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What is and How does a Smart Home Work ?

Smart Home or Home Automation, is a house where technology, security and comfort are integrated. In it, technology linked to the internet is used, to allow surveillance and remote management from your smartphone, tablet, computer or command center, of all the electrical appliances and systems that can be interconnected in the house; for example lights, security cameras, audio and video systems, blinds, heating, among others.

How To Make Smart Home Automation ?

Technological advances continue to evolve and make our lives easier. Nowadays, converting homes into smart homes is easier than it was at first and doing so will help improve and change your life quality, gradually adding home automation installations.

Study the options taking into account your budget and your priorities, since being the latest generation equipment, home automation is not cheap.

In home automation, Xiaomi is one of the pioneering brands in the development and integration of smart devices, but there are many others, such as Samsung, Nest, LG, Philips Hue, Amazon products, Google and Apple, among others.

21 Devices to Become Your House into a Smart Home

If you are thinking of automating your house, we show you twenty-one devices with which you can start to automate your smart home.

Virtual Assistants known as Smart Speakers

To transition from your normal home to the ideal smart home, the first step is to purchase a digital assistant. The two best smart home assistants are the Amazon Echo that works with Alexa and Google Home, both presented in the form of smart speakers.

Although there are other systems that are positioning themselves well in the market lately (Apple Home Pod), we recommend the Amazon Echo and Google Home systems because they are more developed and have better features.

Its function is to control the other smart devices that you have in your home, for example, those that reproduce audio and video. We must bear in mind that there are some differences between these devices, such as the compatibility of each one with the range of products and services that exist in the market.

In Amazon USA, Spain, or other locations you can find a wide variety of models and brands of smart speakers. The best seller is the Echo Dot – 3rd generation, we invite you to learn more about it.

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Smart HUB or Controllable Connection Bridge via WiFi to Domotize your House

If you buy a smart speaker without a built-in connector, your next purchase to consider is a Smart Hub. This device automates all the smart devices inside your house, it is essentially the brain of your home automation.

Smart Hubs allow you to manage and control most smart devices with a single application. Thanks to this device converting and managing your smart home will be easier.

Our recommendation if you are thinking of buying a Smart Hub is the Philips Hue, specially developed to control the smart lighting of up to 50 LED bulbs and 10 more accessories with its included Zigbee system. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

Smart Bulb Lighting

Nowadays it is possible to have smart light bulbs in our homes, which we can use to save energy, decorate and for our comfort, turning them off/on or adjusting the intensity of the lighting, all this from the mobile or command center through applications.

Its installation is usually very easy, apart from the bulbs you need a connection bridge or Smart Hub that is installed on the wall or where it is considered convenient to later link it to your router through Ethernet.

These smart bulbs can be purchased almost anywhere that standard bulbs are sold, our recommendation is that you do it from the Amazon online store of your convenience, they offer different models and brands, in addition the transaction will be safe and reliable from the comfort of your home or office. Make sure, which one you are purchasing, because not all have the same characteristics.

In the market we can find a popular starter kit from Philips Hue brand that brings everything you need (color bulbs and bridge). And it’s compatible with Apple’s Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, and Siri. We recommend it!

WiFi Smart Plug for a Domotic House

Smart plugs are very useful and functional, they are connected to a traditional outlet and the appliances that are connected to them are integrated into your WiFi home automation network, appliances such as coffee makers, clothes irons, table lamps, among others.

The smart plug will allow you to control what you connect, from your mobile, central control or with your voice through a virtual assistant. When buying a smart plug, make sure it connects to WiFi, either directly or through a bridge.

The Best Value-for-Money Deals for Smart Plugs on Amazon

Motion and other Functionalities Sensors

To make your home smart, you shouldn’t ignore motion sensors, they interface with other smart devices such as lights, speakers, and thermostats to activate them. With them you make sure to automate many functions of your home. They are useful both for your comfort and for your house security.

For example, you can install a motion sensor on the front door so when you arrive at night, it will turn on the light automatically. You could also install them on doors and windows to make your home more secure, which will give you greater peace of mind.

This type of motion sensor can connect to your WiFi network and send notifications to your mobile or any smart device.

Again, the Philips Hue brand stands out with the outdoor and indoor sensor, which detects movement, light intensity and temperature. Check it out on Amazon!

Smart Home: WiFi Thermostats

The new trend that allows you to control the temperature of the environments of your home or business remotely, from your mobile, tablet or other device, are the WiFi thermostats. It is a great way to save energy, thus lowering the amount of your electric bill.

It allows you to adjust the temperature of a room or your whole house remotely, so when you get home you will find a comfortable temperature.

The Honeywell Home Model T6R – Y6R910RW8021 smart wireless (RF) WiFi programmable thermostat, has features that make it a very interesting option. It can be configured via WiFi through iOS and Android devices with programming up to 7 days.

