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As a large Chinese manufacturer, the Szsinocam brand presents equipment of excellent quality and prices that are able to cover any budget.

The manufacturing materials, design structures and technology in the systems have drawn a line between conventional equipment and its innovative security devices.

The Szsinocam brand offers multiple models and video surveillance options for both homes and larger places with higher security demands.

Next, we will show you the advantages, characteristics and some of the models that this manufacturer offers its users. Keep reading! These could be the models that change your home from a conventional unsafe place to a fully monitored space.

Szsinocam Brand Indoor Model

This brand offers a 1080p model for indoor video surveillance, with a security camera that with its compact design and 3.6mm 2MP optical glass lens .

Its impeccable operation allows recordings and images that exceed user expectations, achieving remote and exclusive monitoring to increase the security levels of a house.

Szsinocam Model for Exterior

The Szsinocam Outdoor 1080P IP Camera with Motion Detection and IP66 certification is ideal for outdoors, with high resistance to weather conditions. In addition to its manufacturing materials, this outdoor camera presents a good quality of photography and video, as well as technological and innovative audio systems.

Bullet Type Model

Are you looking for a more professional surveillance? Ideal for offices, businesses, warehouses and gardens, the Szsinocam bullet camera has a resolution of 1920x1080p with a 4mm lens and enhanced night vision, as well as an image sensor with advanced DSP technology.

Szsinocam NVR Security System

The Szsinocam brand surveillance camera kit has the most complete and best priced offer for the surveillance of large structures, providing HD images and storage improved, as well as the simplicity of a Wi-Fi connection free of cables.

Advantages Presented by the Brand

  • It has an excellent value for money on cameras and security kits.
  • It fully meets the expectations of buyers for its multiple technological functions.
  • It is a guarantee of simplicity in terms of usability and configuration of each of its equipment.
  • The cameras have adequate resolution with full definition even for the smallest details.
  • Offers explanatory videos for those who don’t know how to install or configure cameras and security systems.
  • The Szsinocam work team has good customer service, which is a guarantee of purchases that leave a good experience for users.
  • On Amazon the company has offers with low prices and unbeatable shipping times.

Szsinocam General Features

The HDF progressive resolution of Szsinocam security cameras promotes images and videos with a very good definition of details.

The perfect images, the quality of the audio, the ability to detect strange movements, the NVR systems with high technology and WiFi connection, the compression of videos and the attractive and latest-range designs are some of its most outstanding and best features rated by Szsinocam users.

Szsinocam Mobile Application

With a WiFi connection of 2.4 GHz it is possible to connect a Smartphone under the applications compatible Szsinocam, CamHi and Danale, currently available for Android and iOS. It has a simple interface, does not take up a lot of storage and works perfectly for remote monitoring of equipment.


The evaluation is usually 4.5 stars in the case of security cameras and 5 stars for video surveillance system kits, with very positive opinions that position the brand as a state-of-the-art, reliable and 100% recommended manufacturer.

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The Szsinocam brand presents equipment of excellent quality and prices that are capable of covering any budget. Models, characteristics, advantages and prices
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