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We will present the Fredi 960P HD IP WiFi fisheye panoramic camera. It is one of the most complete and best options on the market. You will get a good capture of images from both the exterior and interior of your home.

The wide range of products and technology Fredi offers recorders and security cameras ideal for the surveillance, monitoring and care of spaces both in homes and businesses.

Fredi presents an excellent offer that meets the demand for innovative, sophisticated and reliable surveillance cameras, adapting to different environments and multiple market updates.

Advantages of Fredi Fisheye IP Panoramic Camera 360 Degree 

One of the great benefits of this WiFi IP surveillance camera is its wide 360º peripheral vision angle, with which we can obtain great image quality of the entire panorama.

It has a 1mp sensor with which it offers excellent details at a distance, digital zoom, realistic colors and sharp, clear and well differentiated images; This camera is a very good option as an outdoor WiFi camera to monitor the nights in our home environment and with its infrared sensors give us clear images even in the darkest nights.

Connection is made through the 2.4Ghz WiFi band and has a mobile application for smartphone that informs us about any irregular situation during the recordings.

Another of its advantages is based on its alternative mode of car recorder; This Fredi model is an excellent security camera, it has a high standard of quality and technology and, if that was not enough, an elegant and very discreet design.

The Best Offer for this Fredi Wireless IP 960P Model

Among the wireless IP surveillance cameras, the most accessible and competitive price on the market for this model is offered by the renowned Amazon virtual store. This offer is unbeatable and gives us the opportunity to receive the package at the door of our house. What are you waiting for? Buy Yours Now !!

What are the Features of this 360° Peripheral Vision Smart Camera ?

  • It has motion detection, night vision and a wide angle of 360º
  • It is ideal for monitoring outdoors, the room of the little one in the house or pets
  • Weight: 299gr
  • Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 9.2 x 7.4 cm
  • Contains a stand, a 2-meter USB cable, a power supply and the user manual
  • Does not require the use of batteries
  • Compatible mobile application for tablets, phones and computers
  • It has a capacity for expandable memory up to 128GB
  • It has 2 way talking for home monitoring
  • Supports 2.4Ghz WiFi

Where to Buy the Fredi 960P Fish Eye Model ?

Finding this camera on Amazon is very simple, we can look for it as the Fredi 960P WiFi IP camera. Making the purchase through Amazon guarantees security, as well as the tracking of the package and ease of processing the payment.

How to Configure ?

The following video shows how simple the configuration of the Fredi 960P HD camera is, it is very illustrative. If it is not displayed correctly you can see it directly on YouTube: Configure Fredi camera

Fredi Camera User Manual

To date, only English manuals are available on the internet for some Fredi camera models. Here are two links that we hope you may find useful. The first contains videos for the different Fredi camera models and the second is the transcript of the instruction manual for a specific model:

Instructions for different Fredi models in video

Instruction Manual models Fredi A1 / L6 PDF


Unlike other online stores, Amazon shows through its opinions that this camera is an excellent option and meets even the most rigorous security requirements.

With more than 135 positive comments, users of the Fredi 960P HD IP WiFi camera tell us that security, clear images and perfect operation of this device are guaranteed.

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