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Technology has allowed a significant advance for manufacturers of security and home automation products, a good example is the Mibao brand and its WiFi IP cameras.

Are you looking for simplicity, elegance and easy installation? Mibao offers a wide variety of products that fully comply with each of these characteristics.

Mibao Brand Advantages

  • It offers affordable products with high quality standards.
  • It has a close relationship with new technology systems in terms of security.
  • Excellent quality of videos and photos with Mibao cameras.
  • It provides an intuitive and educational mobile application that improves user experience.
  • It uses manufacturing materials that exceed expectations for strength and durability.

Mibao Brand Highlights 

Mibao manufactures its products under a line of very well developed standards, which allows excellent quality in each of its final products, as well as broad and technological safety results.

Looking for sneaky designs? Small details make the difference and the manufacturer Mibao offers compact designs that are perfectly hidden both inside and outside of homes.

Best Deals on Mibao Cameras

In Amazon USA, Spain or other locales you can find Mibao security cameras with cheap prices that even exceed the offer of many other brands similar to this one. Are you looking for speed? The purchase and shipping process is safe, fast and meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Next, we will present you the advantages and some of the most recognized and best valued Mibao models on the market. Pay attention!

Analysis of the Best Models of Mibao WIFI IP Cameras

If you are interested in obtaining more information about any of the most popular models, you can obtain it by clicking on any of the links below. Which one is ideal for you?

Mibao Indoor Models

Mibao’s D100 security camera offers a 1920x1080p resolution for sharp images inside your home, providing a fast 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

Its installation is quick and has a motion detection function, providing unexpected movement alarms to email. This indoor camera features two-way audio and remote monitoring from its mobile app.

Mibao D100 Indoor IP Security Camera with Night Vision

This model has a high image quality and resolution of 1080p, as well as a long-range night vision and easy setup via a WiFi network.

Home automation and security that this recording device offers, gives us peace of mind because our home is safe and we have the monitoring we need for our hours away.

The D100 model from the Chinese manufacturer Mibao is perfect for the interior of the house, as well as to monitor businesses, offices, warehouses and more. Do you want to know more details? Keep reading and then we will present technical features, characteristics, advantages and where to buy it for a very good price.

Mibao D100 IP Camera with Motion Sensor Features

  • 10 meter FHD night vision with infrared LEDs and 1080p resolution even in the darkest places.
  • 1920x1080p image quality for crisp, clear recordings.
  • Automatic change filter for night vision.
  • Quick and easy setup via WiFi.
  • Remote monitoring through the mobile application and internet browsers.
  • Its size is 8.5 x 8.5 x 12cm by 272g.
  • Mobile application available for Android and iOs.
  • 112┬║ tilt and 80┬║ wide angle.
  • It has an elegant compact design, which adapts to any environment.
  • It does not use batteries and contains a power adapter.
  • It works only with a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Analysis of its Characteristics and Most Outstanding Advantages of the Mibao D100

With its good resolution and the wide aperture of its lens, it achieves sharp images, with angles of 350┬║ horizontal and 80┬║ vertical.

The Mibao D100 camera offers two-way audio with a microphone and speakers that allow you to talk and listen through the device. Its security system offers movement alerts with notifications to the associated email in the configuration.

Its installation is simple and allows an excellent connection through WiFi. The mobile application is available for iPhone, Android, iPad and PC. No doubt, the experience of security and remote monitoring is greater when you have a surveillance camera like the Mibao D100.

Where to Buy ? Mibao D100 Best Offers 

The most attractive offer and the best competition in the market is offered by the renowned Amazon online store.

Its price, delivery times, secure shipping process and the opportunity to ask questions before buying, offer a quick, simple and very profitable shopping experience to buy the Mibao D100 camera.

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Mibao D100 Reviews

Users who have purchased this Mibao surveillance camera affirm the simplicity and smooth operation of the equipment. Its 4.5 star rating affirms that each user has had a satisfactory experience with the D100’s robust design.

And do they recommend it? Yes, Mibao customers note that the camera’s resolution and great night vision are unmatched by any other, providing sharp images even in the darkest.

Mibao 1080P Surveillance Camera Model D200. The Baby Monitor

The D200 WiFi IP camera from the renowned Mibao brand is an ideal option for indoor security, providing a simple installation and very fast configuration.

Do you want to have a baby monitor camera with good resolution and night vision? This indoor security IP camera can fully meet this objective, as well as remote monitoring of your home when you are away.

Its ability to connect to a WiFi network gives you access to images through the application no matter where you are. Next, we will present its characteristics, advantages and where to find the best offer on the market.

Mibao D200 IP Camera Datasheet

  • Night vision with 9 infrared lenses that provide clear and sharp images.
  • It is a full HD surveillance camera with 1920x1080p quality, which gives it a resolution of 2 million pixels.
  • Mobile application available for Android and iOS.
  • Two-way audio allowing audio input and output with anti-noise function.
  • Motion detection sensors and mobile alerts.
  • Remote monitoring and rotation up to 360┬║ for a wide panoramic view.
  • It has video encryption technology, which increases the security of camera storage.
  • It has the ability to rotate 355┬║ horizontally and 90┬║ vertically.
  • This Mibao D200 model is available only for 2.4GHz WiFi networks.
  • Its dimensions are 16.4 x 10 x 9.6 cm and it has a weight of 440g.

