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Guarantee the security of your spaces with an effective video surveillance system. The SRICAM SP017 IP WiFi LESHP camera is one of the best sellers on the market, offering a quality image with the best technical characteristics at an unbeatable price.

Easy to handle and consult thanks to its use through the Sricam app, with this product you will be able to improve the security of your home or workspace in a simple, fast and economical way. When you discover its characteristics and advantages, you will not resist buying it!

Where to Buy Sricam SP017 at the Best Price ?

In Amazon, and for a special price, you can buy the best-selling IP camera, with free shipping in many cases and all the accessories you need to install and start it as soon as you receive your package.

Get a surveillance camera at a discount price without giving up the best technology. You can install it both in your home, to monitor the children’s room or to secure your home while you are away, as well as in offices and work spaces as a night surveillance tool.

Purchase this product and discover why users have made it one of the best-selling IP cameras on Amazon.

Technical Characteristics of this Sricam SP017 IP WiFi P2P Camera

The technical characteristics of the Sricam LESHP IP WIFI P2P SP017 camera reveal why it is the best-selling on the market:

  • Wireless connection and manipulation through the Sricam app, easy to install on computers and mobile devices.
  • Video capture in HD resolution.
  • Infrared night vision up to 10 meters.
  • Motion sensor included.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Image storage with SD card up to 128 GB.
  • Ability to rotate 80º vertically and 355º horizontally to capture a larger area.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • 2.4GHz WiFi signal operation.
  • Effectiveness at a temperature between -10 and +50 ºC.
  • It works in environments with between 10 and 90% humidity.
  • Measures 12.7 x 10.2 x 13.7 centimeters
  • Weight of 454 grams.

What are the Advantages of the Sricam SP017 LESHP WiFi IP Camera ?

Price is not the only attraction in the Sricam LESHP SP017 WiFi IP camera, this product has vast advantages over its competitors that make it the best-selling IP camera online.

Some of its most outstanding qualities are:

Excellent technical performance: this IP surveillance camera captures HD images with great quality. Its adaptive motion sensor activates an alarm that alerts the user of activity directly on their device, while infrared allows vision in the dark without problem. The built-in microphone and speaker facilitate surveillance in all spaces, especially in the rooms of the little ones.

Excellent Price: There is no doubt that the value for money of this product is unmatched. For a very affordable amount you can have effective surveillance equipment that is easy to use and install.

Simple manipulation through the app: its configuration and remote use is done through the Sricam app, with which you can move the camera vertically and horizontally to effectively capture what is happening in the environment. The application is compatible with Android and iOS, allowing it to be installed on devices with different operating systems

Other Advantages

Easy installation and configuration: includes everything necessary for immediate installation once the camera is received. The package comes with a bracket, an Ethernet cable for initial setup, a power cord, screws, and a user manual for installation and commissioning.

Resistance to environmental changes: you can use your WiFi Sricam LESHP SP017 IP camera both in winter, supporting up to -10 ºC or in summer, operating with temperatures that rise to 50 ºC. Perfect operation in environments with up to 90% humidity.

Effective surveillance in different spaces: due to its mobility and its features, this IP camera is perfect both for home surveillance, to monitor the room of the little ones, as well as in offices and companies. It does not require a closed circuit installation, allowing you to monitor your spaces in a simple and economical way.


If you are looking for a quality IP camera, with good features but that is easy to install, with a simple operation and simple to monitor, then there is no doubt that the Sricam SP017 WiFi IP camera is the ideal alternative.

This product, perfect for your home or work space, more than fulfills its video surveillance function, providing a quality image and excellent technical characteristics. Do not spend more than necessary! Opt for this IP security camera and make a smart purchase that you will not regret.

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