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Do you want to know everything that happens in your home or office when you are not there? Well, today we present the perfect option: the Sricam SP020 IP WIFI camera.

Like the Sricam SP017 model, this device is very simple to use, discreet and thanks to the great image quality, innovative technologies and simplicity when installing it, it will become the perfect ally to know at all times who enters or comes out, or what is happening while you are away. Adding to the system Sricam wireless outdoor surveillance cameras you will achieve the perfect combination.

Sricam SP020 IP WiFi Camera Features

Here are the main technical characteristics of this camera model:

  • The Sricam SP020 IP Wifi surveillance camera is a suitable device to be installed indoors, measuring 7.3 cm. high, 7.6 cm. wide and 10 cm deep, which makes it perfect to be able to install it discreetly and thus not be discovered.
  • Its weight is around 175 gr. which allows it to be placed in high places without having to put strong restraints.
  • This device will allow you to see the image of your home or office from any mobile device in real time or you can do it later thanks to the 128 GB of storage available on a micro SD card.
  • Image quality is optimal, with a maximum supported HD resolution of up to 720P and with 4x digital zoom. It is also optimal for recording in low light situations with a night vision of up to 10 meters.
  • Its angle of view is 80° and includes a 90° vertical and 355° horizontal rotation. It also supports programmed rotation with 5 preset positions.
  • In addition, it includes a motion sensor and if it perceives something strange it will notify you through an alarm sent to your mobile device, email or its own alarm.
  • Includes 2.4G WIFI, RJ-45 Ethernet port and 10 LAN / 5 WAN concurrent users.

Where to Buy the Sricam SP020 Camera ?

Well, Amazon have become one of the best options to get various products at a great price. Here are the best offers for Sricam Sp020 WiFi IP surveillance cameras:

Offer for the Sricam SP020 on Amazon

Advantages of the Sricam SP020 IP Camera

Users highlight of this camera the good image quality it offers and the possibility of being able to know what is happening where it is installed in real time from the mobile device that you have connected.

Another of its strengths is the easy installation and configuration, which does not take more than a few minutes and does not require that whoever does it be an expert in the field, as we will explain later.

User Reviews

Doing our respective research we have found the following user opinions of these wireless WiFi cameras:

  • Great camera, everything perfect.
  • Good price with sufficient functions, correct quality video camera.
  • This is an option to consider if no additional features or extra quality are required.
  • 5 to 6 meters of distance are reached without problems in night vision and the daytime videos are of quite a quality.
  • You can see the entire room since you can turn it anywhere from your mobile.

A negative point is found in the following opinion, audio works very well bidirectionally, but it is in the audio that I consider the weakest. Volume in the reproduction of the camera is somewhat low and somewhat poor in quality, that’s why I give it 4 stars and not 5.

How to Configure the Sricam SP020 Camera ?

It was mentioned above, its configuration is really simple, you just have to follow three steps:

  1. Installation of the camera and the application on the chosen device.
  2. Add the camera as indicated.
  3. Start watching the video.

Final Words

The Sricam SP020 IP WIFI camera is the perfect option to know the situation in real time when you are not there.

In addition, its price is also really attractive so it would be an option to consider if you want to install a camera of these characteristics in your home or office. What are you waiting for? Buy it Now !!

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