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Leading the way in Reolink’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) camera suite, the RLC-423 security camera packs a punch. With 3072 × 1728 image resolution and night vision up to 60 meters, this PTZ camera can see it all.

Also rated IP66 weather resistant, it offers a 360 degree pan , a 90 degree tilt and a 4X optical zoom. With a viewing angle of up to 98 degrees and the ability to fit an external microphone, security is fully covered.

Reolink RLC-423 Camera Features and Tips

This excellent RLC-423 night vision IP camera gives you 24/7 continuous monitoring and home surveillance. Let’s know its characteristics.

6 infrared LED lights allow super long distance night vision, up to 60 meters in low light conditions , where normal security cameras don’t work.

With panoramic PTZ function, Reolink RLC-423 PoE camera can rotate 360 ​​° horizontally at high speed endless, and motion 90 ° tilt allow reliable monitoring and surveillance in the house or business without vertical or horizontal limitations.

The motorized zoom lens with auto focus function allows a wide angle of view between 33° – 98° .

Because of its PoE anointing , the Reolink RLC-423 home security camera can be easily installed.

Regarding Control and Storage

If you have more than 4 cameras, a hard disk capacity of about 256GB per day is needed, it is suggested to connect the camera to work with a Reolink NVR for storage of video.

The Reolink RLC-423 camera does not have a built-in microphone in its design, but it does have a female RCA port for audio input, if you need to record audio, you will have to add a microphone to the port. About the microphone, check with the supplier to verify compatibility.

For multiple PoE IP cameras or if you want 24/7 recording, a Reolink PoE NVR is your best option. The NVR works seamlessly and efficiently with cameras for 24-hour monitoring and recording for the security and surveillance of your home or business.

Get remote access and live broadcasts of the RLC-423 IP PTZ camera, from any place and time, in three different and available ways . The Reolink application (free) for smartphones, Reolink client on PC (free) or web browser. And stay up to date with everything that happens in your home or business.

Where to Buy the ReoLink RLC-423 Camera?

To take advantage of all the features offered by this model, our recommendation is to purchase it at the online commerce portal Amazon, there you will find the official Reolink store, where in addition to the RLC-423 you will be able to evaluate other models with very convenient prices. Why not visit it?


  • Super HD 2560×1920 resolution of 5MP
  • Simple installation
  • Authentic color details and excellent night vision
  • Excellent panoramic view both horizontally and vertically


  • Lacks an internal storage option
  • According to comments, night vision at more than 7.62 meters loses definition and details of faces or license plates

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Image of Reolink RLC-423 Camera

Reolink RLC-423 Camera

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Features: 3072 × 1728 image resolution, night vision up to 60 meters, 360 ° pan, 90 ° tilt, and 4X optical zoom. With a viewing angle of up to 98 ° and PoE function
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