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Installing hidden security cameras has become an increasingly popular solution when it comes to discreetly monitoring your home or business. Using hidden security cameras both indoors and outdoors is a good option when there is a risk of the cameras being destroyed.

Hidden Camera in Bird House

Thanks to technology, nowadays surveillance cameras can be hidden in different objects and devices such as pens, clothing buttons. mobile chargers, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, key rings, controls, photo frames, lighters, speakers, and light bulbs among others.

The Best Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras

When we think about the safety of our homes, loved ones, belongings we have in them or our businesses, we cannot leave anything to chance. That is why security cameras are a priority today on shopping lists, to keep our homes and businesses under surveillance at all times.

Security cameras are manufactured in many presentations, with different characteristics and technological innovations.

In this article we will introduce you to the best outdoor hidden security cameras, also known as camouflaged surveillance cameras.

RIRGI Hidden Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras 

The RIRGI Outdoor Camera is tiny, but despite its small size, it’s great for discreet surveillance without anyone noticing.

This camouflaged surveillance camera supports an app to connect multiple cameras, so that you can monitor every corner of your home or business at the same time. It can even be used on drones.

RIRGI Hidden Outdoor Camera Features

  • It takes video and snapshots, with high quality and full color, it has a 150 ° wide angle lens and full HD 1080P.
  • Work with the HDMiniCam application.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. After completing the configuration you can view and control the camera without distance limitation.
  • Its size is 3.8 x 3.8 x 2.2cm / 3.15 * 3.15 * 0.86 Inches.
  • Its 280mAh battery has an autonomy of up to 60 minutes with a full charge.
  • Storage supports 8GB – 128GB TF cards (not included).
  • It has a magnetic body that can be attached with its powerful magnet to metal structures and a free rotation of 360 °.
  • Easy to install, configure and manage from your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • The manufacturer’s recommendation is to use the RIRGI camouflaged surveillance camera connected to an external battery or USB charger.
  • User reviews agree that it is a widely recommended camera, highlighting its video quality and practicality.

You can buy this or another model through Amazon, by following the link below.

MHDYT WiFi Hidden Outdoor IP Camera

The MHDYT camouflaged outdoor IP camera model, unlike other outdoor security spy cameras, offers an integrated connection via Bluetooth in addition to WiFi connectivity. This allows you to always receive images or videos in real time, even if you are in an area without WiFi. You can install this hidden camera anywhere, being able to use it, both outdoors and indoors.

Features of the Camouflaged Outdoor IP camera

  • With a 5 meter night vision and 8 infrared lights and motion sensors it can deliver clear and sharp images in total darkness.
  • The security camera kit includes a mirror that, when integrated into the camera lens, becomes imperceptible. Posing it through speakers while discreetly monitoring everything that is going on around
  • It has a 600 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in speakers that allow music playback.
  • Bluetooth has a range of 31 feet or 9.7 meters.
  • Its weight is 181 grams or 0.39 pounds.
  • The MHDYT hidden outdoor surveillance camera is one of the best-selling in the market for its good price and high quality.

The best offers for this and other products can be found on Amazon, we recommend purchasing it through this online store.

Buy Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras on Amazon

FREDI Indoor Hidden Security Cameras

FREDI Camouflaged Indoor Surveillance Camera is uniquely designed, with really minimal dimensions, 4.5cm * 2.5cm or 1.77in * 0.9in, it is perfect for your home or office. This camera model supports multiple users and the application that uses the FREDI hidden security camera supports multiple cameras simultaneously, to keep an eye on your home discreetly from various points.

Features of the FREDI hidden security camera

  • If you don’t have a WiFi router, keep recording, inserting an SD card (not included)
  • The battery lasts for an hour and a half. For long-term use, connect to a power outlet or external battery with a USB charging cable (included)
  • Record in HD, obtaining sharp images.
  • It has night vision and motion sensor
  • The application with which the FREDI hidden security camera is used is compatible with iOS, Android, tablet and computer (it is not compatible with MAC).
  • 140 ° wide angle lens.
  • Due to its compact size, its easy installation and configuration makes it one of the favorites, its connectivity and the speed of the auto focus leaves its users astonished.

Look for the best deals on Amazon.

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SUPOGGY: Indoor Camouflaged Security Cameras

Like many camouflaged surveillance cameras, the SUPOGGY brand is tiny in size, easy to hide from third parties, offering snapshots and HD recordings in low light. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that when the camera is to be used for the first time it should be charged for 3 hours to achieve a 100 percent charge.

SUPOGGY Hidden Camera Features

  • Night vision with 6 LED lights for optimal vision.
  • It also has loop recording, it allows to store up to 32GB of data on an SD memory card (not included), recording videos only when it detects movements.
  • Its battery is 200 mAh giving it an operating autonomy of 60 minutes.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Supports Windows me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista, Mac OS, Linux operating systems.
  • 75 ° wide angle lens.
  • In the kit you will find, USB cable, clip for the body and support base.

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How to Hide Security Cameras ?

In those moments when you need to observe someone without changing their behavior because they are being observed, the installation of camouflaged wireless secusity cameras can be very useful, so you can carry out surveillance without them knowing that they are being captured.

For example, observe how the babysitter handles your baby inside or outside your home while you are away. Due to the size of these mini cameras we can hide them very easily in an almost imperceptible way.

Tricks and places where you can hide your camouflaged surveillance camera


  1. You can hide it in feeders or birdhouses, garden ornaments, in trees or shrubs, always making sure the camera is focused on the area you want to monitor.
  2. You can also put a cover on it so that people or intruders think that it is an ornament of the house or so that it blends in with the environment.
  3. Another way is by painting the camera, to disguise it with the environment, but you have to bear in mind that doing so loses the factory warranty.
  4. You can hide it inside the mailbox, inside garden gnomes, in a fake rock, by drilling a hole and fixing it inside with electrical tape, leaving the camera lens in the drilled hole.


In the case of the interior of the house or office, surveillance cameras are easier to camouflage in everyday objects.

  1. Hiding them on bookshelves would be an excellent place.
  2. Other ideal places would be smoke detectors, teddy bears, plants and decorative pots, also behind glass windows.
  3. They can be placed inside leather linings that blend in with the environment and discreetly affix to a door frame or wall. Only a skilled person or with keen eyesight could detect them.

With camouflaged surveillance cameras, you can have continuous surveillance of the most sensitive places in your home or office, obtaining notifications in real time directly to your mobile, tablet or computer.

By hiding the security camera, you can gather enough evidence to notify the police of unusual acts that you have observed and captured in images and video.

Images of Hidden Security Cameras


Image of camouflaged outdoor surveillance cameras Courtesy



Hidden camera image
Surveillance camera hidden in photo frame

Comparison: 4 of the Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras

We have selected among the best-selling models on Amazon, those that in our opinion have the best ratings and have a good value for money.

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