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What are Smart Devices ?

Smart devices are all those devices that connect and communicate with each other through the internet, using virtual assistants, such as Google Home, Amazon’s Echo or applications from your mobile.

They provide us with greater comfort, security and sophistication, saving us time, effort and money. Smart devices are here to stay and make our lives easier.

Today we find many types of smart devices such as lights, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners,  thermostats, security cameras, speakers, TV, refrigerators, smart plugs, among others. These, apart from facilitating household chores or giving us security, help reduce the energy bill.

What are Smart Devices for at Home ? Uses

Technological advances in all areas are myriad and complex. Smart home devices have not been left behind, they are always at the forefront.

Nowadays you can interact with the different smart home systems and appliances. They are no longer just systems for fun. For example; In security, you can watch over the elderly or your children when you are in another room or you are not at home.

Keep up to date with what is happening at home, both inside and outside in real time. You can program and adjust the temperature of your room, hours before your arrival, from your mobile.

By simply tapping the mobile or central control you can start the coffee machine to enjoy a delicious coffee, without stopping what you are doing. Turn light bulbs on or off and manage energy consumption, even if you are on vacation.

Without a doubt, with each passing day, greater advances are made in smart devices for your home, which will make life easier and more comfortable.

How Does a Smart Device Work ?

Latest generation smart devices use sophisticated software and calculations to be programmed to your liking and do what you want.

They can take information from a variety of sources such as sensors that monitor the environment, biometrics (fingerprints or faces) and are capable of using voice commands or applications, so each smart device works differently for each person.

Main difference between normal and smart devices is that smart devices need to be configured by each user, according to their needs, for this they need user data. All this data is stored in the cloud (giant computer servers) out of your sight and control.

Importance of Smart Devices

Use and benefit of smart devices can be divided into categories, which include, security, savings, control and coexistence; without forgetting the comfort and tranquility. We will give you details of each category and benefits offered by its use at home.


We found many smart gadgets designed for home security, which represent the items in greatest demand, as consumers want their homes to be safer.

Smart devices range from night vision security cameras to motion sensors that offer real-time remote monitoring.

Automated lighting as a deterrent that can thwart the intentions of potential thieves, motion sensors that help illuminate dark hallways or the entrance at night, even smart locks that allow you to open or close doors remotely, among many others.


Smart bulbs and thermostats are some of the devices that can help you reduce your utility bills.


With home automation you can know in real time what is happening in your home and have better control at all times of the functions within your home.


Many smart devices are compatible with each other, and can be configured to interact and automate common household processes, making life easier and more comfortable. For example you can configure your smart lock to turn on smart lighting, when you unlock the door.


Creating a pleasant and comfortable environment in a room just by lifting a finger or giving a voice instruction, with smart devices today is a reality.

Adjust light coming through windows with smart blinds, play or change music, adjust volume, adjust hue of the light from smart bulbs, change temperature of the room.

All are functions that can be run from your mobile, a Google Home assistant, Amazon’s Echo or a central control.


That peace sensation that you feel, when you can see your house in real time while you are away, the baby in his room while he sleeps or your grandfather when he is home alone, all thanks to the smart cameras.

You will be able to verify if when you left you closed the main door or the garage door remotely, in case you do not remember, with smart locks, it is priceless. These are some of the many smart devices that you can buy to feel calm and safe.

What are Smart Devices ? Types

Smart devices can be classified into four groups:

  1. Personal Accessories: smart watches, smart diapers, sports shoes and mobiles
  2.  Home Assistants: Google Home, Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri.
  3.  Smart Appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, coffee makers.
  4.  Connected Home Products: sockets, light bulbs, thermostats, security cameras.

Advantages of Smart Devices

Buying smart gadgets will give you benefits such as safety, convenience, comfort, and is a way to keep up with the latest technology. Below we will name some advantages that smart devices offer:

1. Thanks to the fact that today almost all smart devices are compatible with each other, they can be managed through an interface. This is a big step from the latest technology.

All you have to do is learn to operate an application on your phone or tablet, which will give you access to countless functions and devices throughout your home.

2. Smart home systems tend to be flexible when it comes to coupling new smart appliances and other technologies. You will be able to stay at the forefront by incorporating the new devices that are more innovative than the ones you already have.

But beyond that, coupling them to the existing ones will not be a problem and this will allow you to update your inventory without problems.

3. In terms of security, there is a long list of smart devices with many features that raise the security level of your home and everything can be managed and monitored in real time from your mobile or tablet, whether you are in the office, at home or on vacation in the Caribbean.

They also offer the ability to receive alerts and alarms on various devices.


4. Having the remote control of your home is one of the best advantages of having smart appliances, since you can manage various functions from your mobile while away from home.

We will give you some examples of what you can do: turn on the heating in the rooms before you arrive, preheat the oven while you finish shopping, see who rings your doorbell while you are in the office and check if you left the lights on, are some of the functions that you can control remotely.

5. You can lower the cost of your electric bill and make your home more energy efficient. With smart thermostats, for example, you can have more precise control of heating or cooling.

Smart lights and blinds will give you the ability to dim them depending on the setting sun or turn the bulbs on and off automatically. Therefore you will not have to worry about wasting energy.

6. Smart homes can also help you improve the functionality of appliances. For example, an intelligent electric oven can help you cook the chicken to perfection, the smart TV will help you find better applications and channels to locate your favorite programming.

Integration and automation of smart appliances will improve effectiveness and make your home more convenient, safe and comfortable.

7. Being able to manage your home through smart devices is another of the advantages. Being aware and being able to control how often your child or you watch TV and what programs you watch.

The type of food you keep in your refrigerator and what foods you cook in the oven can allow you to analyze habits and make adjustments to have the lifestyle you want.


Since we name you some of the many advantages of having smart appliances in your home, now we will tell you the disadvantages, because if you want to have a home automation you must have knowledge of the pros and cons.

1. Biggest disadvantage of turning your house into a smart home is the high cost. Not everyone can afford a smart home system, although there are many companies specialized in installing the system, the investment can be quite expensive.

2. To install smart devices it is essential to have internet. If there is no internet connection, you will have no way to access and manage your smart system.

3. Whenever the intelligent system presents a fault, error or needs maintenance, you will have to call a professional. Unless you have the necessary experience, the ideal is to look for professionals from specialized companies that can help you correct the problems.

Brief History of Smart Devices

Journey to modernizing homes began in the 1980s with programmable thermostats and home computers. In 1984, the American Association of Home Builders in the United States adopted the term smart homes.

Architect Roy Mason made a project of a series of houses, which were built as demonstration units with computers and smart gadgets, Kissimmee Xanaude, was the most popular, but after a high tourist boom, these houses were demolished.

90s arrived…

And electronic devices became smart devices. Walkman became a portable CD player and then an MP3 player, computers shrunk and mobile phones came along.

Microsoft in 1999 introduced its vision of the smart home, driven by Pocket PC and included everything from smart locks, lighting and environmental controls, a CCTV home monitoring system and even a barcode scanner to help create a shopping list. online. It was the first company to have a vision of what the future would hold.

Looking to Tomorrow and Beyond

Much progress has been made in terms of technology and smart devices, and the road has been long. Today we can monitor our homes in real time from anywhere, adjust the temperature of the rooms from the mobile, plugs and smart devices can be controlled remotely through the internet.

We live in a present where we can keep our families safe from anywhere, save energy and be comfortable pressing a button.

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