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The feeling of well-being, security and protection that we get with a Lensoul HD WiFi IP camera is unmatched. The possibility of identifying people, elements, knowledge what is happening at home and in real time, are circumstances that can prevent accidents, losses or any risk situation.

Today it is essential to have reinforcements when it comes to protecting our assets, as well as keeping an eye on the household pet, the baby’s room or monitoring home during our holiday period. The German brand Lensoul presents ideal models that fully meet each of these objectives.

Pay attention to the following article and find out what the technical characteristics of this model are, its benefits, where to buy it at a good price and what users think.

Technical Aspects of the Lensoul HD Night Vision Camera

  • Full HD camera with 1920x1080p resolution.
  • HD, High image definition, rectification and anti-distortion technology.
  • Fisheye capable glass lens, in six 180º panoramic layers.
  • Manual rotation with rotating axis up to 360º, angle adjustment to user preference.
  • Night vision under infrared LEDs.
  • Distance of up to 30 meters despite the dark environment and without generating light pollution.
  • Advanced audio system with microphone and anti-noise filters.
  • Possibility of intercom.
  • WiFi connection and remote control via mobile.
  • Mini portable design, compact and white.
  • Package dimensions 13.6 x 11.2 x 7.2 cm.
  • Product weight 200g.

Analysis of its Most Outstanding Characteristics and Advantages

The clear high-definition images and their photo rectification represent its factors with the highest rating according to its users. The 6 layers of technological glass in the shape of a fisheye, provide a total panoramic vision, ideal for recording rooms and kitchens completely.

Its distance of up to 30 meters for night vision, allows red-handed capture of any irregular situation within the perimeter. This Lensoul model has bidirectional duplex audio, a resistant microphone and anti-noise technology for a better sound experience.

This reference camera 636946556457 has motion detection, EPTZ and the possibility of storage directly to the cloud, avoiding the risk of losing records, images and videos saved in the SD memory.

Where To Buy: The Best Offers of the Lensoul HD Color White Model

Amazon is an easy-to-use platform and represents one of the most recognized sales channels in the world. It is the perfect place to find the best offer on this IP surveillance camera, as well as a short delivery time and quick response to possible questions.

In short, it is the safest website and with the most profitable price in this Lensoul HD model.

What are the User Opinions?

The positive opinions of its users on Amazon confirm that it is a camera with excellent resolution, adequate digital zoom and excellent night vision for any environment. More than 80% of comments are positive, showing that it is capable of meeting even the most detailed demands.

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The Lensoul HD for babies and pets is a camera with excellent resolution, adequate digital zoom and excellent night vision for any environment.
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