The touch screen makes it easy to program and is compatible with Apple Homekit, Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home. It operates in a temperature range between 5┬║C and 37┬║C. You can see more of this or other models below.

Wireless Weather Station for Smart Home

Weather stations are these devices that you think you don’t need until you own one. It allows you, with accuracy, to be informed of the weather conditions in real time, measuring atmospheric conditions, such as humidity, barometric pressure, rain, temperature, among other things.

This domestic meteorological system can be connected to the internet so that you can know the weather conditions from anywhere. With the data it offers, you will be able to make everyday decisions such as organizing the time to share outside the house, the means of transport to use or how to dress.

A weather station compatible with the voice management of Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa is the Netatmo NWS01-EC that has 2 devices to monitor both the exterior and the interior. Send alerts to your mobile notifying events such as that it is time to ventilate the area as it measures the CO2 level.

WiFi Weather Station on Amazon

Wireless Security Camera Systems

A security camera kit is an important investment to protect your house. There are many technological advances in these devices, they have motion sensors, record in HD, have night vision, are resistant to any type of weather, among other characteristics.

Most smart security camera systems connect via WiFi, allowing you to see in real time what happens in your home if you are away from it, or send you an alert through your mobile, computer or tablet.

One of the best options you can find on the market is the ANNI brand WiFi Security Camera Kit for Wireless Surveillance. Includes 4 cameras and 4 channels, 1 TB disk of storage. It features night vision, motion detection, and 1080P HD resolution.

Domotic House: WiFi Blinds

Smart curtains or blinds are a way to turn your home into a more sophisticated and elegant place. Opting for its automation through the touch of your mobile or the voice control of Amazon Alexa or devices enabled for Google Assistant, allows you to adjust your blinds and curtains without having to get up from your favorite place.

Domotizing your blinds allows you to establish opening and closing times to control the entry of light or avoid heat loss, maximizing the energy efficiency of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

If you have electric curtains or blinds, you can automate them by installing WiFi switches for blinds, you can buy them at very affordable prices. Find out on Amazon!

We recommend using the JAROLIFT automation kit which, although not WiFi, turns your common blinds into automated ones using remote control; although it cannot be installed on all types.

Wireless Garage Door Opener / Controller

It is a wireless electrical device that interacts with the mechanical and electrical systems of your garage door remotely via WiFi. It allows you to manage the opening and closing of your garage door through an application on your mobile.

Some devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, which allow operation by voice, have additional features that notify you if the garage door is open for a long time or automatic closing functions, they can also keep track of opening and closing.

This time our recommendation is the MEROSS garage door opener. It is a device with an affordable price, compatible with the Google assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control, controlling everything from the Meross application, being able to receive alert notifications on your mobile. Learn more about it!

Smart Locks for Home Automation

In home automation, smart locks allow you to enter without using keys. It is an electronic and mechanical locking system that allows the door to be opened wirelessly with the authentication of an authorized user; via your mobile or a wireless keychain.

This smart lock system uses mobile applications or websites to allow the user to grant access to third parties by sending a temporary key through text messages or email. 

The KEYLESS LOCK WAFU smart electronic lock is equipped with four remote controls and USB Bluetooth for opening through the smartphone. Its installation is very simple and includes mounting accessories.

WiFi Cameras to Monitor Your Smart Home

If you are serious about home security, you should install indoor and outdoor wireless security cameras. They provide an effective field of view, have many features that outperform traditional cameras in efficiency and performance.

You can place kits of two or four smart cameras outside your house, to have a greater range of vision in the surroundings covered and combine it with the installation of smart indoor security cameras, in this way your house will be safe both inside and outside.

Currently, smart surveillance cameras offer very sophisticated technical characteristics that include two-way communication, motion detection, facial recognition, among others. Here are two of the best-selling models on Amazon.

Outdoor WiFi Camera

Indoor Wireless Camera

Domotic Home: Smart Video Doorbell

Smart video doorbells are internet compatible, easy and quick to install, have a camera, speaker and microphone. When someone knocks at the door, it connects directly to your mobile or your home video system. You can safely see and have a dialogue with messengers, strangers or just welcome your visitors

It is an element that adds security to your home, like the so-called video intercoms. The WiFi camera doorbell generally has the ability to interact with other smart devices such as locks and alarm systems.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for a Domotic House

This appliance has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays they are known as robot vacuum cleaners, they are highly technological, have autonomy of operation, state-of-the-art motion sensors that allow you to navigate throughout your home cleaning your floors.

The robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t just clean in a straight line. Many of today’s models can remove stains and spills in circular motions, navigate around obstacles, and clean the corners of a room to prevent dust from accumulating in them. They come with WiFi connectivity which allows you to control it through your mobile or other smart device within your home.

