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Being pretty has everything to do with our personal esteem and our connection with what surrounds us, but mainly with our very personal idea of ​​what beauty is. Too often the social environment emphasizes the idea that beauty is in appearance, and this influences our neglect of our inner essence.

On the other hand, in some cases we witness the influence of those who emphasize the idea of ​​the beauty of the soul to the detriment of a carelessness in appearance and body care. The key to being beautiful may be that we find our particular balance for these two expressions of beauty.

We live in a time in which we have a wide range of cosmetic products that are promoted as beauty suppliers, to which we have become accustomed to reinforce our sense of looking – or feeling – beautiful.

However, this does not necessarily have to lead us to leave in the background elements that provide beauty that does not discard or underestimate that of showcases in shopping malls and TV, but that transcends them. We can harmonize these two aspects and enjoy that wonderful sensation of knowing and feeling that we are beautiful.

How to be Pretty From Within ?

Here are some recommendations to apply in your life and be beautiful from the inside, since the beauty you are looking for blooms from within and is reflected in your outer appearance.

1. Being Pretty is Natural

Feed a feeling about beauty as something that lies within each being, and learn to observe it as it is, natural. That does not imply discarding the social touches that we have learned to give ourselves with colors and aromas, but knowing that the source of beauty is something that is born and is observed from the soul, not from the surface.

2. Accept Yourself as You Are

Don’t put yourself down for looking different from some of the cloned stereotypes of cosmetic merchandise. Remember that you are a unique and unrepeatable being, and this profound truth makes you the bearer of a beauty that cannot – and should not – be compared to overshadow or stand out from other people, but to flow your genuine essence.

3. The Beauty of Joy

A happy heart is the most powerful beautifier of a person’s appearance. Treasure and express thoughts that produce joy and enthusiasm. The beauty that flows from the heart not only nurtures your beauty and joviality, but radiates and has the strength to infect those around you. Let the joy that your inner beauty possesses flow.

4. Your Safety Makes You Pretty

Inner confidence is an attribute that is also reflected in your body language. The charm of a person who reflects security transmits the beauty of being trustworthy and genuine, with that magic that transmits the harmony between what you are in your inner essence and what you reflect to others.

5. A Beautiful Mind

What shampoo, makeup, creams and perfumes are to your body, your thoughts and emotions are to your beauty and inner joviality. The latter nourish the former, so focus on aligning your thoughts with what beautifies you from within, such as reading, meditation, leisure activities; without this implying that you neglect your external appearance.

6. In Body and Soul

Take care of the beauty of your body and that of your soul, enjoying that your appearance is a reflection of your essence and not a mask. Something that you can find very helpful is to take a few moments every day to visualize that your body and soul are in harmony, and that from that harmony they conceive an invaluable beauty and health.

How to Help You Be Pretty on the Outside ?

In addition to the recommendations provided above, we will leave you some steps to enhance the beauty that is cultivated in your soul and is a perfect reflection of what is shown on your body and face, with the help of products and commercial methods.

How to be Pretty with the Help of Commercial Products ?

The main thing is to know that you do not need a fortune in procedures, makeup and beauty products, only with some routines you will be able to enhance your external beauty.

You will be surprised to know that there are very inexpensive makeup products and creams that have the same quality and even superior to that of recognized brands – and expensive – on the market, you just have to do a little research.

Here are some steps to be more beautiful:

  • Remember, in the morning, apply some sunscreen, whether you go outside or not.
  • Make it a routine, at least once a month, to deep clean your skin.
  • Make sure that cosmetics and makeup you use are not expired.
  • When applying makeup in the morning, use soft colors, in the afternoons warmer colors and darker makeup at night.
  • Some masks, compact, lip gloss and blush are valuable allies for a casual outing or when you don’t have time – or courage – for an elaborate makeup.
  • Hydrate your skin well before makeup and whenever you have the opportunity to wear a young and healthy skin.
  • Before going to bed, no matter how tired you are, remove makeup from your face (never go to sleep with makeup on).
  • Always give the skin of your face a break, a day free of makeup.

Final Words

David Hume wrote that «the beauty of things exists in the spirit that contemplates them«, which encourages us to consider our beauty from the essence and not from its appearance.

Being pretty has a lot more to do with how you look than the aspect you show, and you can enjoy learning that it is perfectly possible to have both.

Life grants you everything you need for beauty to flow from your inner essence, and it has the power to rejuvenate and beautify your soul and body.

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