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Faced with the need to reduce electricity consumption and the rise of alternative energy, solar panels are presented as a sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly option. What used to be a technology reserved for a few, today has become a more accessible option for residential use.

At we provide you with all the information you need to make the best purchase decision if you are considering purchasing a solar panel. We give you information on prices, types, characteristics and operation. We want you to make the best choice for your home, adjusted to your budget and energy needs.

What are Solar Panels ?

Solar panels are devices that capture solar radiation and transform it into electrical energy. They are composed of cells made from semiconductor materials, such as silicon, which can act as an insulator or conductor of electricity.

A single cell is not capable of generating enough power on its own, so they are grouped into panels that generally have 36 cells or more.

The production of clean energy has increased in the last two decades and it is estimated that by 2030 it will already cover 100% of the planet’s electricity demand.

Therefore, more than a fashion or a circumstantial technology, it is a new way of assuming energy generation and consumption that is now available to everyone.

What are Solar Panels For ? Advantages

Residential buildings and houses with solar panels are more common every day. The benefits of using solar energy have a direct impact that goes far beyond obtaining electricity.

  • Solar panels allow energy supply from a renewable source, the sun. In addition, the obtaining, transfer and enjoyment of electricity is done in a clean way, because it does not leave waste in the environment or pollute the atmosphere.
  • They generate very important economic savings in electricity bills.
  • They are safe, quiet and easy to install.
  • It allows the self-sufficiency of remote communities.

How do Solar Panels Work ?

In a traditional solar panel, crystalline silicon or gallium arsenide, which are generally used to build the cells, are treated to have a positive and a negative charge.

This is what makes electricity production possible. The solar panel is then created by grouping the cells through a conductor.

When the solar rays make contact with the cells, the electrons that are in the negatively charged part pass to the positively charged part. This generates an electric field in the solar panel.

From there, electricity is being generated in a clean way that will be transported and adapted according to the energy needs of the destination point.

Types of Solar Panels

When buying solar panels for houses it is important to know their characteristics and types, since that way we can make a better choice.

Beyond its price, the important thing is that this technology is adjusted to the needs of the house and can provide clean energy efficiently. There are three types of solar panels:

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

They are the traditional panels, since they are the oldest. They depend on the direct incidence of solar radiation, so their location is vital to obtain energy.

In this case, sunlight transfers energy to the electrons, they break down and create the electric field. There are several types of photovoltaic solar panels, depending on their manufacturing materials:

Monocrystalline Pure Silicon Photovoltaic Panels

Cells are made from a single rod of crystallized silicon. As they are made with high purity materials, they have the highest efficiency. In addition, they are the ones with the longest useful life, they can last up to 25 years.

Polycrystalline Pure Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Cells are made up of silicon rods that were created as small, messy crystals. This process is much cheaper than monocrystalline silicon, although the efficiency of energy production is lower. One way to solve it is to have a kit of solar panels of this type.

Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Panels

This category includes panels made with different types of materials that are deposited in layers on a base. It can be amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, selenium, organic photovoltaic cells, etc.

Thermal Solar Panels

They are made up of tubes that go through the entire panel. The incidence of solar rays heats the water and it passes into a thermal tank. There it will stay warm until it is used.

Although these solar water heaters do not generate a source of energy, by providing hot water they help to reduce the electricity consumption for this purpose. The best thing is that the thermal tank is designed to provide hot water on cloudy days or at night.

Thermodynamic Solar Panels

They are the most used today due to their versatility and efficiency. They can get solar energy on rainy days or even from moonlight, which is nothing more than the reflection of sunlight.

They are also much cheaper than traditional panels and solve the problem of solar panel installation costs, since they are much lower.

Where to Buy Solar Panels ?

If you are looking for solar panels at the best price, batteries for solar panels and user opinions, then Amazon has everything you need to have clean energy at home with the confidence guarantee that it represents. It has everything you need for the sale of solar panels and all the accessories that are required for their correct installation and use.

For our part we have a lot of information on the subject that can serve as a buying guide for you to make the best choice for your home and your family.

We want your shopping experience to be satisfactory and for you to enjoy the benefits of using renewable energies, which do not pollute and which will help you lower your electricity costs. This is certainly a multi-benefit option worth investing in.

Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits are systems for the use of solar energy that must be configured. It is common for them to bring all the necessary components for the installation of a domestic solar panel, that is, mounting accessories, panels, inverters, wiring and installation drawings.

The price of a solar panel kit may be lower than the total price of a professional solar installation, always bearing in mind that it is advisable to request the services of qualified labor in case of not having the necessary experience to carry out such work. .

Solar Batteries

Before deciding whether or not to install a solar panel system that includes energy storage, the costs and benefits of solar batteries should be studied.

Installing solar panels to produce your own energy is an investment that will pay off in a few years with a standard solar energy system, but when solar batteries are added to the system for energy storage, the situation changes a bit.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My House ?

When buying solar panels an essential question always pops up: how many panels should a house have? The reality is that this question does not have a single answer because it depends on several factors:

  • Location of the house
  • Hours of sunlight
  • Number of connected devices and appliances
  • Monthly energy expenditure, etc.

However, there is a simple way to estimate. To do this, it is necessary to have an electricity bill on hand, preferably for the months of highest consumption. If the bill shows the monthly consumption of kW, it must be divided by 30 to know the daily energy consumption.

Now, divide that result by the number of hours of sunlight in the area where you live. This way you will know how much each panel needs to generate per hour.

Finally, multiply that figure by 1000 to convert to hours / watt, which is the unit with which the panels are managed. This way you will know what you need the panels to produce.

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