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Sricam IP WIFI cameras are a type of surveillance camera that has a direct connection to the Internet, so it is necessary to connect it to a router for its correct operation. They are generally used to monitor houses, businesses or rooms, both the interiors and exteriors of the place.

The Best Sricam IP WIFI Cameras

The most technological and innovative models of Sricam’s WIFI HD IP camera are compatible with tablets and mobiles, making the task of observing the images captured from the camera easier. In the following article we will show you everything you need to know about one of the best WiFi IP surveillance cameras on the market: the Sricam models.

Cheap Sricam IP Cameras Catalog

Amazon has become an excellent option for buying different products, Sricam cameras are no exception. Below we show you different types and models, that way you can make a comparison and decide which is the most appropriate for you:

Sricam WIFI IP Security Indoor Cameras

Its basic functions allow recording by time, by alarm (only when motion is detected) or manually. With the Sricam brand IP wireless cameras we obtain clear images of the interior of rooms, with which we can be sure of the well-being of our little ones and of maintaining the security of our home; In addition, the microphone and loudspeaker provide good communication within the house.

Sricam Deals on Amazon

Sricam Surveillance Outdoor Cameras on Offer

Thanks to its resolution, IR distance and its LEDs for night vision, outdoor surveillance with Sricam is efficient and provides maximum security against intruders or spies. This brand has specific models for the exterior, due to its ability to remain outdoors and resist harsh climates.

Sricam Cameras: Technical Features

With models like the Sricam SP017 IP WIFI you can be aware of what is happening in any room in your home or business, without the need for difficult-to-install wiring or obvious connections that impair covert surveillance.

Sricam IP WiFi cameras have an operating system with special functions that simplify their options and their operation in general. Each one of the models has optimal image sensors and technological lenses that manage to capture with great clarity every movement within their reach.

This type of WiFi cameras contain infrared light and a total angle of vision that covers the entire perimeter, achieving comprehensive surveillance of the place. Talk of Sricam is synonymous with excellent image resolution and its all-important night vision feature.

Sricam models feature excellent frame rates, allowing images to be captured without blurring or distortion. They have a wireless function that gives them autonomy and in terms of their size, these types of cameras are designed for cozy places due to their small dimensions.

Advantages and Uses of Sricam WiFi IP Cameras

It is about having an efficient security system and the camera brand definitely fully fulfills that function. This leading manufacturer offers high quality standards which generates an excellent value for money.

  • Sricam models support Micro SD cards with expandable capacity up to 128GB, with which you can store the images, records and information that has been captured by the camera.
  • These surveillance cameras allow a good connection through mobile, tablet or PC, just by downloading the Sricam application and performing the installation correctly.
  • It allows to control the turns through the mobile application, covering a large area and with suitable angles for comprehensive surveillance.
  • Camera captures all kinds of movements and is capable of moving up, down, in rotation and in positioning of points determined by configuration.
  • With the cameras with microphone and speaker Sricam IP WIFI it is possible to converse with people within the area, from the mobile through the camera.
  • It is one of the surveillance cameras with the best resolution on the market and as if that were not enough, it has night vision for sharp, clear and secure recordings.

Sricam IP Cameras Price

The cameras of this brand have an excellent value for money, varying costs according to the models and their operation.

These types of cameras are designed to adapt to the budgets of its users and therefore, it is necessary to make a good choice based on our needs and preferences. As you may have seen in the catalog presented above, the price of Sricam cameras is in a range between 30 and 120 dollar.

Sricam Cameras Best Deals

Its modernity in terms of design, its quality materials, how easy it is to install and its affordable price, has made the Sricam brand one of the best ways to monitor and maintain security within homes and businesses.

Sricam Camera: Opinions

Users who have purchased this brand claim that the confidence and peace of mind it brings to their homes is unmatched by any other security method.

The functionality of this camcorder is comfortable and current, since with the direct WiFi connection it is possible to view the captured images in real time from your Tablet or mobile (with WiFi connection or 4G network), no matter where you are.

Both nationally and internationally, Sricam has an excellent reputation and very good comments from each of its clients, thanks to the satisfaction of having both homes and businesses insured.

Installation and Configuration of the Sricam WIFI IP Camera

The installation and configuration of the Sricam models are based on simple, fast and very intuitive steps. They have a user manual in English with which we can guide ourselves, however, below, we present the basic configuration to start using it:

  1. Power on and factory reset the camera.
  2. Download, open and create an account in the Sricam application.
  3. While in the application platform, click on «add camera» and follow the steps indicated.

Clever! In less than 3 minutes you will have the security camera and WiFi surveillance operational, working and capturing even the slightest movement. 

Sricam Application

By following the link below, you can confidently download the application directly from Google Play, a more than safe site:


Sricam Camera Instruction Manual in English

In the following link you can get it:

Sricam Camera Instruction Manual in English

Final Words

The Operating system of a Sricam IP WIFI camera is based on the diversity of its uses, since it can be customized and use a configuration based on the needs and personal comforts of each user, making it impossible to monitor and maintain security within the house. 

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