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Loneliness is something that scares many people, and the truth is that it is not surprising, we all like to have someone around. Someone to make plans with and enjoy, someone to take care of you and to take care of. Someone for whom you are a priority and makes you feel important. In addition, we are social beings, so being around people is something that we need to survive. That is why it is so important to know how to be happy alone with yourself, without a partner, without having dependencies on others. 

Society we live in does not do lonely people any favors. Everywhere, with subliminal or direct messages they tell you that being accompanied is the only option, or more than an option, an end. Call them single or lonely people, as if your happiness had to be completed by someone other than you. And far from all that, you can be happy and enjoy life alone, don’t be fooled.

How to Be Happy Alone with Yourself ?

Whether being alone or with someone, they are perfectly valid options to be happy. The difference is that, to be happy in company, you must first have learned to be happy alone. It is something fundamental and that many people overlook. 

Therefore, as long as we have a partner, we endure certain things that only cause us discomfort. And it is that, the fear of being alone does not let us see that, many times, it is better to be alone than in bad company.

The Importance of Self Love

One of the great problems that we have and that makes us not know how to be alone is precisely due to our lack of self-love. We need someone to confirm that we are worth it, someone to bet on us, someone to believe precisely what we do not believe.

So it is our lack of self-love that makes us jump from one relationship to another, when what we should do is learn to be alone with ourselves before taking another step into another relationship after a painful breakup.

We do not want to be alone because we do not accompany each other well. We do not love ourselves as we should love ourselves and we know how to take care of others but not ourselves. For this reason, it is important to cultivate self-love to learn to be alone, value those moments and be able to accompany yourself. The moment you do, you will never feel lonely again.

Tips for Learning to Be Happy Alone With Yourself

The truth is that knowing how to be alone has great benefits and can be better than you imagine, you just have to take advantage of it and see the positive side of all this. At first it may be a world or the house will fall on you, but with a few tips, you will know the pleasure of solitude, and you will discover how to be your best company.

Here are some tips that will help you learn to be alone and happy:

Spend Time Knowing Yourself

The first advice to enjoy solitude is that you take time to know yourself, to build what is known as the process of self-knowledge. Doing so gives you the gift of time to yourself. You can think of yourself, the things that make you happy and how to get them.

Have you always wanted to study for a university degree? Maybe now that you have time for yourself is the beginning. Anything, a dream or an aspiration. Having time to feel fulfilled is one of the advantages of being alone. So don’t miss it.

Surround Yourself with people who are worth it

While we are talking about being alone, we are not referring to you becoming a hermit. You must also cultivate social relationships is important, therefore, taking care of your friends, making plans with other people, can be very interesting and enriching.

As a couple, you may have neglected certain friendships, but now you can resume them or even meet new people. And if you get tired, you can always go back to being alone, or rather, with yourself. And that’s the big difference.

Lead a Healthy Life

The way we eat and move has a lot to do with our mood. If we do not eat a balanced diet, surely our interior is unbalanced. And, eating with the necessary nutrients gives us the energy to face the day in a different way. You already know, in the end, how we said being happy depends mainly on you.

One of the super important things to achieve full happiness is to maintain health and this also has a lot to do with learning to value yourself, because with a healthy lifestyle you can also maintain your health and your presence.

You must eat healthy and also exercise to keep your body in shape and in this way feel better about yourself, likewise doing exercises will allow you to have your mind occupied much of the time, you will see that you do not take care of loneliness if it scares you.

How to Be Happy Alone: Accept Loneliness

If, due to whatever circumstances, you have been alone, then look for a meaning in your life to be happy and enjoy your loneliness, with a very positive mind, and sure that whatever the cause that you are alone is for your good. Well, everything depends on you and knowing that you are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to.

Find out What Makes you Happy

Being alone will give you the opportunity to evaluate what really makes you happy, regardless of other people’s prejudices, it is a personal evaluation, it makes you feel whole, and it is not about what you want to achieve but what you have now.

For example, if you are studying and you like your career, you should focus on it or if you like listening to music when you are alone, among other things, because you enjoy it, spend more time on what really makes you feel good.

Find a Pet

A pet can be an excellent company as well as a good pastime to make you not feel alone, and make you feel good and useful, but you must also bear in mind that a pet is also synonymous with responsibilities, which in every sense you should not neglect .

Choose a pet taking into account the place where you live, one of the best pets are dogs, they learn to love you and will always be willing to give you love in the sense that you also give it to them. In addition, a dog can be your company if you decide to exercise, go for a walk and will be your faithful guardian.

Help Others

If you have the opportunity to help other people, do not hesitate, you must give a hand to the people who need it most, you will see how you feel useful and other people will learn to value you, thus achieving inner happiness.

In this way also, even if you live alone, socially you will not be, because people you have been able to help will always see you as a good example, likewise you must make many friends, and you will see how even being alone, you will not be at all go out into society.

Practice Something New

Many times we stay parked in a monotony that step by step leads us to an unstoppable emotional fall, leisure and routine are often very cruel, and will take their toll on you at some point.

That is why it is important that you always try new things, that you give yourself a new beginning, in this way you can grow as a person and prepare to face all the adversities that may arise throughout life, so you should not stay locked up, go out and fight for yourself and because you’re worth it.


Happiness can have many definitions and everyone can achieve it in their own way, either, having great luxuries, family, couple among other things, but it is also important to know how to be happy alone, without needing all of the above.

If you are only for whatever circumstance, open your mind to the possibilities of getting ahead and above all learn how to be happy only with yourself despite situations, happiness is not limited to a group of people, much less to vanities , if in every way they do not fill you with the heart as you would like.

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