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Many people need to protect their property, be it their home or business, and in turn, monitor all the events that occur around them. However, the belief that placing a surveillance camera at home can be very expensive, difficult to install or operate, or even «insecure» since third parties could access your information.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Wi-Fi IP cameras are protected with a username and password that can be changed once it is configured, they also do not have a back door, they cannot be scanned, they cannot be accessed externally without knowing the address IP (which is impossible), in a nutshell: they are the most reliable technology we can access, and for a low cost.

One ​​of the safest and most recommended devices on the market due to its very high performance is the Lensoul JD-8610-Q1 WIFI IP camera. Users highlight its excellent resolution, responsiveness and sound quality.

Here are all the details you need to know.

Lensoul JD-8610-Q1 Camera Data Sheet

  • 1920 x 1080p resolution with high-tech optical lens
  • Viewing distance up to 30 feet
  • Angle of 355º horizontal panoramic view
  • Vertical viewing angle with 90º tilt
  • Two-way audio with built-in motion detection
  • WIFI connection, IP and Ethernet cable available
  • Compatible with iOs and Android through its application V380S
  • Weight: 458g

Analysis of its Most Outstanding Characteristics and Advantages

There are many reasons why this camera has become increasingly popular, but its two-way audio and real-time video is what stands out the most.

It has a magnificent fusion between the microphone, the speaker and its sound reduction algorithm that allows you to make «video calls» and communicate with your relatives at home for free.

Its motion detection is totally accurate, it sends notifications of any change in the scene, regardless of whether the camera is placed in a space of total darkness. It offers the highest clarity and a very clean sound that will never be affected by context.

Where to Buy? Lensoul JD-8610-Q1 Best Deals

Lensoul JD-8610-Q1 is a camera with excellent features and high quality that you may not be able to get safely in a physical store. It is not just any wireless camera but a very economical and safe one that follows the highest guidelines of home automation.

The best offer is available on Amazon. For a very affordable price you can purchase this impressive equipment and receive it at home quickly and without shipping costs.

What are the User Opinions?

Most of its users agree that this camera fulfills all the expected functions for an indoor camera.

A highlight of its use is the possibility of installing two or more cameras, creating an efficient and low-budget surveillance circuit.

It also has a high rating given by more than 61% of its buyers.

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Users of this Lensoul JD-8610-Q1 indoor surveillance camera highlight its excellent resolution, responsiveness and sound quality
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