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Have you ever wondered how to be happier and have a better life? Sure you do, because it is one of the main aspirations of the human being. It is accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction and, without a doubt, it is one of the most important feelings and that most influences our mood.

So much so, that its absence worries, and a lot, the experts. Research has even been conducted on their deficiency during adolescence and how their lifestyle conditions them. The amount of time they spend in front of screens has a lot to do with it! 

And much of it is spent immersed in social networks, a place where they can connect with the whole world. However, this does not help them achieve that degree of happiness that they should be. 

That is why it is so shocking to know that a Harvard study, which has been underway for more than 80 years and which has followed the development of various men since 1938, has determined that what affects the most is the quality of the relationships we establish. And from them you can learn how to be happier, because they have analyzed it in hundreds of different profiles!

After conducting interviews every two years and collecting all possible social and medical information, they have discovered that what has most affected the well-being of the participants is the degree of satisfaction with the people around them. 

These connections are the ones that really matter, right? They are a way to generate a feeling of well-being. Therefore, we want to share with you some things that will help you achieve it.

How to Be Happy: Tips to Achieve It

According to this report, the quality of friendships, couples and family ties are decisive for enjoying a placid and, incidentally, healthier life. And for this, we must take care of those around us, as well as ourselves.

1. Be more Honest and Communicative

Sincerity is one of the most valued qualities in any person and one of the most valuable to maintain a healthy relationship of any kind. Lies never benefit either party and they always have a way out. Even if our intentions in hiding such information were good, when it is discovered, the damage can be even greater. 

Trust is based on this principle: always tell the truth. Also in the case of communication, one of the skills that must be worked the most in any type of emotional bond. We are made to share our knowledge and feelings, and we can only do this from authenticity. Remember that it is the first step towards a fuller life.

2. Showing your Affection to Be Happy

Don’t stop showing your affection to your loved ones. This positive energy will spread to all of them and they will return it to you gratefully. Your example will teach others how to be happier through loving gestures.

3. Work on your Empathy Helps to Be Happy

It is defined as the «ability to identify with someone and share their feelings» according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. We must help those around us to get out of that situation that causes them discomfort. Or, on the contrary, infect you with their joy! And this is a skill that can be worked on from childhood.

4. Help Others

Probably, with the previous advice you already intuited that this would also be on the list. But perhaps you have not stopped to think about the power that small gestures can have in your routine and in that of others. 

If you see that someone needs to carry a trolley or suitcase down some stairs and cannot, or is unable to hold the door of the portal while taking the shopping bags, offering you is a way to improve their situation, even for a moment. And afterward, you will feel much better too.

5. Always Give Something to Others

How to be happier is a question that has obsessed many researchers and they have discovered several ways to be happy. Being generous is one of the best ways to do it! And it is that the results of the investigation entitled ‘Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness’ affirm that dedicating a percentage of your money, whatever it is, on a gift for a loved one has a great impact.

The same goes for volunteering. Supporting a cause has a positive impact on your environment, and also on yourself.

6. Let go of What’s Not Good for You

The Harvard study also notes that men, as they got older, focused on the things that mattered most to them. In fact, Dr. Robert Waldinger, director of the same, affirms that «they tend to realize that life is short and they are more likely to pay attention to everything that produces happiness in that moment.» 

That is, they let go of what torments them in their past and everything they do not like about their present to focus only on the good things. So, we recommend that you keep a positive attitude and stay away from toxic situations or people around you.

7. Enjoy Yourself and Be Happy

Spending time taking care of yourself, both inside and out, is essential. In order to carry out all of the above, you first have to be happy with yourself. One of the ways to do this is to relieve some of the pressure of our busy routine and really connect with the moment you are living. 

Taking a bath, taking a getaway or enjoying peacefully, without the pressures of work and house or family maintenance can work miracles. And we don’t say it, this Harvard Business School study says it, which explains how to be happier spending your money on the things that matter, for example on ‘buying’ time so that you can dedicate it to doing what you like best.

How to Be Happy: Conclusion

We hope these tips on how to be happy are useful, and remember that you can start right now. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to start working on happiness. That does not exist. Happiness is an everyday decision, and it is necessary to stop looking for happiness, and start living it.

Put your attention in the present, enjoy the small and great things that you have. The past is gone and the future is uncertain, live today, maybe you have everything to be happy, and you don’t realize it.

Enjoy every bite of food, every deep breath you can take, every morning you can appreciate the sun. If you are sad, tired, frustrated, anxious, we assure you that being on the couch, thinking about those things that make you bad, will not generate a change in you. 

Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride, overcome the comfort of the moment, and encourage yourself to feel better. Look for people who take you further as a person, who challenge you, who allow you to advance in life, in all aspects. 

Be generous with your time, with your space, with a gesture. You do not know what a simple act can generate in the other.

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