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We often get questions from users about how to set, install and view IP camera online, and the fact is that, although it may not seem like it, it could not be easier … So today we have decided to explain it to you step by step so you can see how easy it is. We will start with the basics.

WIFI IP cameras are devices that allow you to view the place where they have been installed live. The possibilities this offers are many: the most obvious may be the video surveillance of your home or business as a security device.

Security cameras for babies and pets can also be very useful for supervision of the spoiled while you are away from home or traveling, keeping them watched from another room in the house, and so on.

The ability to view an indoor or outdoor IP camera over the Internet from anywhere in the world will result in a calmer life for you and yours. And all this without the excessive cost of a closed circuit installation, but through a small and simple terminal that can even be wireless.

However, when it comes to installing them, some users are intimidated by having to go into their router’s configuration software and handle and find IP camera addresses. The truth is that these fears are completely unfounded, since we could not damage our system from those menus.

But in any case, below we will give a detailed explanation of both the installation process of a WIFI IP camera and its configuration, and of course the applications that we will need to install on the mobile phone in which we want to receive its image signal.

How to Set Up and View IP Camera Online as Security Camera. Tutorial

Once removed from its packaging, our video terminal must be located in the place we want to keep an eye on. Look for a place with a certain height, in a corner, from where you can make the most of the angle of view of its lens. It can be kept on a table or shelf, although you may also want to screw its base.

The physical installation of the camera will require a nearby power outlet (don’t forget that device must always be kept plugged in if it does not use batteries) and, in turn, must be carried out in a place where our wireless network reaches without problems.

Setting To View IP Camera Online

1. Connect Your Security IP Camera To The Network

At first and for its initial configuration, it is common that we have to connect the IP camera directly to the router by using an Ethernet or LAN cable, normally included. Next we will prepare the camera to operate within our private network and, later, it will be possible to operate with it in wireless mode (if it is a model that supports it, of course).

2. Access Your Router Settings

The first thing we will do is go to a computer connected to our WIFI and enter any web browser. Once in it, we will have to access the router configuration through its IP address: the normal process is to enter a series of numbers in the navigation bar that depend on the telephone operator with which we work and that we can easily find out on the Internet.

We should enter an address like or similar. If we have done it correctly, we will find a menu that will ask us for an username and access code. Again, this will depend on the default configuration of our telephone company … By the way, it is recommended that you change this password for better security of your network. Others could connect to it if you keep their factory security keys!

3. Locate the IP Assigned to View IP Camera Online

Once we have accessed the router’s configuration program, we must locate the tab that indicates the IP address that has been assigned to each of the devices connected to the network … Among them our camera! Write down this number sequence, since it will be needed later.

4. Access Your Camera Settings

By entering this sequence in the address bar of our browser, we will now access the configuration software of our WIFI IP security camera. Once here, you may need a username and password provided by the manufacturer of your device; quite possibly it is in its packaging.

Once this is done, we will be faced with a series of menus in which we can configure the camera for its operation via WIFI (without the need for network cables), assign and open ports to allow access to see online what is being recorded and a long Etcetera of options that right now are not necessary to us.

5. Link Everything On Your Mobile Phone

The following will be to use our cell phone, go to the corresponding application store and install the program or software to see your WIFI IP camera live from our manufacturer. Through it, and always according to the brand, we will have to connect to the same network where the camera is located, scan a QR code on the body of it, enter a given password, IP address data … The more, better: all security is little. Either way, once this is done, our system will be ready for use.

Enjoy Your WIFI IP Camera!

Your device is ready: now you can view your IP camera online from your smartphone.

With your mobile APP, you should be able to see live what happens in the place where you installed the camera, as well as make use of its different options: move it in case of a rotating model, activate night vision, configure the motion sensor … You have just installed a remote surveillance system that has nothing to envy a professional one!

Important Recommendation for Your Safety

Finally, we cannot help emphasizing how important it is to review all passwords and access methods to your private network now that your new camera system could reveal sensitive information about you and your environment.

And that’s it, we hope this has solved all your doubts regarding how to configure and install a WIFI IP camera.

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