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Power wheelchair users know that selection of their device is an important decision. Not only will the quality of their trips depend on this, but the quality of their life in general.

Both those who want to replace their current model and those who are looking for their first electric chair, have to consider a few variables to make the investment worthwhile.

At we show you a wide variety of electric chairs, both for outdoor and indoor use, with the best features and at the best market prices. We will share useful information in this regard that will help you make the right purchase decision.

How to Choose an Electric Wheelchair ?

There are several parameters that must be considered when buying an electric chair. In the first instance, the chair should be comfortable for you, and it should be adjusted to your disability or medical condition. But it is also important to consider other aspects:

Type of space in which the chair will be used: If you need a chair to go around the city, the most convenient is an outdoor electric chair or Scooter as it is also known.

Continuing. These chairs are larger and stronger than a common electric chair, they have greater shock absorption and some models can reach 6.20 miles /h. They also have greater energy autonomy (they can travel up to 22 miles without recharging the battery).

If, on the other hand, the chair will be used to move short distances, indoors or indoors, the most practical thing is an indoor electric chair.

These types of models are lighter, have smaller wheels and a smaller turning radius, which allows efficient maneuvering in tight spaces. They are also very easy to transport because they are foldable.

User weight

A lightweight chair usually has a capacity of 220 pounds. However, it is recommended that the maximum weight be 200 to avoid the chair suffering in high demand situations, such as climbing hills. If a chair is required for a greater weight it is possible to make it to measure, but that can increase the final price.

Personal needs

If you or the user of the chair travel by car frequently, the most recommended is a folding one. There is also the option to buy a removable chair, which can be separated into three pieces

Wheel type

The wheels can be of two types: pneumatic and solid. The pneumatic wheels are ideal for navigating uneven terrain and provide better cushioning. However, they can get punctured, so they need to be checked regularly and maintained.

The solid wheels are heavier and stronger, they cannot be punctured and there is no need for frequent maintenance.

Engine power

Inexpensive electric-type wheelchairs come configured with full power. If you move on difficult terrain or have to climb hills this feature suits you.

But if you are moving on smooth terrain without anomalies, it is best to be able to regulate the engine power and automatically decelerate during turns.

Traction type

The traction of an electric wheelchair can be central. In this case, they are 6-wheel chairs in which the power is managed from the central wheel, which is the largest.

They are characterized because they are very easy to drive and because of their extraordinary grip. However, they are not recommended for moving on routes with obstacles.

There are also front-wheel drive power chairs, the power of which is concentrated in the front wheels. Their use is not common because although they are ideal for overcoming obstacles, their driving is not very intuitive.

Rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs for the disabled are the most popular as they combine easy driving indoors but are capable of overcoming obstacles outdoors.

Command type

The joystick is the most common control, and it can be modified to respond to less forceful stimuli if the user’s hands or arms have limited mobility.

There are also special controls that are made in specific cases, such as when it is necessary to control the chair with the head, chin or mouth.

Foldable, Comfortable and Functional !

Indoor electric wheelchairs are characterized by being foldable. This functionality is ideal for car transfers, especially for users who have to go to the doctor frequently.

The folding electric chair is also very useful for taking walks or going on vacation.

Non-Electric Folding Wheelchair !

A great advantage of folding wheelchairs is their ability to compact, which gives the user greater autonomy, who does not have to get out of his chair when traveling by car.

This feature is also very useful when you need to put the chair in a very narrow space or store it in a confined space.

At Amazon you can find folding electric wheelchairs at unbeatable prices and sometimes even with discounts, as well as other models that adapt to your needs.

Where to Buy Electric Wheelchairs ?

Buying a wheelchair is an event that requires research and advice and at you will have relevant content at your disposal to make the best purchase decision, including user opinions.

If you want to check the price of an electric chair, look for information and reviews to find out which one is best for you or you want to go directly to find cheap electric wheelchairs, on our website you will find what you need.

An electric wheelchair undoubtedly contributes to improving the quality of life of the user, so we provide you with the information you need so that you make the best investment in comfort and practicality.

You can do it from the comfort of your home, and depending on the product you can get guarantees, discounts and fast deliveries.

Powered Wheelchair Batteries

The essential accessory of electric chairs for the disabled is the battery. In fact, it is the part that you will have to buy the most times. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this component and give it the necessary maintenance to extend its useful life.

Although batteries have a period of operation, there are some basic precautions that can influence their duration:

  • You have to wait until the battery is charged to disconnect it. The lifespan of power wheelchair batteries is linked to their number of charges. So every time they go offline, charges are discounted.
  • In the case of using new batteries, the period of the first charge must be at least 12 hours to be able to use them.
  • A very common mistake is not using the battery so as not to «waste» it. The reality is that lack of use can deteriorate them. So you should charge them at least once a month, even if you don’t use it.
  • Do not use the battery until it is exhausted to be able to charge it again. It is enough to have consumed 30% to connect it again.
  • Metal objects should not be placed on the battery to avoid a short circuit.
  • When disposing of the battery, it must be done in special places for it. It cannot be mixed with common waste because it is very polluting for the environment.

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