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A surveillance system is excellent for obtaining important information in the event of any act of vandalism as well as being a deterrent to malicious strangers. The cost of these systems often suggests cheaper options such as fake security cameras.

The simulated cameras, as they are also known, are in appearance very similar to the real ones, but they do not fulfill the video surveillance function because they do not have the necessary elements for it, however, they present many advantages that you will get to know throughout this article.

Fake Security Cameras Catalog

In order to expand possibilities we show you some imitations of cameras that can be purchased in Amazon online stores.

The 7 Best Selling Fake Cameras

Today, when crime rates are on the rise, it is convenient to have deterrents to protect your loved ones and property. Here are the models of fake cameras for sale on Amazon that have the highest ratings.

Outdoor with BW Flashing Light

Generally, budget is the main reason for deciding to install a dummy camera, and the bullet-type BW is one of the cheapest alternatives, either in its 1- or 4-chamber package. It can also be used indoors.

Because they are made from modified real cameras, their appearance can easily fool intruders. Thanks to its adjustable base, it is easy to install and includes all the necessary accessories and a real video cable.

JZK Indoor Dome Surveillance Fake Cameras

This dummy camera is made of high-quality ABS plastic and in the shape of a dome, which allows directing the orientation towards those points where it is most interesting to create the illusion of surveillance.

It is white and has LED lights that flash to increase the touch of reality and create fear in the possible intruder. For a very cheap price you will receive 2 cameras.

MAXESLA 360 Degree Simulated Camera

If you are looking for something a little different to mount on the wall or ceiling, this model could be an interesting option. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it comes with a protective cover.

It can be adjusted vertically at an angle of up to 90 ° and also has a 360 ° horizontal rotation capacity, which will allow it to be pointed where necessary.

ZERONE Rotating Security Fake Dome Camera

Unlike bullet type cameras, dome cameras do not require showing any wiring for their installation, which makes it difficult for any criminal to recognize that they are false, giving him the feeling that he is being watched. This imitation camera can be easily installed in businesses, homes, offices and shops.

It has a flashing light and 360 degrees of rotation. It is waterproof and made of excellent quality materials that allow it to be used outdoors and indoors. No wiring installation required.

SMARTWARES with Motion Sensor

Motion detection is a technical feature that gives this simulated black camera more credibility, as it rotates when it senses a presence at a distance of 3 meters and gives the impression that it begins to record which can deter the intruder.

It has a 2-year warranty, which is an indication of its good quality. The package includes the camera, mounting kit and an instruction manual.

A-ZONE Solar Fake Surveillance Camera, includes lamp

We can find additional advantages in this model such as the use of a solar panel which implies that it does not require batteries for its operation. It also has motion detection and a bulb to illuminate its surroundings between 3 and 10 meters with an angle of 120 °.

By not detecting movement, it enters the energy saving phase, which provides longer battery life. It is a very well made replica with a surprising real appearance.

VBESTLIFE Solar Waterproof Lie Camera

A protection device indicated to achieve effective and economic security. Its construction materials, flashing light and the dome look give it a very real appearance.

It has dual power, batteries and solar. It is waterproof, so it is recommended for monitoring gardens and exteriors. It includes the necessary accessories for its installation. 

Comparison and Prices

We have prepared a comparative table of the best-selling models in this online store with the intention of facilitating your selection.

Updated Guide to Buying Cheap Fake Security Cameras

Before deciding to install fake surveillance cameras, it would be wise to evaluate the appropriateness of doing so. Factors such as the level of insecurity in the sector are an indication of whether the installation of a real security camera kit from Amazon could be justified.

In the case of businesses, it is very likely that the neighbors have camera systems that by proximity will favor the video surveillance of yours, in this case the installation of false cameras would result in a substantial saving of money.

It should be noted that an experienced criminal could differentiate between a real camera and an imitation. For this, the two most obvious elements are the absence of wiring and the flashing lights.

If you have already decided to buy and install simulated cameras, here are some tips that may be useful to you.

The presence of cables

Dummy cameras do not have any electronic components, therefore they do not need wiring. This could alert the intruder so we recommend trying to install a cable that enters the device.

It is also true that as technology advances very fast and currently WiFi IP cameras do not use cables, therefore this precautionary measure will gradually disappear.

Avoid installing real and fake cameras on the same circuit

This is a common mistake that should be avoided. The main reason is that by placing a fake camera close to a real one the difference is magnified and the intruder will be able to identify it more easily, even if they do not have much experience in the field.

The recommendation is to use the same camera model whether it is a real or fake camera system.

As for the lights

Today most fake cameras have a flashing light, almost always red, capable of drawing attention to the camera in order to scare away the intruder.

Sale of fake Security Cameras
Fake Camera with flashing LED light

The drawback is that this light, instead of intimidating the “Professional” criminal, could indicate that it is a fake camera, so it will be a decision to make whether to leave it on or not. Most models come with a switch that allows you to turn it off.

Quality of manufacturing materials

You should avoid buying a fake camera made from materials like cheap, poor-quality plastic. If you decide to buy a fake plastic surveillance camera, make sure that it has the best and most realistic appearance, so you will avoid recognizing that it is simulated.

Are Fake Surveillance Cameras Legal ?

It is good to know what different business and home owners have been sued in the past. Do you know why? We will explain it to you with an example.

Suppose you have installed a fake surveillance camera system in the parking lot of your business and a customer or an employee parks their car leaving their valuables in it.

In the event that an event happens to their properties, the most logical thing is that they ask for a video where what happened is recorded and when they discover that there is no recording of what happened they can affirm that the camera system provided a false sense of security , which leads them to believe that they are in a guarded and secure area.

Final Words

If you think that a fake security camera system is the ideal one to meet your security expectations, then implement it, but always analyze it deeply and carefully. Remember that an experienced thief will be able to detect them unless you take some of the precautions that we have mentioned that make it difficult for them.

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