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When you want to give your spaces a nice touch without investing a lot of money, the best option is a floor lamp. They are decorative and functional. In addition, there are many models adapted to each style. Minimalist, futuristic, vintage … there is definitely something for all tastes and prices.

Many times we believe that to give new air to our spaces we need to make a large investment. The reality is that if we know how to choose the correct element, our budget does not have to be so affected.

Floor Lamps

Although there are many models of floor lamps, the ideal is that the choice is based on the size of our space, the energy consumption of the bulb and even the type of screen we need. It seems complicated, but with the right guide you can make the best purchase. If you are looking for one, here we will explain everything you need to know to have a lamp suitable for your pocket and your tastes. Let’s start by looking at a wide variety of models.

Types of Floor Lamps

The choice of a floor lamp will depend on the type of lighting we want for our spaces. The screen or the head can make a big difference, as well as the color, white, black or another? That is why we have to know what we need:

Wooden Floor Lamps

Wood has long been the favorite in decoration thanks to the warmth and naturalness it provides to environments, so why not use it in a lamp that combines with the rest of the furniture in your living room.

Metal Floor Lamps

Combining the high strength and durability of the material with aesthetics you can bring a bit of glamor to any room with the metal floor lamp.

Japanese Type

Paper or textiles such as silk are used along the foot of the lamp. It can be used in a room or in a living room where you want to recreate an oriental style.

Floor Lamp with Shelves

In addition to all the advantages that this type of lamps have by nature, you will find very practical and versatile models that have an aesthetically designed shelf incorporated into which you can place ornaments, plants, books, magazines and other things you want.


Modern floor lamps lend a sculptural feel to rooms while reaffirming your personality and individuality. You can create any lighting effect by choosing the appropriate style from the diverse range that exists on the market.

LED Floor Lamps

Enjoy great style and bright lighting, as well as the savings that floor lamps with LED bulbs offer you thanks to the low consumption. Avoid defacing your d├ęcor by struggling with dull lighting or having to continually replace bulbs.

For Dining Room

The light is evenly distributed up and down. They are the floor lamps for the dining room par excellence. If you have a long or rectangular table, you can use several consecutive lamps and you will achieve a very modern touch.

Children’s Floor Lamps

Help them learn, dream and play by adding a fun but safe children’s floor lamp to your child’s room.

Classic Floor Lamps

The classic look of a traditional style floor lamp is usually given by the base, in most cases made of wood or metal. Depending on the screen you use, you can also change its appearance, so you will have the possibility of combining it with a series of shades of your decoration.

Floor Lamps for Reading with Flexible Head

In flexible head lamps the lighting can be directed to a specific point. They are generally used as floor lamps for reading.

They are generally conical, have a wide base and become narrower upwards. They are the traditional floor lamp shades and the lighting is directed downwards. Generally this type of lamp is used for decorative purposes. But if placed next to a sofa or armchair, they can provide enough lighting for reading.

Floor Lamps Buying Guide

One of the elements that can give a complete turn to our home are the original floor lamps. A good lamp of this type usually has a lot of presence, and it can become the center of attraction in our living room, study or bedroom, regardless of whether it is on or off.

The light becomes the focal point of the space, but if it is disconnected, its design alone draws attention.

Precisely for this reason, it is increasingly common for people to opt for the choice of designer floor lamps, since they are original, utilitarian and decorative at the same time. However, sometimes what is needed is a reading floor lamp that does the job.

In those cases, what you have to watch out for is that the screen meets certain characteristics, as we will see later.

Best Brands

Among the most popular brands on the market we find the Ikea floor lamp, Reality Leuchten, Brilliant AG, Trio Lighting floor lamp, Aglaia, Gimify, Carrefour, Conforama, Leroy Merlin, among others.

Where to Buy Cheap Floor Lamps Online ?

Looking for cheap modern floor lamps? Are you more interested in a floor lamp for reading or do you want to give your dining room a new look?

Among so many options it is difficult to decide, we know! At we guide you so that you can choose from a wide range of models that range from the most traditional to designer floor lamps that will be the focus of your home or office and that you can buy on Amazon, the most popular web portal. trustworthy.

In addition, you can also find the accessories you need, such as lampshades for floor lamps.

Ikea Floor Lamps

The Ikea name is recognized for selling different quality products for home and its offering in floor lamps are no exception. Its models are characterized by having an excellent value for money.

How to Choose a Floor Lamp for the Living Room?

Although there are many models of floor lamps, the choice will depend on the style we want to convey, especially when it comes to our living room, since it is the most representative place in our home and where our personality should be reflected.

The current trend is that of modern living room floor lamps. Here aluminum is the star material. It gives an elegant and austere touch to the spaces. But if you are looking for a little more warmth, you can choose one with a wooden base.

If you want something a little more traditional, you can go for a conical lampshade. But if you are willing to make a significant investment in a limited piece, a designer floor lamp will be the best choice.

In addition to style, choosing the right bulbs is also important to ensure efficient energy use. You can choose between these types of energy saving light bulbs:

  • LEDs: they are ideal to reduce energy consumption. They consume up to 80% less than a traditional light bulb. They can last up to 50 thousand hours and do not generate heat.
  • Fluocompact: they are also known as energy saving light bulbs, and like LED bulbs, they reduce energy demand by up to 80%. They last up to 10,000 hours.
  • Halogens: they consume 30% less energy than a traditional bulb. Its average duration is about 2,000 hours.

The choice of the type of bulbs for your floor lamp should be based on the use you will give it. If it is for frequent use, the ideal are LED or energy-saving lights. But if they only serve a decorative function and will not light up constantly, halogen bulbs will work very well.

Cleaning the Floor Lamps

It does not matter what material or style your floor lamp is. In all cases it requires regular maintenance. You don’t want to lose your investment due to a failure caused by accumulated dust, much less make a bad impression on your guests.

  • If the lamp has a paper shade, just wipe off the dust with a dry cloth. In case you have a lot of dirt accumulated, opt for a mixture of water and vinegar, apply with a spray on a clean cloth and gently wipe the screen, without wetting or rubbing too much so that the paper does not tear. Then let it dry.
  • If the screen is plastic or glass, use a mixture of warm water, dishwasher, and ammonia. Dip the screen in the mixture and leave it for 5 minutes. After that time, remove it from the water and use a dry, lint-free cloth.
  • For fabric screens, it is best to use a handheld vacuum cleaner. And if there is a stain, it can be removed with a dry cleaning product.
  • Wooden bases can be cleaned with a dry cloth. If they are metal you can use a damp cloth and then dry.

The Best Deals on Floor Lamps

You saw how much a floor lamp can do for your space. So now the time has come to decide what kind of accessory you want.

In Smart10.Top you will not only find the products you need, but you will also have access to a lot of information that will serve as a guide for your purchase.

We want you to choose the best for your home but also for your budget, so you can also find offers on floor lamps, you can take advantage of the best prices on the market.

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