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The Fredi 720P indoor camera is one of the most recommended IP cameras for modern and responsible parents, who also want to keep an eye on their pets and their home in general, it is known as the «baby monitor» camera.

Surveillance cameras are no longer those systems outside our daily lives that were only available to a certain type of public. Thinking about a surveillance camera inside our home is in fact one of the smartest decisions we can make if we want to protect and keep our loved ones safe.

Next, we will tell you why this simple camera is one of the best equipment for the surveillance of your spaces.

Data Sheet of the Fredi 720P WiFi IP Indoor Camera

  • Advanced glass lens with 720p resolution
  • Automatic IR LED night vision up to 32 feet range
  • 355º viewing angle and 110º tilt
  • Ultra-sensitive motion sensors with real-time notifications
  • Two-way audio
  • Compatible with iOS and Android through its app
  • Weight 458 grs

Offers in Amazon USA, Spain and other locales

Analysis of its Characteristics and Most Outstanding Advantages

The Fredi 720P WiFi IP indoor camera model IP988 is a very functional device that is not only capable of monitoring babies and the naughtiest pets, it is also capable of protecting an entire perimeter very efficiently.

Easy to set up and install, this camera is designed for indoor use and is capable of recording images and videos with very good resolution regardless of whether the lighting is opaque, since one of its most attractive features is its ability to capture very sharp images in full darkness thanks to its 10 infrared LEDs that provide up to 32 feet of night vision.

Its two-way audio function allows you to communicate with your baby, accompany your pet or have conversations with your family in real time. In addition, its motion detection system will take care of recording up to 10 seconds of video and sending it as a notification to your smartphone, if the camera captures any unusual movement, which will undoubtedly help you feel more secure when you are. out of home.

Where to Buy: The Best Fredi 720P Indoor Camera Deals

This equipment is one of the most sought after to help take care of your baby or keep your home watched at all times, so it is very common that it can be found both in physical stores and online stores.

However, the best deals for this model are found on Amazon. The official Fredi store on Amazon offers a very affordable price, they ship free and all equipment is guaranteed.

What are the Users Opinions ?

Both careful parents, and those who want to keep their spaces under surveillance at all times, strongly advise acquiring this camera model, since it has excellent features and its price is quite low compared to other equipment. On portals such as Amazon it has a 4.4 star rating and at least 70% of its users recommend it as one of the best wireless surveillance systems.

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