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In an effort to adapt to the beauty canons that prevail in the collective mass of society, many resort to aesthetic treatments, surgeries, training to stylize the silhouette, among other ways. However, you don’t need to spend as much time and money to look more attractive. With a few simple changes in body movements, it is enough to increase the attention of the surroundings.

Scientific studies cover topics of all kinds, some also delved into this topic. From a series of analyzes, science pointed out a series of tips, which, including them in daily habits, will make the person more attractive in the eyes of others.

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be More Attractive

Of course we are not going to go into much detail or go into questions of aesthetics, beauty or subjectivity, just have fun, browse or take it as seriously as you think. Here are 10 ways to be more attractive according to science.

1. Staying Relaxed

Men who are less stressed, calm and relaxed than others are preferred by women, according to a study by the Royal Society B. In addition, it is indicated that females develop a certain predilection for this class, since they are better able to handle stressful situations without transmitting negativity to children.

2. Speak Into the Right Ear

Left side of the brain handles verbal information and pleasant sensations, while the right works with non-verbal stimuli and negative emotions. The left side works with more focus on the information coming from the right ear canal. 

Therefore, scientists suggest that when information is received from the right, the brain immediately goes to work with greater optimism, creating more pleasant sensations.

3. Raise the Head and Tilt the Chin

People of both sexes are considered more attractive when their head is slightly tilted to a side angle, high and with the chin up. According to a study by the English University of Newcastle, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, the angle at which the face is tilted is vital for the attractiveness of the opposite sex, something that is clearly reflected in photography and modeling.

4. Growing a Beard to Be More Attractive

Unlike in another era, when a shaved complexion was the predominant model, the beard is in fashion. A study from the University of New South Wales, Australia, noted that unusual beards are a major draw for many women.

5. Seriousness in Men

In the search for reasons for the attraction of women towards the «bad boy», specialists from the University of British Columbia, Canada, revealed that melancholic, worried faces that show annoyance and heaviness, are much more seductive than men who are always smiling or are very outgoing.

6. The Smile in Women

From the National Institute of Health of the United States, it was indicated that happiness in women is the most attractive emotion for men. In fact, a simple smile in a woman causes intense changes in the man who perceives it immediately.

7. Have Good Teeth to Be More Attractive

 A joint study by researchers from the Universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire indicated that a set of white, well-proportioned and evenly spaced teeth are more attractive to both sexes.

8. A Scar ?

Scientists from the University of Liverpool, England, confirmed the myth that many women are attracted to a face with a scar, an unusual mark, especially for those seeking short-term relationships.

9. Wear Red Lipstick

The University of Manchester found that a man looks at the lips of the woman he talks to several times during a chat if she is attractive to him. On average, each glance lasts about 0.95 seconds, whereas surprisingly, if the woman has her lips painted red, the figure rises much higher, reaching almost 7 seconds in many cases.

10. Choose Red Color to Dress

The brain makes curious cognitive associations between colors, emotions and values. In the case of red color, it is associated with passion, romance, power and sexual dynamism.

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You don't need to spend so much time and money to look more attractive. With some tips and a few simple changes you will achieve it
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