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It is not necessary to have a thermostat in every room. With the new technology you can have a smart WiFi thermostat in one room and control the temperature of your entire house through sensors and best of all remotely.

If you want to eliminate unpleasant cold in some rooms and take charge of the climate in different areas of your home easily and individually, we recommend the smart thermostats. 

Es necesario instalar un termostato en cada habitación
Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

You might think that smart thermostats are expensive, but you’d be surprised to learn that there are excellent quality brands and models at very reasonable prices. These devices may allow you to install a thermostat and multiple sensors to control the temperature in different rooms separately.

Here is some information on the four best WiFi smart thermostats, two of which work with sensors, meaning you don’t need to put thermostats in every room.

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

One of the many advantages of Ecobee 4 is the temperature control of several rooms with a single thermostat and several sensors. The Ecobee 4 Thermostat comes with one sensor, but supports up to 32. You can purchase them in packs of two, at an affordable price. This allows you to adjust the temperature of your entire home.

Compatibility is broad and includes the Google and Alexa Assistant. Ecobee 4 is also HomeKit enabled, and you get support for SmartThings and IFTT.  By investing in an Ecobee 4 thermostat you could reduce your energy consumption by up to 10%.

Please note that Ecobee 4 needs to be connected to the electrical system. You may need an additional budget for installation. You can also choose the new fifth generation Ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat

Manufactured by Philip Starck, the Netatmo Smart Thermostat offers remote access and voice management. It has a balance between functionality and design, adapting to any room.

Remotely manage the temperature of any room from anywhere using the application on your mobile or tablet. You can also monitor your electricity consumption and program it when you are on vacation with the absent and anti-frost features.

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. With iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile systems and most boiler models (gas, electric, fuel, wood or heat pump).

Hive Heating and Cooling Package

Hive also offers the intelligent thermostat with multi-zone heating or cooling control that includes the concentrator needed for remote access, which allows you to adjust the temperature from your mobile phone using the Lean Hive application. If you add an Echo device, it will also use Alexa.

This thermostat is designed to work with most HVAC systems. If you want the multi-zone feature you will have to buy separate thermostats, after the Hub is in place, it is not as expensive as it might seem, so it is definitely a solution if you are looking for temperature management for your whole house. Before you buy the Hive thermostat, you should know that it needs to be wired.

Nest Google Learning Thermostat

An excellent option for temperature control in your home is the Google Nest Learning Smart Thermostats, which require one or more sensors to control the temperature of several rooms. This device will automatically program itself according to your habits and preferences, through learning.

You can control the thermostat hands-free using Google Assistant or Alexa. All you will need is a smart speaker or a smart display to make this a reality. It also has an energy saving mode that will be identified on the Smart Thermostat’s display by a green leaf. 

Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but companies in some parts of the world offer a discount or rebate if you subscribe to the energy saving program during peak hours. So check to see if this program exists in your country as you could get the Smart Thermostat for half price!


Today, everything about smart technology for your home is an investment that offers you comfort, convenience, security and peace of mind. Taking into account the simplicity and easy handling.

Nothing like getting home and having a pleasant temperature because from your workplace, one hour before you activated the thermostat and adjusted it.

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Is it Necessary to Install a Thermostat in Each Room?
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Is it Necessary to Install a Thermostat in Each Room?
It is not necessary to have a thermostat in every room. With New Technology you can have a WiFi Smart Thermostat in One Room and Control the Temperature of your Whole House using Sensors
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