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Height is often associated with elegance, beauty, and even success in social life. Since the Hellenic (Greek) culture was established in what we now call Europe it has been like this and is already part of our cultural and social heritage.

While our attraction to being taller is true, it is a matter that has more to do with attitude than with the value of bodily appearance.

8 Tips to Be Taller

In this article we will give you some easy-to-apply tips that you can put into practice, and they can help you reinforce your self-esteem by showing a little taller and that does not hurt anyone.

1. Self-confidence, above all

It should be borne in mind that there is a powerful advantage in being short, and that is that you always look much younger than what the license or passport says. Also, an upright posture adds stature.

These are just two of many elements that can help you reinforce your confidence and self-assurance, so when you decide to activate yourself to be taller, you do so not out of frustration but out of a desire to express yourself with confidence and security.

2. Hair a Little Longer

Some styles in the way of cutting your hair or leaving it long, tend to give an appearance of being taller. In this sense, it is very easy to find out the style that best applies to you.

3. Be Fit and Wear Tight Clothing

Avoid being overweight and stay in physical shape, this is essential to look taller, as well as the use of close-fitting clothing. You should keep in mind to avoid excessively tight clothing, or the effect may be counterproductive.

4. Belt Height

When wearing pants with a belt, ensure that it is located at the height of the waist, as this creates a visual effect that makes you perceive yourself as a taller person. Visual symmetry suggests that the belt is mid-body, so you’ve already gained a few inches in height.

5. Heels Help

The use of heels or platforms are allies in the search to be taller, but it is convenient to be careful that your shoes are not stilts; avoid incurring exaggerations that rather denotes fear or an exaggerated search for acceptance.

6. Add a Detail

Try to include a colorful detail in your shirt or blouse that stands out from the rest, preferably at shoulder height. Likewise, the use of vertical stripes in your clothing makes you look taller. On the contrary, avoid wearing garments with horizontal stripes, purses, bags or excessively large accessories.

7. Methods and Disciplines to Be Taller

There are other ways you can get taller, corresponding to traditional and other radical methods and disciplines. In traditional methods you have some specific sports: body yoga, stretching, basketball, swimming, volleyball and cycling; of which there is scientific evidence that can make you taller.

Among the radical methods, bone tightening surgery stands out, but it is expensive (several thousand dollars) and its recovery is long and painful.

8. Keep Your Self-Esteem Up

Without underestimating the tips that we have shared with you, visualize yourself applying them as an aid in your social context, even dare to have fun while activating them; But remember that the most important element in your desire to raise your body appearance a few more inches, and the source that will allow you to achieve that goal, is your love for yourself, just as you are.

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Easy-to-apply tips that you can put into practice and can help you reinforce your self-esteem by showing a little Taller.
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