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ieGeek is a renowned Chinese brand that has been in charge of designing the best home wireless security systems in recent years. Founded in 2005, this innovative brand has earned its place as one of the best surveillance device manufacturers on the market. The ieGeek IP Wifi camera is a good example of this.

1080P HD and 720P HD are two of the types of resolutions that are present in different ieGeek models, such as indoor or outdoor cameras, car cameras and spy cameras, we present them throughout this article.

IeGeek Indoor IP Camera Models

Thought to take care of babies, seniors and naughty pets that stay at home or in their room without our supervision, ieGeek has designed indoor cameras, very powerful as the ieGeek SP020-IN with 720P resolution, an innovative device , functional and very affordable. Here’s a closer look at the best-selling 720P HD ieGeek Indoor Camera:

ieGeek: 720P HD Indoor Camera C7824WIP

Are there children or very old adults in your house? Wondering what your pet does when you are away? Well, with the ieGeek 720P HD indoor wireless IP camera C7824WIP you can monitor every room in your house and never miss a thing thanks to video playback.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the road or in the office, just take your cell phone and remotely control the camera via 3G / 4G / WIFI networks.

IeGeek 720P HD Indoor Camera Technical Specifications and Features

✔️ Remote control of pan 355 °, vertical 90 ° and 4X zoom.

✔️ Smart motion detection, snapshot, alarm, video recording and notifications in real time through the app.

✔️ Ability to be monitored from multiple devices.

✔️ 720 pixel high definition WiFi IP surveillance camera.

✔️ Infrared night vision.

✔️ Two-way audio.

✔️ Compatible with Android, IOS devices and real-time monitoring on computers.

✔️ Ideal for small businesses, factories, and home use.

12 Advantages of the ieGeek 720P HD IP Camera

  1. The price of this camera is really affordable and if you analyze the quality of the product you will notice that it is a good investment and as if that were not enough, you can sometimes buy it at a discount.
  2. It has a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.
  3. Peace of mind at all times, perfect video monitor for babies, babysitters, pets, businesses and the house when you are on vacation.
  4. Remote video transmission through different networks and WIFI with its free application.
  5. It is a convenient and smart security camera with high quality focus to provide a better connection experience.
  6. Quick and easy to configure by anyone from their smartphone or tablet, to connect it to your WIFI network.
  7. Simple installation using the base and fixing elements supplied by the manufacturer.
  8. High definition video quality and audio for crystal clear quality.
  9. Infrared filter for night vision that is activated automatically, reaching a distance of up to 10 meters with clear vision and rich in contrasts.
  10. Not only will you have vision, thanks to its built-in microphone you can hear what is happening.
  11. The ieGeek C7824WIP IP camera features real-time motion detection by sending a notification to your smartphone and an email alert. This way you will know immediately when something new happens.
  12. Local video recording: support recording and playback from Micro SD cards (not included, maximum 64GB), no network storage drive or computer required, you will never miss important minutes. It is important to note that it is only compatible with the FAT32 micro SD card.

Important remarks:

  • This camera is incompatible with 5 GHz networks, it only works with 2.4 Ghz networks.
  • It is not compatible with Apple Macs or Windows phones.

Conclusions of this Indoor Model

The ieGeek 720P HD camera has a high-performance processor, a high-definition camera and an excellent price, factors that make it very competitive in the market, it can be considered cheap or economical.

Features such as motion detection alerts, night vision capabilities, and two-way audio provide us with security and peace of mind.

The 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer is another plus of this device, which favors the good opinions it gets from its users.

IeGeek Cameras Deals

IeGeek Brand Outdoor Cameras

Monitoring and protecting the perimeter surrounding our home or business at all times is as important as having an IP camera inside. So, if you are looking for WiFi ieGeek 1080P or 720P outdoor surveillance cameras, we show you two excellent models, both with superior technical characteristics that you can find on Amazon.

ieGeek IP HD 720P Wireless WiFi Outdoor Camera

ieGeek, the outdoor HD 720P WiFi Wireless IP Camera is capable of protecting any perimeter, 24 hours a day. This equipment not only has the best technology for the surveillance of your home, its price and excellent features make it the favorite of many users who seek the latest in innovation at a very affordable cost.

