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QZT brand WiFi IP cameras offer more than quality, simplicity and compact designs for home monitoring and protection.

Buying a QZT equipment is a guarantee of good quality, offering a fast service and ensuring maximum protection for homes. One of its main qualities are its low prices, as well as the sharpness of each of the images and strict quality controls.

In the event of any problem with the security cameras, it is possible to contact the technical team in charge of solving the problems. In the following article we will present the advantages, characteristics, the most recognized models and what is the opinion of customers about the QZT brand.

QZT Brand: Indoor WiFi IP Cameras

Two of the best QZT models to protect and monitor the interior of homes are the 1080p IP with motion detection and wide viewing angle, as well as the SP025 model for room surveillance with a resolution of 1280x720p and excellent audio quality. bidirectional.

Our Analysis

Below you will find our review of the best QZT indoor and outdoor models:

QZT Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras

The resistance of the outdoor WiFi surveillance camera models EC60-R11 and FI-362 of the QZT brand presents them as one of the best options to monitor the exterior of homes, with 1920x1080p image quality and its resistance with IP66 certification. .

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Brand Advantages

  • Simple models adaptable to any space.
  • Image quality that exceeds the expectations of your customers.
  • Ability to capture images and videos in the dark thanks to its night vision.
  • Motion detection with smart sensors and immediate notifications.
  • Wide viewing angles on each of your computers.
  • Anti-noise technology for your two-way audio system.
  • The QZT brand is compatible with smartphones and tablets, through its mobile application and remote monitoring.
  • Technological designs that complement the spaces inside and outside the home.

General Characteristics of QZT Brand Cameras

QZT security cameras offer a wide range of technology, with night vision under infrared LEDs that allow high image quality, even on the darkest nights.

In general, the equipment has a function to detect even the smoothest movements and send the notification to the user’s mobile phone connected via Smartphone through the application. Its coverage capacity is up to 360º in security equipment, with the necessary rotation to cover the entire space.

The packages of these QZT cameras contain what you need for installation, as well as a user manual that guides the process, configuration and operation.

Your security cameras require a 2.4Ghz WiFi network or Ethernet connection for stability. The QZT brand focuses on the safety and comfort of people, offering excellent models for the interior and exterior of the home.

The Mobile Application of this Brand QZT

The connection via Smartphone with QZT surveillance equipment is possible thanks to its mobile application, capable of displaying images, playing videos and alerting about unexpected movements during recording.

Opinions and Valuation

With more than 4.5 stars, its users assure that the images, audios and videos are a guarantee of excellent quality.

Its functionalities such as night vision, optical lenses, sensors and ease of use, present QZT equipment as an economic opportunity to secure the house, offering a very good connection and remote monitoring.

QZT Official Site and Technical Support

The QZT brand has a website with a lot of information. The contact information is as follows:

Official website:

Contact information:

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