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Surely you have heard about WiFi IP surveillance cameras, the best option if you are looking for an effective and cheap alternative to guard your spaces without the need to install a closed circuit system. But is its installation and configuration simple? Will I be able to run it without complications?

At Smart10.Top we clarify all your doubts about these devices in the following lines.

How Does a WiFi IP Security Camera Work ?

WiFi IP camera is a video camera intended for surveillance, whose signal is transmitted through a WiFi network. What does this mean? Well, to monitor camera recordings or live images we do not need a closed circuit system, but simply connect the camera with our WiFi network and access a web, software or an Android or iOS application, depending on the type of camera, to view the images.

To do so, we just have to have an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device, it’s that simple! This greatly facilitates the surveillance of our spaces, since we can access the video from our camera wherever we are.

Operation of WiFi IP security cameras is very simple. These devices are made up of:

  • A video camera.
  • An image processing unit.
  • A WiFi network adapter.
  • Motion sensor that activates and begins image recording.
  • A microphone to capture audio and, in some cases, speakers to communicate.
  • They can also have night vision functionality.
  • Once the camera is properly installed and we have linked it to the monitoring software or application, it will be operational.

The device will allow video surveillance of the space, upon detecting movement it will send an alarm to the user and start recording, storing the images on an SD card, a hard drive or a video server, depending on our preferences.

The best thing about WiFi IP surveillance cameras is that we can view the images remotely and from wherever we are. We simply have to connect with our username and password to the software or app to access them. And in case of incidents, we will have the images recorded.

How to Install and Configure a WiFi IP Camera ?

Installation and configuration of a WiFi security camera are generally very simple procedures. Here are the common steps that must be followed to carry them out, however the configuration may vary depending on the brand and model of the camera:

1. Select the area to monitor, we recommend that you bear in mind that chosen space should be near a socket, unless the camera uses batteries or solar cells.

2. If you want to fix it to the wall, which is what is customary in cameras for outdoor use, these devices usually come with installation accessories such as brackets and screws. Other indoor models have a base to be placed on the furniture of your convenience.

3. Once our surveillance camera is placed in the right place and after turning it on, it must be connected to the WiFi network, which must have a secure password to avoid vulnerabilities.

4. Next step is to download the APP linked to the camera or configure our access to the website or software to be able to view images or videos remotely.

5. Enter the information required by the APP, generally username and password, which must be optimal to ensure maximum security when connecting our outdoor or indoor WiFi camera always from a private Internet network.

6. Configuration from this moment may vary depending on the camera, we leave you our articles towards the most popular brands where you will find support links and models.

With Remote Access you can:

  • See live images in addition to the recordings that have been made.
  • Manipulate the camera and move it if it has the built-in pan functionality.
  • Adjust the image quality.
  • Set the sensitivity of the motion sensor to determine when to activate.
  • Change passwords and configure security settings.
  • Give access to other users and determine the functions they can perform.

Here is a video about the installation and configuration of motorized wireless IP surveillance cameras courtesy of Akash Sharda:

Can I See the IP Camera Over the Internet?

Of course! Connecting a WiFi camera to your mobile and being able to view it online is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of these devices, making them a very effective remote video surveillance option.

To view the IP camera over the Internet, it will only be enough to access the web, software or app indicated by the manufacturer from a private network with your username and password.Simple as that!

What Spaces Can be Surveyed with an IP Camera?

These types of devices have various functionalities, so you can use them:

  • To monitor babies and little ones at home, being a cheap and very useful tool for parents.
  • To monitor your home while you are away, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • For offices, companies, industrial buildings, warehouses, etc. This type of IP Wifi security cameras are a very effective, inexpensive and easy to install monitoring system.

Looking to Buy Another Cheap WiFi IP Security Camera?

Now that you know what a WiFi IP camera is, its installation, configuration, operation and utilities, surely you want to buy this product at the best price.

The advantages of this video surveillance system are many, and at Smart10.Top you can buy your cheap WiFi IP camera quickly and easily.

Find the best brands on the market, with a stock of Sricam, D-Link, Foscam or Kkmoon cameras and many more!

Guarantee the security of your spaces without complications and without spending more than necessary, here are some models that you can find in Amazon United States or other countries.

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