits, the different heights allow us to hang the pieces according to their dimensions.
  • They are more versatile. Today, the trends in the world of decoration suggest using the coat racks in multiple ways. They can be used to hang kitchen utensils, or you can buy old standing coat racks and use them to have hanging plants. There are many ways to play with this accessory.
  • Special designs. Today there are modern pedestal racks that incorporate small rest benches. There are also some with an integrated umbrella stand or with levels or shelves that serve to place books, plants, etc.
  • In some cases, they are very customizable. Stand coat racks can be adjusted to the buyer’s taste and other elements can be added, such as lamps, small lights, decorative elements, mirrors, etc.

Tips for Choosing a Standing Clothes Rack

The choice of a floor coat rack should be made according to the budget, but you also have to consider the nature of the materials, the space they will occupy, among other variables. At we explain what you should look at when making your purchase:

Type of Coat Rack Stand according to their Materials

Wooden coat rack stands are the most common. It is a strong and durable material. However, this does not mean that it has to be boring. Today there are very original wooden designs that skip the traditional structure of this accessory.

Current trends combine wood with other types of materials, such as aluminum. But you can also find coat racks made of plastic, wrought iron or sculptural designs that mix materials such as acrylic.

We recommend to choose wood for a sophisticated look, metal for a contemporary touch, and plastic for a cheap coat rack with a simple design.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Standing Coat Racks


If you are looking for the closest thing to a work of art, you can choose a sculptural design. They are generally made by hand, so they are unique pieces or limited editions.

When functionality is the main concern, choose standing coat racks with shelves or tiers that serve as organizers.

If you are interested in something more minimalist, you can opt for a stylish design in chromed steel or wood.

Available space: If the area for the coat rack is limited, the ideal is that you choose a traditional design. They do not take up much space and are easy to move. You can also opt for stand-up racks on wheels that will help you free up space when needed.

If you have more space, then you have more freedom to choose. However, if the place is already highly decorated, the recommendation is to place a traditional or minimalist coat rack so as not to overload the space.


Coat rack must be according to the height of people who inhabit the house. Average height is 1.70m or 1.80m. If there are children, there are two options: give the lower hooks so they can put their things or buy a children’s coat rack stand for their room.

If there are frames in the area of ​​the coat rack, it must be at the same height.


It is important to consider the load that you intend to organize on the coat rack each day. Although vertical coat racks are more stable, the weight they can support will depend on the design of the structure and the materials. If you are going to wear very heavy clothes, it is best to opt for wooden or wrought iron coat racks, because they are much more resistant.

Where to Buy Standing Coat Racks Online ?

With all the information that we have shared, you are surely ready to make your purchase. Amazon online store is one of the best options on the market since it has countless models for sale and the process is very comfortable and easy.

There you will find cheap coat rack stand in a wide range of designs to choose from. You will also find standing coat rack reviews and photos to help you make your selection with greater confidence. We want you to take home what you really need and without paying more.

Now you are one step away from having a modern design in your home at a reasonable price!

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