One of the most striking classic cameras and sought after by hundreds of users, are outdoor bullet or bullet cameras. The reason? Its functional design allows them to record images with greater distance, they have a powerful infrared night vision and their motion sensors are really efficient.

Advantages of the ieGeek IP Camera HD 720P Wireless WiFi Outdoor

✔️ Easy to configure, it can be ready to install in less than 5 minutes, thanks to its intuitive Camhi APP that will allow you to monitor this camera remotely.

✔️ It is made of excellent materials that make it resistant to the ravages of the weather, making it a durable and reliable equipment.

✔️ Its built-in HiSilicon high-tech chip allows you to record HD images more clearly than other cameras.

Technical Characteristics of this HD Outdoor Camera

This innovative camera has certain technical characteristics of advanced technology that place it as one of the best. Among them are:

  • Full HD 720p video stream
  • Night vision with 36 infrared diodes IR LEDs with a capacity of 50 feet of illumination
  • H.264 video compression for better HD image quality and higher video storage
  • Supports an SD card up to 128GB
  • Compatible with different web browsers and Android and iOS phones.
  • Motion detection and security alerts sent to your smartphone
  • Includes Wifi antenna, LAN cable and charger with 10 feet cable
  • Net weight: 549 gr

Opinions of this Model

With a 4.5 star rating, this camera is one of the best rated on Amazon. Most of its users recommend it not only for its low price, but also for its great efficiency and speed in capturing videos and images in real time.

Its ability to automatically set motion detection, send alerts, and capture images with night vision are arguably its highest-rated qualities.

Where to Buy ieGeek Cameras ?

On the web you will find many places where you can buy these camera models, but without a doubt the best purchase option will be found on Amazon.

This online store is one of the most recognized around the world and one of the safest to make purchases without leaving home. You can get discounts, coupons and a guarantee that you will receive a top quality product without investing too much money. Check them out on Amazon:

IeGeek 1080P Waterproof Outdoor Night Visión Surveillance Camera 

Security cameras are devices that can bring us many advantages in preventing dangerous events. In cases like these, the ieGeek 1080P waterproof outdoor surveillance camera with night vision becomes an excellent choice to have live videos with a high resolution of the places that we want to keep safe.

There are many companies and establishments that need a surveillance system that allows them to be aware in time of any type of unforeseen event or threat.


Among the advantages that this camera offers us, we can highlight:

✔️ It has a full metal coating that makes it resistant against the passage of time and weather, so it is ideal for the exteriors of homes, warehouses or companies.

✔️ It has a series of impressive video features that allows you to capture images from a very wide space and with excellent quality even at night since it has night vision.

✔️ Its installation is very easy to do, in just a couple of minutes we will have our camera installed, it also has a manual available in English and Spanish as a guide in the process.

✔️ It is provided with a motion detection system which can be configured to define the areas and the hours in which we want to set this option. When the camera detects unforeseen movement, it sends an email alert.

Technical Characteristics of this ieGeek Model

  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Weight: 721gr
  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • 1080P HD CMOS color sensor
  • Actual resolution is 2.0 megapixels and 70 ° viewing angle
  • IR Leds: 36pcs
  • H.264 video compression
  • 15 meter auto-on IR night vision
  • IP / Network connectivity-2.4GHz wifi
  • Waterproof: IP66 waterproof resistance grade


Many customers who have purchased through Amazon for the surveillance of their properties, highly recommend its purchase. Among its highest ratings are those obtained for its image quality, ease of installation and motion detection; in which the waterproof ieGeek IP camera with 1080P HD color sensor scored 3-4 stars.

