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Smart devices for bedroom are accessories that help us and facilitate comfort, relaxation, rest, convenience, save time and even offer a pleasant awakening.

Technology advances at a dizzying pace, it is here to stay and make our lives easier, safer and more comfortable; It has been installed in almost all areas of our lives. If you are passionate about technology at home, devices for bedroom are for you.

Smart Devices for Bedroom

In this article we collect interesting information about the 7 best smart devices that should not be missing in your bedroom.

PHILIPS Wake-up Light Alarm Clock with Natural Light Simulation

Make waking up nice and cool with PHILIPS Wake-up light alarm clocks. Throw away your old and annoying alarm clock. These new and ingenious alarm clocks simulate the brightness of dawn and sounds of nature, providing a more pleasant awakening.

The main features of this fantastic device are:

  • Alarm clock with gradual simulation of sunrise with colors.
  • 5 natural sounds.
  • Lighting for the lamp with 20 different settings. And it automatically dims when your room is dark.
  • FM radio, reading lamp and an alarm tone.
  • Touch deferred alarm

You will find the best deals on the PHILIPS Wake-Up alarm clock on Amazon.

AMAZON ECHO DOT: Small and Economic Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot, is a smart speaker for the room or anywhere in the house, which is controlled by voice with the Alexa Voice Service. It can also connect to other Echo Dots for better sound. In the range of this type of smart devices Echo Dot is the cheapest option.

Here are some features of the Echo Dot:

  • Control devices in your home by voice with Echo Dot, such as turning the lights in the room on or off or adjusting the temperature on the thermostat.
  • Connect to loved ones who have other Echo devices, with Alexa or Skype apps.
  • Play music through Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music or other services.
  • With this smart device for your room you can keep up with the news, weather for the day, traffic and sports scores.
  • Echo Dot works with the Skills app to get the most out of your device and Alexa.

Take advantage of Amazon’s offers for this product and buy it from the comfort and safety of your home.

Smart LED Ceiling Light with Built-in Music WINBANG

WINBANG Smart Led Ceiling Light with Built-in Music is one of the most useful smart devices for the room. It is equipped with a remote control, which makes it easy for you to manage its functions and it also has Bluetooth that allows you to connect it to your mobile to play your favorite music.

Among some of its features we can get:

  • It has a simple line design.
  • You have RGB lights (red, green and blue light for its acronym in English) you can choose the one you like best, regulating its intensity.
  • You can also set a rhythm pattern to perform a lighting effect to the beat of your music.
  • With the remote control you can adjust the intensity and change the color of the light, the volume, and more.

Dehumidifier with Ionizer and Clothes Dryer INVENTOR EVA II PRO

With an elegant and innovative design, we present the INVENTOR EVA II PRO dehumidifier with ionizer and clothes dryer, an appliance that cannot be missing in your room. Extracts and removes unwanted moisture, up to 20 liters per day, preventing bad odors and mold.

Some of its advantages are:

  • Maximum energy savings.
  • It has a 2-year warranty.
  • It has a 3-liter anti-spill water tank, as it has an automatic shutdown function when it reaches its maximum capacity. It can also be connected by means of a hose to the drain directly and forget about the container.
  • Select the Dryer mode and your clothes will dry quickly and efficiently.

NETATMO WiFi Smart Room Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of the room remotely through your mobile, tablet or other device connected to the internet. You can also incorporate it into smart home systems.

Some of the features and benefits of NETATMO smart room thermostats are:

  • You can control them by voice enjoying the freedom that this command gives you, thanks to the compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit or remotely through mobile, computer or tablet.
  • Its installation is quick and easy and you can install it directly, without help.
  • It helps you save energy by adjusting the temperature of the room according to your needs. If you go on a trip you can program the absent and antifreeze mode.
  • The NETATMO smart thermostat is compatible with most boilers (electric, gas, fuel, among others).
  • It has a modern design that adapts to your decoration, it comes with adhesive films of different colors.
  • This smart device for the room has the Auto-Adapt function, which perceives the outside temperature and the thermal characteristics of your home to offer you the desired temperature.

The NETATMO thermostat is highly recommended by people who have bought it, for its performance, easy installation and handling. You can get great deals on Amazon online from your home or office.

TP-LINK HS110 Wireless WiFi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

Smart plugs are devices that connect to the internet via WiFi and you can plug it into a normal outlet, which allows you to manage remotely via your mobile, tablet or central control, any device or appliance that you connect to it. This allows you, for example, to turn a table lamp on or off, whenever you want.

We mention some features of smart plugs below.

  • You can control your devices connected to the smart plug where you have internet through your mobile by downloading the Kasa application or another that the manufacturer recommends.
  • Schedule your smart plug to turn appliances on or off as needed. For example; if you are traveling, to give the feeling that someone is at home.
  • They are compatible with Google Home (sold separately) this allows you to control smart plugs and the devices connected to them, through your voice.
  • They also monitor the energy consumption of an electric appliance in real time to keep an energy control.

MAXCO WiFi Smart Aromatherapy Diffuser. Ultrasonic Essential Oil Humidifier

They are a trend and are very fashionable, smart aromatherapy diffusers, connect to WiFi. They can help you breathe better, strengthen the immune system, relax, improve mood and relieve stress.

It can be used as a normal diffuser or through the application downloaded to your mobile or tablet, it allows you to control functions such as the intensity of diffusion, the color of the LED light and to program the on and off.

The features of the smart diffuser.

  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, being able to control it by voice.
  • Extremely quiet and have various size presentations.
  • It can be managed remotely through your mobile.
  • It works from 6 to 12 hours, with double diffusion mode, high and low.
  • It is perfect to be used in the room at bedtime with relaxing aromas to achieve a good sleep.
  • You have 7 colors of LED light to choose from.

Other Devices to Make the Room Comfortable

We present two items that although they are not smart devices can be very useful for you, in your room and outside of it.

Electric Heating Blanket

Although electric blankets are not smart devices for the room, they are useful on cold nights, since they make the rest warmer and more comfortable. They are designed as duvets, the materials can vary, from cotton, polyester or other types of fabrics, washable.

Some electric blankets have an auto-off feature, they come with wires with heating properties inside that run on low-voltage electricity, so that do not consume a lot of energy. They are very safe and reliable.

If you want to keep your bed comfortably warm in winter, electric blankets can help you and be a good option. We show you one of the best sellers.

HOMSCAM Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

Forget the knots and tangles of your headphone cables or being connected to your mobile and the annoying designs of headband headphones. We present the wireless technology of the waterproof HOMSCAM headset.


  • 800mah battery installed in the case that gives the headphones autonomy of 35 hours of playback after eight hours of charging.
  • Enhanced T2C V5.0 earphones ensure smooth and effective call experience.
  • Its use and connection is easy, since when you take them out of the case and turn them on, automatic pairing takes place with a single control button.
  • They are waterproof, thanks to the IPX5 protection, they resist sweat and rain.
  • Small design that fits perfectly in your ear.
  • With a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return option.


With this list and information on smart devices for the room, we hope to help you choose the ones that are most useful to you.

So that smart technology also reaches your room and makes your rest area more comfortable, relaxing and comfortable.

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Smart Devices for Bedroom


Smart Devices for Bedroom

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Smart devices for the room are accessories that help us and facilitate comfort, relaxation, rest, convenience, save us time and even offer us a pleasant awakening.
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