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If you want to learn how to be more interesting and captivate others, you don’t need to become an expert at everything or brag about something you are not. Rather, follow these ten simple steps to get there.

When we think about how to become more interesting, the image of those people who are capable of conquering those around them comes to mind.

They know how to express themselves, they understand things that few know, they are willing to help others, they have a high emotional intelligence and it is pleasant to spend time with them.

Does Learning How to Become More Interesting Influence Your Performance ?

It turns out that, when we learn how to be more interesting, we not only surround ourselves with more and better friends (something that everyone wants), but we will be more productive at work, we interact better and consequently new doors are opened.

In fact, those people who captivate others and are interesting are more productive compared to others because they are not only friendlier, but also efficient and enjoy teamwork. So what should we do, or what steps should we take, to learn how to be more interesting in our work and personal life?

How to Become More Interesting and Win Over Others

Here are some tips that make a person more interesting, apply them and you will achieve it.

1. The First Step is to Be Interested

Said in a shorter and simpler way: To be interesting, you must be interested in others. Work to know as many topics as possible; ranging from football, politics, to the most effective models and techniques to earn money online.

Having this knowledge and experience can be useful for different fields of action, for when you meet people with different tastes and professions. However, it is important that you learn from things that catch your eye and make you a better person, not because you can look good to others.

2. Get Out of Routine and Practice New Things

Doing new things is important, not just for learning how to be more interesting, but for your life in general. Having stories to tell, recent or not, makes it easy to show yourself as a whole person.

For example, you can study a new language or practice a different sport that helps you stimulate your brain. Without a doubt, you will learn how to be smarter and you will access both work benefits (a better pay at work for a second language), as well as personal benefits (since you will be taking care of your physical health with exercise).

3. Develop a Passion in Your Life

If you are wondering how to become more interesting, first find your life purpose and develop a passion. This is one of the most effective ways to captivate the people around you.

One of the most common responses to the question of how to be more interesting tended to the theme of having a passion in life. Unlike the first two steps (being interested and doing new things) that are related to general knowledge, a passion is something innate, something that you did not have to decide.

The moment you find and develop your passion, and make it a habit, you differentiate yourself from the rest. A passion made habit not only becomes a pleasant activity to do, but you have a much deeper topic of conversation with those who share your taste.

4. Ditch Cliched Conversations

You won’t learn how to be more interesting if you talk about banal topics like the weather or the old news. And while talking about the weather is an «easy» topic to deal with with those you don’t know, doing so does not add value to whoever is listening to you.

One strategy that you can apply to expand your network of contacts is to use the theme of the weather to identify possible tastes of your interlocutor, and from there, plant new ideas and discussion topics.

Remember that you have at hand your passion, your new habits and the ability to listen to establish a much more interesting conversation.

5. Help Others

To know how to be more interesting, you must always be available, attentive and with a good attitude.

How to do it? There are many alternatives, such as, for example, being interested in someone else’s work and offering a different solution to a problem they have. You can be the person who keeps the elevator door open, helping some stranger on the street without expecting anything in return.

This type of attitude makes other people recognize you and remember you, something extremely useful to create future relationships, captivate others and consequently answer your question of how to become more interesting.

6. Learn to Tell Stories (Storytelling)

Learning to tell your stories and experiences is just as important as living them when learning how to be more interesting. For example, people around you are not interested in knowing at all about your trip to an exotic country if you have nothing interesting to tell.

When people are listening to you, regardless of the topic, you should always convey with your words, the emotions that you felt in that experience.

Focus on the fun and do not extend yourself, it is better that they ask you to keep talking and not bore others with your extensive stories. In other words, learn to read your audience.

7. To be more Interesting, Be Yourself

Being authentic, strange as it may be, is the best recipe for being interesting. There is no other person on this planet who is the same as you, who has lived your same experiences, moments and problems. You are unique in your conception and how you analyze life.

Combine fun with uncertainty, and above all, always be yourself. Learning to behave and be honest with your principles and beliefs is essential to learning how to be successful in life. You should not pretend to be someone else to be a more interesting person, or fake behaviors to please others.

8. Trust Your Skills and Abilities

This step is not about showing off your abilities, or about boosting your ego. Rather, to recognize that you have strengths and that you trust yourself, and that both are fundamental to achieving your goals.

If you don’t work on your self-esteem, celebrate your achievements, and believe in all that you can achieve, no one else will do it for you. You need to believe and invest in yourself so that others can too.

9. Make Others Feel Special and Valuable

People enjoy and surround themselves with those people who make them feel special. From knowing the name of the person you are talking to, their likes and interests, these are small details that help you in your search for how to be more interesting.

From the beginning of a conversation, identify what topics your interlocutor likes, this way you will know how to keep him interested.

10. You can Volunteer

Learning how to become more interesting involves knowing how to get out of your comfort zone. When you expand your limits and break them, when you do things different from your daily routine, explore new cities, countries and regions in your country, you will be building a better version of yourself.

 Volunteering in another country, doing an exchange, studying abroad and many other alternatives will train you as a person. They will give you the tools and experiences necessary to be more interesting and offer value to others.

If you want to be interesting you will have to do different things. So follow these 10 steps to captivate others, build good relationships, and increase your social capital. Remember that we all want to learn how to be more interesting, but only a few turn this goal into daily habits.

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