With an average close to 5/5 stars in more than 2,500 ratings in the Amazon online store, the CECOTEC Conga 1090 Series robot vacuum cleaner sweeps, mops, vacuums, and scrubs, it is a 4 in 1.

Using its remote control with LCD screen, you can program 24/7. The charged battery offers an autonomy of one hundred and sixty minutes and at the end of the programmed cleaning the robot will return to the charging base.

WiFi Alarm Systems for Smart Homes

Smart alarms use wireless technology and connect to home networks. They send alert messages to your mobile in real time in case of emergencies.

With smart home alarm systems you can customize, monitor and manage your security systems, from door sensors to CCTV sequences, all from your mobile or tablet, giving you control of the security of home automation.

The OWSOO brand presents a WiFi alarm system with 2.4 inch LCD screen and automatic dialing system. Supports up to 100 wireless defense zones.

Shipment includes the wireless control panel, a motion sensor with its bracket, a wireless door / window sensor, two RFID cards, 2 remote controls, wired siren, user manual (in English, although the control panel is multilingual) and installation accessories.

Smart Refrigerators

Another way to continue transforming your house to home automation is to buy a smart refrigerator. These appliances include internet connectivity through a WiFi network. Using an application and voice control, you can monitor and control functions such as adjusting the temperature inside the refrigerator, receiving notifications of how many times its doors were opened, among others.

Smart refrigerators work with the barcode system or the RFID system that monitors from the internet what batch are the products stored inside and thus can obtain the expiration date.

Robotic Lawn Mower

Smart robotic lawnmowers can do the hard and monotonous work for you. Automate your lawn mowing with these robots, which work with an advanced intelligence algorithm to accurately cut your lawn whenever you want without having to be there, saving you time and effort.

You can program its operation at any time of day or night since it is extremely silent and will not bother your family or neighbors, it also does not emit gases, because it does not work with fuel.

Among the best-selling and highest-rated models is the BOSCH Indego S + 350. With WiFi connection it allows voice control using certain Alexa devices. Automatically maneuver around obstacles on the way. Create its own schedule taking into account the places where it has passed before and the weather conditions. You can see it on Amazon!

Smart TVs

The latest generation Smart TVs as well as smart appliances and mobiles offer internet connectivity, opening a world of new possibilities, such as checking your house full of smart devices using a WiFi network from your control center, mobile or tablet.

High-end TVs now also support voice control, like TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony, which allow you to search for features, programming content, or scroll through channels.

Some TVs can function as a hub or bridge to other smart appliances, allowing control of light bulbs, WiFi thermostats, and other devices without the need for additional bridges.

One option that we consider interesting is the 50 ÔÇ│ Smart TV model RU7405 from SAMSUNG, compatible with Alexa and Apple TV. Excellent 4K UHD resolution that by expanding the color range allows you to enjoy even the darkest images.

You will find content easily and quickly thanks to the ┬źUniversal Guide┬╗, then the TV will show you options according to the content you like. It offers the possibility of access to different applications such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, among others.

WiFi Watering Timer

You can domoticate your house to the garden, installing a smart irrigation system, your garden will never have dry grass or bushes again. With WiFi Watering Timer you can set a watering schedule depending on the type of bush, the position of the sun with respect to your lawn, among other functions.

WiFi Watering Timer respond simply to a touch of your mobile or central control that you use. Others are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices.

The Rain Bird brand has several models of WiFi irrigation programmers, you can see some on Amazon.

WiFi Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The purpose of these devices is to alert you to a fire or an abnormality in the concentration of carbon monoxide. With the modernization of these systems, you can now receive clear alarm notifications through voice messages to your mobile. They are easy to install and essential in your smart home making it more secure.

According to studies by University of Michigan in the United States, smoke inhalation in fires is the most common cause of death. These devices are effective in quickly detecting problems.

Offer in the market is quite wide, standing out the NEST brand with its 2nd generation Protect model.

WiFi LED Strip Light

WiFi LED strip lights are models of bulb in strips, capable of connecting to the house wireless network to communicate and be managed with smart systems, command controls or with the mobile.

This allows functions such as the brightness level of the bulbs, the color of light you want at the moment or programmed actions to be controlled remotely, making your smart home a sober or fun place. The same WiFi LED strip can bring different shades of color in the light it emits.

WiFi LED strip lights have become a market innovation being used for decoration and lighting of houses, shops and restaurants.

We can find smart LED light strips of different lengths, they are easy to install, since many models have a self-adhesive tape on the back and many are compatible with Amazon Echo (with Alexa), Google Home and other applications.

Final Words

We hope this smart device guide will be very useful for you to start transforming your traditional home into a smart home.

Every day more smart devices are launched on the market, apart from the existing ones, with many different and similar features and functions, with different price ranges that fit your budget. Converting your house into a smart home has never been easier than it is today.

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