Analysis of its most outstanding Features and Advantages

The most attractive factor of this WiFi indoor surveillance camera is its wide 360┬║ view and the high resolution it provides. It is ideal for monitoring the baby’s room and pets due to its dynamic remote monitoring.

A feature highly valued by its users is the ability to encrypt the videos and its level of security. In addition, it offers great resolution regardless of the darkness of the room thanks to its 30 feet night vision with 9 infrared lenses of 850mm each.

With this camera, it is possible to abandon the annoying home renovations by wiring installation, since with a WiFi connection it is possible to carry out the installation and configuration without major inconvenience.

The Mibao security camera model D200 has two-way audio through speakers and microphones, which allow talking and listening in addition to its anti-noise function.

Where to Buy ? Mibao D200 Camera Best Deals

Mibao brand home security cameras have a particularity: they have an excellent value for money.

When it comes to outstanding sales and a good shopping experience, for the Mibao D200 model there is an excellent offer in the great Amazon online store. Check it out!

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What are the Opinions of Users ?

Users point out that this is an ideal camera for monitoring babies, pets and household workers (gardeners, plumbers, maintenance personnel) allowing full HD images and excellent connection thanks to its mobile application.

A large percentage of customers who obtain this security camera are totally satisfied with the results. The 5-star reviews on Amazon date from its easy setup, usability, and image quality.

Mibao Wireless IP Video Surveillance Camera Model D400

Pay attention! Here’s everything you need to know about the Mibao Model D400 Wireless IP Security Camera and where to buy it for a bargain price.

In recent years having a home security camera is almost as important as kitchen tools or cleaning utensils. A WiFi IP camera represents an economical, technological and functional way to maintain constant monitoring of both the exterior and the interior of the house.

Do you want to increase your levels of security at home? Mibao is a Chinese IP camera manufacturer that, with its innovative designs, has come to the market to offer a series of highly advantageous features and specifications for hundreds of users around the world.

Mibao D400 Features

  • 1920x1080p resolution that offers images with high quality standards.
  • Its size is 19.2 x 12 x 7.2 cm and it weighs approximately 499g.
  • It has a 2 meter power cable for a comfortable and safe installation.
  • The mobile application for remote monitoring of this D400 is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.
  • It has a viewing angle of 355┬║ horizontally and 110┬║ vertically.
  • Its infrared night vision lenses exceed image quality and allow you to observe details, movements, faces and other scenes even on the darkest nights.
  • Anti-noise and bidirectional audio that improves the communication experience through the device.

Analysis of its Characteristics and Most Outstanding Advantages

Its 1080p resolution and its ability to rotate up to 355┬║ offer a wide field of view, as well as images that exceed expectations when it comes to quality.

It has an automatic tracking system that manages to capture the trajectory of any moving object, person or animal.

Its easy configuration and installation allows a quick and simple operation, after purchasing it you will only need to place it on the support with the tools included in the cost (mounting screws) and connect it to the 2.4GHz WiFi network.

This Mibao model D400 security camera offers extra protection thanks to its verification with password to enter the system. In addition, with the mobile application and the WiFi connection it is possible to control the camera from wherever you are, being able to change its position and find the angle of view you need.

Where to Buy ? Mibao D400 Best Deals

The e-commerce organization Amazon offers prices, free shipping and payment methods that are perfectly adapted to the demands of users. No doubt, it is the fastest and cheapest way to get the Mibao D400 surveillance camera.

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What are the User Opinions of the Mibao D400 ?

Positive feedback for Mibao D400 security camera exceeds 89% in the market. Those who have acquired this equipment, assure that among the Mibao models, this D400 design is one of the most suitable for the internal security of the house, allowing the monitoring of babies, pets, the elderly, maintenance personnel and other important aspects within the living place.

Outdoor Cameras Models

One of the best offers for the Mibao outdoor cameras is the C100 car model. Its resolution is 1080p HD with a 170┬║ wide angle lens.

This camera can also be used outdoors, due to its remote monitoring qualities, good resolution, night vision lenses, motion detection and G-sensor.

It offers a specific night vision to capture faces, traffic signs, license plates and more.

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Mibao P450 Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with Multiple Encryption Technology for Android and iOS

The Mibao P450 is a closed circuit television (CCTV) type camera for outdoor security purposes. It is considered of high quality and adopts the IP66 system (resistant, waterproof) that allows its operation in adverse weather conditions.

This is due to its metal structure (zinc-aluminum), which by the way extends the useful life of the camera. Its function for motion detection and notification through the APP offers greater security in your home, business, garage, etc. It has an enhanced 5 decibel antenna for a stable connection and reliable monitoring at all times.

