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Today many people are afraid of being single, either because they believe that they will never be able to have this type of relationship or because they think that they cannot be happy without one. 

This fear generates a limited conception of happiness, since this satisfaction is only associated with the love bond, and limits the possibilities of personal growth and development. If you want to learn about cultivating happiness apart from a couple and how to be happy every day, keep reading this article.

Fear to Loneliness

Currently there is a tendency for people to suffer from fear of loneliness and abandonment, caused in large part by emotional dependence. This fear is found especially in the area of ​​affective relationships, in which many people find it difficult to learn to live without a partner.

These barriers may be due, on the one hand, to a lack of self-esteem, autonomy and security, as well as to the social pressure of the current context to have a partner and the hierarchy of romantic love relationships, because of that a couple relationship is conceived as superior to the rest of affective ties, whether of friendship, family, etc.

These factors generate an affective dependency in people and promote the development of distorted beliefs or thoughts related to the fear of loneliness. These maladaptive patterns can be exacerbated after a recent breakup:

Catastrophic Thoughts

By which it is believed that you will never meet another person and you will always feel alone.

Dichotomous Cognitions, «Black or White»

Thoughts of all or nothing in the partner area​​, so it is thought that without one, happiness cannot be achieved or, that, because of not having a partner the person is not valid or sufficient.

Thoughts of Self-demand

The typical thought of «I want to be happy and I can’t» is often due to unrealistic expectations about happiness, which is why excessively high criteria are set.


A type of distortion in which people focus only on some aspects of reality, completely ignoring the rest. In this case, as a measure of happiness, the person only considers whether or not they have a partner, omitting other relevant life factors.

It is not the same to Be Alone than to Feel Alone

How to Be Happy Single ? To learn to be alone, the crucial step is to learn to distinguish loneliness from feeling lonely. It is not the same to be alone than to feel alone. Therefore, a reflection and differentiation about loneliness is necessary, since people can be physically alone time and not feel lonely, while on other occasions even surrounded by people a person can feel lonely.

How to Be Happy Single: 15 Key Tips

Work and learning about how to be happy single is necessary, since there is a culture of romantic love that is transmitted from childhood through the media and relationship patterns. Learn to be happy single with the following keys that we provide you:


1. Identify your Fears

To learn to be alone, first of all, analyze and evaluate what it is that you really fear about not being in a relationship, reflect on the causes of it, the factors that may have influenced this, what other fears you have overcome and how did you, etc. You can make a list of specific situations that you fear facing without a partner.

2. Deconstruction

How to be happy single? It is vital to stop considering that a person is alone because they are not in a relationship, since this is a limitation of thought that does not allow us to analyze and fully enjoy reality. 

Therefore, you can make a daily record of those people who share moments with you and also note what they have contributed to you. This exercise can help you to realize that this belief is false and, therefore, to overcome it.

3. Rate

How to be happy every day ? Apart from making a record of those people that interact with you, write down on a weekly basis those aspects or positive feelings of the day to day, what you have found rewarding. In this way, it is easier to focus on the positive factors that we have in our lives and that we are unable to assess, blinded by the idea of ​​lack of a partner.

4. Get to Know Yourself

There are no rules to be happy, since each person is different and there is a great diversity of personalities and tastes. Because of this, it is advisable to spend time introspection, discovering ourselves and identifying those activities that are rewarding and positive for us to put them into practice.

5. Take Time

To learn to be single, in addition, pay attention to your emotional state, do not avoid what you feel, analyze the origin of this, the different reactions and what strategies you can use to feel better. Knowing your own emotions and self-care is a key factor in emotional independence, so as not to depend on anyone to be happy.

6. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Explore, do new activities, set yourself new challenges and meet new people. All this will contribute to your self-esteem and security, will stimulate new positive aspects in your life and will allow you to learn and enjoy other facets that you didn’t know about yourself. If what is gratifying or pleasant is dispersed and expanded, the tendency to focus everything on a single point is reduced, in this case being single.

7. Reevaluate your Concept of Happiness

If your thought is «I just want to be happy», perhaps you need to analyze what your idea of ​​happiness is and ask yourself if it is not exclusively focused on this area. Evaluate the other aspects of life, identify the positive points and those that you would like to change and establish objectives based on them.

8. Enjoy the Solitude

If you are afraid of loneliness, expose yourself to it. One way can be through carrying out activities or tasks that we find pleasant, such as going to the cinema, an exhibition, eating, etc. Loneliness does not mean being at home doing nothing, it can be rewarding. In this way there is a change in the concept of loneliness, a more positive approach. Try to do something that you like once a week without company and in this way, begin to enjoy solitude.

9. Travel

Once you are able to carry out activities in solitude and be able to enjoy this way, a great challenge can be to take a short trip without company. This will allow you to get out of your comfort zone, enjoy solitude, get to know yourself more, as well as meet and interact with other new people.

10. Appreciate the Benefits

Rate the points in favor of learning about being single; the increase of self-esteem and self-knowledge favor a greater emotional independence towards the rest of the people. Therefore, when we get together with another person we will do so because we really want to and because this other person brings positive things to us and we will not do it from the fear of being alone and the avoidance of this loneliness.

11. Locate Happiness

How to be happy single ? Relocate the source of happiness to yourself, not to other people. In this way, you have control over your own life and enjoyment, and other people complement it and accompany you in it. This way you will more easily surround yourself with people who contribute to your own happiness.

12. Appreciate

Make a list of your strengths and pay attention to those small positive actions that you take on a daily basis. It can help you ask people close to you about your strengths, as well as it can help you discover aspects of yourself that you previously ignored.

13. Focus on the Present

It is important not to project the future from the present, it is a way to avoid catastrophic thoughts about never having a partner again. Focus on what you are living right now and the positive aspects it has, that is, adopt a mindfulness attitude to live in the here and now.

14. Don’t Compare Yourself

Focus on improving and enjoying your life, growing as a person, pursuing your goals, and celebrating your successes. Focus on yourself and not what others have or do.

15. Go to a Professional Person

A professional person can be helpful in addressing self-esteem, confidence, self-efficacy, in restructuring distorted thoughts and in deconstructing emotional dependence.

This article is informative, in Smart10.Top we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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