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Beauty is something intimately connected to the genuine, to the natural, and to enjoy it you need to look at it as a whole. In the same way, you can learn to discover – and enjoy – a natural beauty that lies in you: being pretty is something wonderfully natural, and the nature that surrounds you serves as the perfect framework for your beauty.

Pretty and Successful

Meryl Streep is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, who has shared that when she tried to start her artistic career she was rejected for being «ugly» according to those who interviewed her. Lady Gaga was repeatedly rejected by many because «she was not tall or pretty.» But they both continued to see themselves as pretty women in their naturalness.

That history is repeated in many women who do not allow rejection or criticism from third parties to blur their image of themselves. Succeeding has everything to do with learning to see yourself beautiful in a natural and habitual way.

Beautiful and Healthy

The connection that exists between being beautiful and natural is not only possible, but necessary to enjoy health and well-being that embraces and encompasses the physical and emotional. The writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges expressed that “Beauty is that beautiful mystery that neither psychology nor rhetoric decipher”; which encourages us to perceive that there is an invisible and powerful connection, although intangible and difficult to describe, of your beauty with your health and inner essence.

A healthy mind enjoys expressing its physical naturalness for itself first and not for the pleasure of others. Enjoy looking pretty in your naturalness, that will reinforce your intellect-emotional and even physical health. Just as each river has its channel and crossings, with sections that reveal its strength, mysteries and charms, calm waters and high adrenaline falls. You are Pretty and Natural !!

Beautiful and Brave

Fashion, shows and pageants are means by which a certain beauty is applauded and promoted, and to that extent beauty seems to be its goal. However, the misogyny of some has been exalting certain stereotypes of feminine beauty that are not only degrading but also mistreat and segregate our gender.

In extreme cases, there have even been trials in Italy, on cases of rape of women, in which “the ugliness” of the victim has been mentioned. Women have bravely resented and protested such an offense to the beauty that life itself is and of which we are bearers.

Enjoy knowing that you are pretty and that beauty can be part of fashions and promotions, but that society keeps in mind that being brave is an essential part of your beauty.

Other Tips To Be Naturally Pretty

Take care of your natural appearance

Adopt and maintain a lifestyle in which you drink enough water, this is beneficial for health and body appearance. A healthy and balanced diet that includes daily physical activity. Another important aspect is taking care of your skin, doing deep cleanings periodically according to your possibilities and peculiarities.

Watch Your Thoughts

Getting used to nurturing positive thoughts and attitudes is a beauty treatment that spans from the soul and has its influence on your bodily appearance. Reading, visiting open spaces to observe and feel nature, meditate, they are a spa at the very source from which the natural beauty that we have been sharing with you springs.

Final Words

Coco Chanel said that «beauty begins with the decision to be oneself», and that encourages us to enjoy our naturalness with determination to know and feel our beauty. In this nascent third decade of the XXI century, let us exalt our right and privilege to be beautiful to the extent that we are natural, and that in the naturalness of being we express that beauty that illuminates the eyes of the soul that knows how to appreciate and express it.

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Being beautiful is a wonderfully natural thing, and the nature around you serves as the perfect framework for your beauty.
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