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If there were no constants in the universe, it would be in chaos. In fact, possibly, the world as we know it would not exist. That existence of constants also applies to human relationships. That is, if we did not cultivate habits like good education, society would be much worse than it is now.

We are in the field of ethics and morals, and we wanted to launch a decalogue of advice or tips to be a better person. Achieving this, unfailingly, also helps to achieve a better society.

10 Tips to Be a Better Person

If you want to continue growing as a person, we offer you some useful tips:

1. Be Nice, Be Happy

This is our first tip. It is enough just to get into the habit of saying «good morning» and «good night» to improve as a person both internally and in relationship with others. As the habit requires practice, so that you do not forget, we recommend to use some images of good days that you can place on the bottom of the screen, your mobile or computer screen and thus remember how important is education in human relationships.

2. Know What is Right from the Hand of the Wise

Education can become just a wrapper if it is not accompanied by good deeds or good faith. In other words, good ethical reflection and good morals in interpersonal relationships.

In this sense, another interesting habit to add to the day to day may be reading texts on ethics. Each one has his own preferences. They may be Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, or originating from some Greek thinker.

With these texts on the good being, you can discover reflections that help us illuminate doubts we had about how to behave. In short, it does not hurt to know what is the correct attitude according to the great sages.

3. Keep Friends

Who have a friend, have a treasure. It is an old saying, but it still has validity. And is that loneliness is not good. It can make men and women sour and suspicious. And what is worse, make them lose the perspective of the good and the bad.

In addition, as Seneca said «Friendship is always helpful», both for those who seek it and for those who find it. Going through life knowing internally that have friends makes us better, friendlier and disposes us to help others.

4. Know how to Forgive and Forget

There are serious offenses, of course. But, generally, on a day-to-day basis, most are issues that can and should be forgotten. Accumulating small hatreds can make you a bad person. While being flexible with mistakes and offenses of others allows to build a more optimistic and benevolent morale.

Also, scientifically, forgiving is good for your health. Since stress can cause tension caused by resentment, freeing yourself from it through forgiveness allows:

  • Reduce heart rate.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Decreased brain stress.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Facilitates digestion.

5. Never Stop Playing

In the game there is the illusion and also the ability to know the best of other people. Freud, Aristotle, Plato and even Jesus of Nazareth himself gave much importance to the game.

In addition to the illusion, innocence, trust in the other person and, very importantly, laughter are gathered around playing. Three essential aspects in a good person and that, generally, are forgotten in maturity.

6. Be Flexible with yourself and with others

Perfectionism has two faces. The good news is that you can create things well done. The bad news is that if you are not flexible with yourself or with others when things do not go well, relationships get muddy.

It is often said that what is important is the good intention that one puts to any entrepreneurship. Regarding the results, there are many factors involved. When something goes wrong, it is not all the fault of the person in charge of carrying it out.

So it is important to be flexible. Because not doing it can lead us: first to be badly educated, and second, to mistreat the other person or ourselves.

7. Balance between Education and Freedom

A good person respects the freedom of others. However, when those people are children, fear that someone will harm them or educate themselves incorrectly can turn parents into authoritarian beings, which is not a typical virtue of good people.

Those who find themselves at that crossroads can turn to experts, they teach them how to find the middle ground between educating and granting freedom to people.

8. Trust People More

There are people who are initially suspicious of others because of negative past experiences. It is called Pistantrophobia. They distrust as a defense method to suffer again. They have come to the conclusion – from a negative experience with someone – that it is better and safer to mistrust everyone.

There are other people in the pole since they act in a contrary way: they trust people at the first change. They do not prejudge them and prefer to start a personal relationship on the right foot.

The second group of people who move away from that «think badly and you will be right» are usually happier and have many more friends.

9. Encourage Positive Thoughts

Sometimes managing emotions and thoughts that go through our heads is a difficult task. But it is important to cultivate emotional intelligence and turn negative thoughts around and make them positive and optimistic.

Failure to do so can distort reality or think badly of other people. This last bad habit can be the cause that we end up treating them badly. Sometimes, for things that they have not said or done.

10. Watch your Health

“Men sana in corpore sano”. Sport and taking care of yourself in general greatly help you feel good, eliminate stress and sleep well. This positively affects mood and promotes optimism.

From there, from the conviction that things can improve is where the essence of good people comes from. Play sports at your own pace, without suffering. And eat well to make your body and mind work better.

There are many more tips for daily life that can help us to be better people. Many of them we know, but we forget them to yield to mistrust and rancor.

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How to Be a Better Person ? 10 Tips That Will Help You
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How to Be a Better Person ? 10 Tips That Will Help You
Useful Tips: Be Nice, Be Happy, Encourage Positive Thoughts, Watch your Health, Never Stop Playing, Forgive and Forget.
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