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Why Automate Your Garage ?

For security, peace of mind and comfort! By automating your garage, you can protect your car, prevent unwanted people from entering your home, and protect your tools and everything you can store in it. With an intelligent and automated security door system you can get the protection you want. Since 1998 most doors manufactured for garages can be adapted to an intelligent security system.

 Razones para la Automatización del garaje
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In the United States, statistics show that more than 70% of people use their garage door as their main entrance, which increases the possibility of leaving it open by accident. A connected garage door could eliminate this problem; using your location to activate the system, create alerts to notify you that the door has been open for a long time, or receive a message on your mobile device that allows you to close the door immediately from wherever you are.

7 Reasons for Garage Automation

If you have the need to change your garage door don’t miss the opportunity to purchase a smart garage door, this will provide you with features designed to make your home safer and your life easier


Garage doors are often weak points when it comes to safety issues in the home, either because you forget to lock them when you go out, or because you don’t have a good security system.

Fortunately, smart garage doors offer many security features, from sending alert messages to your mobile phone, motion sensors, night vision cameras, to remote automatic opening and closing with just a fingertip on your mobile.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

If you have smoke and carbon monoxide sensors in your home, you should know that smart garage doors can now be connected to these devices, and if there is an excess of any of these components in the room, the garage door will open automatically to let fresh air into the room and ventilate it. An innovative feature, which can save the lives of your loved ones.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities

To make your garage more secure, we also recommend the installation of intelligent locks on your front door, which are operated remotely and with four-digit keys. These devices allow you to eliminate the need to carry your house keys with you.

You can give keys to family members, and every time they use their code you will get an alert notification to your mobile.

Easy Access

Smart garage door systems are designed to provide easy opening and closing. If you use traditional controls, you know they don’t have a good range and the biggest problem is that they get lost and if you have them inside the vehicle you could make it easier to steal it.

Smart systems are connected to a sensor in your car that allows you to open the door as soon as it’s in range, and you can also open and close it from your mobile phone.  For example, if you are not at home and a family member arrives unexpectedly, you could allow them access to the garage from your phone’s application.

Parking Accident Protection

If you have ever suffered a car accident in your own garage, we inform you that some devices to automate the garage have laser guides to park that alert you when the car is very close to the wall or other objects, avoiding an unpleasant accident and protecting your property.

Weather Conditions

Forget completely about the remote controls you never find when you need them or manually opening your garage door on especially stormy days.

Nothing like sheltering your car in times of severe weather without having to get out, in the middle of a torrential rain or heavy snowfall and be able to open or close your garage door from your mobile phone, even minutes before your arrival.

Peace of Mind

Feeling safe inside your home, knowing that all access points to your home are well guarded, gives you unparalleled peace of mind.

Automating the garage by making it intelligent will prevent the doors from being left open through carelessness, since it will notify you through alert messages, directly to your mobile and if that were the case, you could close it immediately from your mobile, wherever you are.


If you already have plans to change the garage door, we hope that these 7 reasons will convince you and do not miss the opportunity to automate the garage, as this system will provide you with better security and peace of mind, giving you control of access and closing quickly and easily, among other advantages.

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