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The excellent high protein, vitamin and nutritional values ​​of spirulina, position it as number one among the most powerful natural food supplements. For these and other reasons, many people consider it an interesting option to gain weight.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has even used this vegetable algae as a dietary supplement for astronauts on space missions thanks to its excellent nutritional content.

The easy-to-digest protein content of spirulina is even more beneficial than meat and offers a very high content of elements for good daily nutrition: minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, chlorophylls, phytochemicals and of course, an excellent content of vitamins.

The benefits of spirulina are many, it is indicated to counteract all kinds of nutritional deficits, inflammatory diseases, viruses, eating disorders, cellular aging and the most common of problems in people with fast metabolism: the inability to gain weight.

In the article below, we want to show you how to use spirulina algae to gain weight, as well as to develop muscle mass after physical exercises and a good diet. If you are one of those who does not gain weight despite multiple attempts, pay attention! This information is relevant to you.

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Spirulina to Gain Weight: Its Properties

Athletes around the world are supplementing their diets with spirulina algae, since it has been proven that as a dietary supplement, it is also capable of increasing weight and muscle mass.

To obtain good results in increasing weight and muscles, we must make sure to carry out a routine of exercises and training indicated for this same objective.

The high protein content is what causes a healthy and natural increase in body weight in people, as well as the amino acid chains generated by the same proteins and the very high content of different vitamin groups.

The development of muscles with spirulina algae also provides greater physical performance and decreased weakness. With the consumption of spirulina algae you will notice that you have more energy, due to the increase in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids in your body provided by the supplement.

Its mineral compounds reduce the possibility that we suffer an injury to the joints or muscles and another of the properties of spirulina is that, according to the time, the regularity and the way of consumption, spirulina makes you maintain a stable eating habit due to appetite regulation.

As if that were not enough, its high protein content provides us with the albumins our muscles need for their proper development, accompanied by a good exercise routine, 8 hours of sleep and the indicated diet as the case may be.

How Should Spirulina Be Consumed to Gain Weight?

Regardless of its presentation, it is necessary to know how to take spirulina. To increase muscle mass and weight it is necessary to consume 0.18 to 0.25 ounces (5 to 7 grams) of spirulina daily. In the case of spirulina in pills or pills, we can take 2 tablets after each meal, while with powdered spirulina we can make protein shakes, juices, tea or as a complement to salads, soups and other meals.

Is Spirulina Fattening ?

There are two opinion matrices, one defends the use of spirulina to lose weight and the second affirms that spirulina does make you fat, the United States health website publishes the following:

“Rumors that spirulina causes weight gain could be due to a study published in Nutrition and Metabolic Insights in 2011. In this study, malnourished HIV-infected adults were given a spirulina supplement to help improve their nutritional status, which led to an increase in weight and body mass index. However, that does not mean that spirulina causes fat gain if you are not malnourished. «

Speaking about spirulina and hypothyroidism, doctors and natural supplement specialists do not recommend that people with this disorder consume spirulina algae.

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Spirulina: Is It Good To Gain Weight ?
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Spirulina: Is It Good To Gain Weight ?
In this article, you will learn how to use spirulina algae to gain weight, as well as increase muscle mass after physical exercises and a good diet.
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