Mibao P450 Outdoor Camera Features 

  • It has a 110 ┬░ wide-angle lens, which allows you to remotely monitor your areas of interest in real time.
  • It includes a sophisticated function for high definition (1080P) infrared light motion detection, high resolution (18 * 850 nanometers), which provides better night vision up to 20 meters away.
  • It can be operated through its APP (IPC 360) in IOS and Android, whose system warns you, by notifications, if there is an intruder, helping you to protect your property.
  • In addition to its 5 decibel antenna, it has a 2-way anti-noise audio system, which ensures a clean and stable signal transmission.
  • The camera is also equipped with two-way audio and speakers, allowing you to communicate with those on site to alert them or speak to the intruder as a deterrent, at any time.
  • The video encoding is done using an algorithm that protects your privacy, even if the memory card is stolen, the thief cannot view the footage. Your information can be uploaded / downloaded from the cloud.

Most Outstanding Advantages of the Mibao P450 Camera


  • Easy to install
  • Wireless
  • Two-way audio
  • Notifications to mobile device
  • Super wide angle display (110 ┬░)
  • IP66 weather protection
  • Premium design and quality manufacturing
  • Has SD card slot


  • The sensitivity of the microphone amplifies sounds and can be noisy for those who live in places with a lot of activity in the environment

Where to Buy the Mibao P450 Outdoor Camera ?

Our recommendation is to purchase this camera from a reliable site, the online store Amazon is an excellent option, since in addition to having the support of a recognized organization, you will be able to know the opinions and evaluations of other users. In any case, give more value to those labeled as ┬źverified purchase.┬╗ View the offer!!

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MIBAO C100 DashCam 1080P Full HD 

Nowadays, it is necessary to keep a monitoring of both what happens at home and what happens outside of it. Therefore, innovative car cameras called ÔÇťdashcamÔÇŁ have been made, such as the Mibao C100.

They are designed to have a visual record of events in a vehicle or on the road, allowing people to record their journeys and have irrefutable evidence in the event of infractions, accidents, collisions and more.

There are those who also use this type of camera to record their trips or to have a good record of their experiences.

The Mibao brand has a great offer in this type of cameras, presenting the C100 model on the market that meets even the highest demands. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about this dash cam and where to buy it for an opportunity price.

Know which are the Best Offers of Mibao Model C100

The great online store Amazon offers the most affordable, attractive and convenient offer on the market, ideal for those who want to keep their vehicle safe with the technology and innovation of the Chinese manufacturer Mibao.

Mibao Model C100 Datasheet

  • 3.0 inch high resolution LCD screen.
  • Full HD image quality with 1920p * 1080p video resolution and 170┬║ wide angle lens.
  • The maximum resolution of the image is 12M which is equivalent to 4000×3000.
  • It has H.264 technology for understanding videos, which saves space on the internal storage card.
  • Lithium polymer battery with 450mA – 3.7V.
  • Compact size of 82x46x11mm and approximate weight of 399g.
  • HDMI output port that allows you to transmit the recorded videos to the TV.
  • IR night vision for crisp nighttime recordings.
  • Loop recording and playback mode available.

Analysis of its Characteristics and Most Outstanding Advantages

The Mibao dashcam model C100 has a video resolution of 1080p as well as a wide angle lens of 170┬║, to obtain clear videos that can serve as evidence in case of disputes, complaints and more.

Its night vision, motion detection, G-sensor, parking monitoring, WDR, heat dissipation design and loop recording are some of its most attractive and competitive features on the market.

This Model C100 Dash Cam provides seamless automatic recordings once you start the car, provided you have the necessary settings for this loop recording mode.

As if that were not enough, the parking monitoring system allows recordings with the car turned off or on automatically, which with its motion sensor detects vibrations and starts a recording to protect the vehicle.

User Opinions on the Mibao Model C100

With its rating and good reviews, Amazon users say that the Mibao C100 dashcam is one of the most useful and advantageous ways to maintain comprehensive monitoring inside and outside the vehicle.

They emphasize that size, resolution, and overall performance meet expectations and high quality standards without exception.

Mini Spy and Hidden Cameras Mibao

The small size of the Mibao D400 camera (discussed above) can be considered a spy camera, offering automatic movement tracking and rotation monitoring from FHD to 355┬║ and 1080p.

Its two-way audio function contains anti-noise, presents easy installation and configuration options, and as if that were not enough, it offers night vision with infrared lenses.

Mibao Mobile APP

With registration of the Sricam APP and WiFi connection, it is possible to get more extensive options for each of the Mibao products. This application is compatible with Android and iOs, ideal to have a remote control of the cameras from wherever we are.

With this application, the motion sensor provides mobile notifications so that you are aware of unexpected movements that occur inside and outside your home. Another compatible application is the YI IOT APP.

One disadvantage that we have found about this brand is that until the date of publication very little information could be found available on the internet, both in English and in Spanish, with respect to the official website, its own application, user manual and information in general.

User Reviews

Most of the Mibao products have a very good rating from its users, who comment on the good shopping experience and the satisfactory results they have obtained with the Wi-Fi IP cameras of this manufacturer.

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