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The Reolink brand has been supplying IP cameras worldwide since 2009, which are characterized by high quality, ease of use through an excellent mobile application and an affordable price.

It is distinguished from other brands by its security cameras IP with rechargeable battery, wireless since they work through WiFi and are also charged through a solar panel accessory, IP cameras that work with SIM 3 and 4G LTE, high resolution 5MP and surveillance camera kit.

Reolink Cameras: Types and Models

Stay with us and you will know the best-selling and best-qualified models of this brand and some other things!!

Reolink Outdoor Cameras

This brand has specialized in the development of outdoor cameras and they have been pioneers in the production of solar cameras, which can operate wirelessly through your WiFi network, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Most of its models have a rechargeable battery, which allows you to save on cable installation. The company claims a battery life of four to six months on a single charge, so you’ll have plenty of time to keep an eye on it without worrying about the included micro USB charger taking a hit.

The night vision can be both black and white and color or one of them depending on the model as well as the distance they can reach. The coverage angle ranges from 130┬░ to 355┬░ panoramic view.┬░.

Two outstanding technological features that some models have are:

  1. The Poe supply (Power over Ethernet)
  2. PTZ function (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) that translates panning, tilting and enlarging

Best Selling Outdoor Camera

It is the Reolink Argus 2 model with 1080P resolution and Outdoor WiFi connection. It can be charged by solar energy, and among other features are two-way audio, PIR sensor for motion detection and smart alert, rechargeable battery and night vision. We invite you to learn more about her in our article.

The Exterior with the Best Value for Money

The surveillance camera RLC-410W has a price of less than 80 euros and has a rating close to 5 stars, both points to its please when buying a Reolink outdoor camera.

It has audio and IP66 certification which guarantees its use in all types of weather. The resolution is 1440P HD and 4MP image quality. Find out about it in the following article.

Other Reolink Models on Our Website

Reolink Indoor Cameras

Although virtually all of the brand’s models can be used indoors and outdoors, there are some specially designed to be used for internal surveillance. They have become popular because they allow 24×7 monitoring of babies, pets, and seniors.

Among the technical features offered by some of its indoor models is its compatibility with 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi. Equipped with two-way audio to communicate at any time with those important people who are in the monitored area.

Among the different models, the minimum image quality is 3MP with which they achieve excellent image quality. They also have night vision and motion detection with personalized alerts.

One ÔÇőÔÇőof its greatest advantages is its panoramic vision capacity of up to 355┬░, so you get coverage of the entire area. They have many more features that you can learn about by visiting the online store. Look at the best-selling models below!!

The best-selling Indoor model

This is the 4MP Reolink E1 Pro with easy and quick installation (without wiring) and configuration and with a range of up to 12 meters. Check it out at the following link.

Cheapest Reolink Camera

Despite being the cheapest option the E1 is a very convenient 3MP camera. Its resolution is Super HD 1296P and perimeter vision, you can control it remotely from smart devices using the Reolink application. Learn more below.

Reolink Solar Panel Camera

The Argus Eco camera is a new addition to the Argus range and as the name suggests it is a cheaper option than their other cameras but without compromising on functionality. The body is that of a bullet type camera that has 1080P video capability. Battery powered, with a WiFi connection to the router and with connection possibilities are quite flexible.

The price of the Reolink Argus Eco camera + the solar panel is around $80, an interesting offer. Accepts micro SD card up to 64G for local storage. If it is of interest to you, you can learn more about this convenient camera by visiting the following link.

Reolink Surveillance Camera System

The security camera kit is a surveillance system that uses a video recorder and cameras interconnected in a network. This system allows you continuous and reliable monitoring of your home or business.

The Reolink RLK8-420D4 4 5MP security camera kit model that you can buy on Amazon, comes with an 8-channel NVR to manage up to eight cameras and disk 2TB hard drive (expandable up to 4TB).

The 4K cameras in the set have a PoE function and can reach up to 30 meters in night vision. They are waterproof with IP66 certification and the system can be accessed from anywhere through the APP. It is very easy to install wiring. Look at the Offer!!

Other models of Reolink Security Camera Kit

Reolink Kit and IP Camera Price

The prices of Reolink cameras range between $35 and $520s depending on the features of each model. As for security systems, you can buy them at prices between $300 and $900.

Reolink Camera: Opinions

Reolink products have achieved very good acceptance among their buyers and users, obtaining an average score above 4 / 5 stars.

Whenever you are about to decide on a product our recommendation is that you check the opinions of users with a verified purchase on the internet. In the case of Reolink products, we mention the most outstanding ones below:


  • There are several wireless models that avoid the use of cables
  • They highlight being able to use solar panels and rechargeable batteries as a power source
  • Remote access via APP for free
  • Excellent image quality
  • PIR sensor for motion detection with message alerts
  • Good night vision range
  • Local storage on micro SD card and remote in the cloud


  • Not compatible with Google Home or Alexa
  • Very low siren sound

Application and Software Reolink APP

For remote access to products from iOS and Android mobile devices, you can download the applications for free from the following links:

Android APP from Google Play

Android APP from Google Play

In the case of computers with Windows and Mac operating systems, you can download the respective software from the following link on the official Reolink site (only in English)

Reolink Client Software

Instruction Manual

Until the moment of developing this article, unfortunately, we could not locate the manual in Spanish for the cameras. However, if it can be useful in English, from the following link you can download both the one for the camera and the one for the NVR.

User Manual


The ease of installation and intuitive functionality of Reolink cameras, combined with the features you really need, make these devices more than worth considering.

Particularly for those who need a 100% wireless setup, the Argus 2, Argus Pro and Go simply can’t be beat for value for money.

They are powered by Reolink’s affordable cloud services for unbeatable fluidity and convenience.

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