IeGeek 1080P Surveillance Cameras Sold on Amazon

There are many physical and online stores that are dedicated to the sale of IP cameras, however, one of the best rated online stores for the search for cameras of this type is Amazon.

Thanks to all the years that Amazon has in the online shopping market, it has an excellent reputation and it is no wonder, since its system for processing our purchases is comfortable, fast and very secure.

That is why Amazon turns out to be your best option if you want to buy cheaply and quickly the waterproof ieGeek IP camera with 1080P HD color sensor for the surveillance of your goods.

The Best ieGeek Mini Spy Camera

The mini IP camera is ideal for those situations where you need to maintain an efficient but very discreet surveillance. The best model of this brand can be seen on Amazon, despite its compact size it has an incredible resolution of 1080P, wireless connection, full HD and motion detection among other technical characteristics.

ieGeek Dome IP Camera

360 ° cameras are often a favorite of many to keep an eye on the inside of your home, because their innovative design allows you to have images from all angles without problems with 360 ° coverage. If you are a lover of this type of camera, we recommend again the ieGeek IP camera SP020-IN wireless, a camera with advanced technology and striking design.

ieGeek WiFi Sports Camera

The ieGeek 4k WiFi Action Camera is a great choice when you want to capture every special moment for yourself. Thanks to its design, image quality and Ultra HD video recording, it can be used in various sports such as diving, skiing, cycling, mountaineering, among others.

Some models of the ieGeek sports camera can reach a WiFi distance of up to 50 feet, being able to connect to your mobile so that you can share your experiences instantly on social networks. It also supports HDMI output so you can view images and videos on TV.

Its viewing angle covers 170 degrees. Includes convenient accessories like waterproof case, bike rack, clamping base, and more. You can get more information in the Amazon store for your convenience.

IeGeek Bullet Camera

Bullet type cameras are the best for outdoors due to their resistant and functional design that allows you to record at a greater distance. The best without a doubt are the outdoor models shown above in either of their resolutions.

Advantages of the ieGeek Brand Cameras

Although there are a large number of WiFi IP camera manufacturers on the market, ieGeek stands out for its excellent features and benefits such as:

✔️ This brand is one of the leading batch manufacturers capable of offering production and sale of IP cameras globally.

✔️ Its competitive prices and the highest quality of its products have made it a benchmark of excellence and innovation.

✔️ ieGeek bases the manufacture of its cameras on efficient and innovative technologies such as injection, screen printing, spraying, aging tests, automatic production and SMT technology.

Characteristics of this Brand

ieGeek has a large group of engineers, architects, programmers, mechanics specialized in the manufacture of WiFi IP security cameras, increasingly advanced compatible software design.

This brand is in constant renewal and growth, offering products that meet the needs of its users and the demands of our time.

Application available for ieGeek

The APP recommended by the official ieGeek website is CamHi that you can download on Google Play and in the Apple Store, these are the links:



Users claim that ieGeek is fully compatible with the Sricam camera and YI camera app and that its installation is very easy to perform: you just have to create an account by following the steps of these intuitive APPs and connect your ieGeek WiFi IP camera to start to receive notifications and monitor your spaces in real time.

Links of Interest and Instructions Manual for ieGeek Products

After investigating we have found only information in English, nothing in Spanish, by ieGeek regarding the user manuals of their products, most of them in downloadable PDF format and some online tutorials. Here are the links:


You will find the following manuals:

  • Outdoor IP camera
  • Search tools
  • For Internet Explorer users
  • Motion detection and email notifications
  • Configure the memory card on the mobile
  • PC software (P2P clients)
  • RTSP WiFi


Where they appear:

  • Outdoor IP camera
  • The Q10 mini camera


Contains short setup videos.

Link to the official website.

Users Reviews

ieGeek is one of the most appreciated brands due to its excellent value for money, whose characteristics and performance of its models have made it one of the favorite brands of hundreds of users.

We consider that it would be best for you to read the opinions of the best-selling models of this brand directly where buyers issue them, in Amazon store:


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