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Having a surveillance camera for the exterior is usually the most useful, technological and safe option to maintain constant monitoring of your home. Are you concerned about safety within your neighborhood?

This QZT brand security camera and its EC60-R11 model provides a maximum level of outdoor surveillance, offering waterproofing with IP66 certification and resistance to temperatures from -15ºc to 60ºc.

Do not look any further! The EC60-R11 security camera has the features you need to get a good night’s sleep. Keep reading, in the following article we will present the features, specifications and where to get this QZT camera model at the best price on the market.

QZT Model EC60-R11 Datasheet

  • It has a professional housing with IP66 certification.
  • 1920x1080p resolution.
  • In addition to its impermeability, it has a high resistance to inclement weather and weather in general.
  • Adjustable motion sensors.
  • Night vision of up to 10 meters, covering a wide area with maximum clarity regardless of the darkness of the environment.
  • Its external storage is via SD card with a maximum of 128GB, not included.
  • 1/3 image sensor with progressive scan CMOS.
  • Standards for audio and video compression, which saves space on internal storage.
  • Solid design with a size of 61×6.2x11cm and a weight of 581gr.

Highlighting Features and Advantages of the 1080P QZT Outdoor

Its high definition optical lens allows a resolution of 1920x1080p, accompanied by a double IR-CUT filter for better vision at night. In addition, the night vision improves with the megapixel sensor that adapts to day and night, capturing each of the details in a sharp and clear way.

This model EC60-R11 from the QZT brand has motion sensors with intelligent alarms. How do they work? After setting the detection sensitivity for motion, the camera detects the scene and quickly captures suspicious actions.

In this way, it generates smart alarms to the mobile application and reports on the events captured. In addition, it has a two-way audio system with microphone and output speaker.

Although it is not the case with this device, there is a motorized outdoor IP camera, which will allow you to move it at your convenience using your mobile.

Where to Buy ? The Best Price of this QZT Camera

The QZT brand is a guarantee of quality and high technology standards, complying with each of the users’ demands.

At Amazon it is possible to find the lowest price on the market, presenting the perfect opportunity to buy this useful security tool for the exterior of our home.

What are the User Opinions of this Night Vision Model ?

Amazon users are satisfied after making this purchase, stating that the camera has an excellent value for money and that it exceeds expectations in terms of image quality, sound, function and design.

Without a doubt, the sensation of protection and security that this QZT camera provides for the outdoors is unmatched and is usually ideal for identifying people, preventing theft, recording events of any kind and keeping track of dangerous situations for our assets and family.

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The QZT EC60-R11 WiFi IP surveillance camera has the features you need to sleep peacefully. In the following article we will present the features, specifications and where to get this QZT camera model at the best price on the market.
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