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Nowadays smart homes are at your fingertips, it is no longer the exclusive preserve of wealthy people. Average person has started to adopt the technology inside the house.

According to the company S & P Market Intelligence, it is estimated that around 12% of homes in the United States are considered smart. It is expected that this number will increase and by the year 2021 the figure will skyrocket to 28% and from there it will not stop. 

Due to fast advances and development of technology, smart homes we have today will look very different from those of the next few years. Probably next smart home technologies will have the following characteristics.

Standardized Home Automation Platforms

One problem with smart home devices right now is that there are several operating systems available on the market to connect, manage, and operate such devices, making it difficult to find compatible devices.

As protocols and products become more established, that difficulty will be eliminated and they will be easier to install and operate.

Smart Homes Influence Real Estate Market

Potential buyers today are willing to pay more money for a smart home and one of their goals is to save money on their energy bill, so it is worth investing in smart devices like smart thermostats or light switches.

Today, intelligent technology is changing even the way these properties are sold. Some realtors have already started implementing smart technology like beacons on sales signs outside homes that send informational messages to potential buyers about the property, including virtual tours.

Improved Sensor Technology

As technology advances, it refines existing smart devices, but can also be expected to be used in new ways. Many connected devices already work with sensors. For example, smart thermostats with sensors, smoke detectors and smart sensors in safety equipment.

Can you imagine being able to detect a termite invasion before it is too late for your home and thus save money and rescue your home from a disaster. We have good news!

Devices with sensors are already under development that will send you alerts when there are termites in your house, so that you can take the corresponding and corrective measures.

Technological innovations are expected with sensors that will be extended to devices, such as HVAC systems, ovens, electrical boxes, water heaters.

They can send you alerts to your mobile, so that you are aware if something happens that may be harmful and expensive for your home.

Smart Furniture

Technology for homes is not only focusing on smart devices and appliances such as thermostats, cameras, TV, vacuum cleaners, among others.

The home goods store IKEA announced a new line of lamps that will be able to charge your devices wirelessly, if they use the same charging standard. They also announced that lamps would only be the beginning of a new world of connected furniture.

Some of furniture in development will be connected beds, which will adjust automatically, for example, if you start snoring, It would raise the head to correct posture or if we talk about children’s beds, it will notify if the child leaves the bed or he is sick.

Sofas will be another of these connected items that through an application can be adjusted to your needs to provide you with greater comfort. There’s also talk of smart kitchen shelves, cabinets, and dressers.

Going Green

It is expected that in the not too distant future, more emphasis will be placed on making smart homes more efficient and effective in saving energy and being more environmentally friendly.

In studies that have been carried out, it has been shown that smart thermostats can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Technology under development includes more devices connected to motion sensors, which can significantly reduce the use of electricity.

Researchers are experimenting with clothing equipped with sensors that will connect with smart thermostats to automatically adjust the room temperature.

Final Words

The future cannot be predicted with precision, but according to current trends and user demand, it is easy to say that development of smart and connected devices will increase in 2021, and they will be more common and accessible in the coming years.

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Based on current trends and user demand, it is easy to say that development of smart and connected devices will increase in 2021. They will be more common and accessible in the coming years.
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