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They are recommended in large spaces such as parking lots, patios, gardens or for the exterior of a house, business or warehouse. The Szsinocam brand offers a 1080p wireless bullet IP camera model suitable for capturing irregular situations, thefts or even the arrival of intruders at home.

Bullet type P2P surveillance cameras are very suitable for outdoors, since they are specifically designed to withstand inclement weather and with resistant, durable materials that are ideal for outdoors, however, this does not limit its use indoors.

This Szsinocam IP 1080p model has been the choice of hundreds of people who opt for its smooth operation, state-of-the-art quality and other great features.

Szsinocam Bullet Wireless IP Camera Data Sheet

  • 2MP image resolution with 1920x1080p.
  • Night vision with infrared that reaches a distance of 20 to 30 meters.
  • 2MP optical lens with a thickness of 4mm to capture targets.
  • Image sensor with digital scanning and advanced DSP technology.
  • Compression system for videos (H.264).
  • Working WiFi up to 100 meters and with Ethernet port.
  • Motion detection, push message and mobile alarms as a form of notification.
  • Long hours of uninterrupted recording.
  • This bullet model from Szsinocam has a metal case with IP66 certification.
  • The temperatures for proper operation are -10ºc and 55ºc.
  • Dimensions of 19.6 x 11 x 10.6 cm and an approximate weight of 581gr.

Analysis of the Most Outstanding Characteristics and Advantages of the Bullet Type Szsinocam

The wide-angle lens of this Szsinocam bullet-style camera makes us experience the full HD quality of photos and videos. It allows clarity and very good definition of details, as well as a higher level of security capturing faces, scenes, small objects and others.

It has a wide field of vision of 135º and a very bright LED for night vision of the device. This last feature has automatic operation, with a range of up to 30 meters away.

The Szsinocam bullet camera has a noise system in the form of a siren to alert about any suspicious event. Although this function is deactivated, it is possible to activate it so that with the motion sensor and the mobile application, we have remote access to the camera to activate the siren and discourage a possible crime.

As if that were not enough, the Szsinocam brand offers speakers and a microphone that enhance the audio experience on this security camera.

Buy the Szsinocam Bullet Model at the Best Price

Today it is easier to get good deals on security cameras, especially thanks to the variety that we can find in Amazon.

On this platform we find the best price for the Szsinocam Wireless IP bullet 1080p camera, allowing people of any economic level to obtain this key device to improve the security of your home or business.

What are the Users Opinions?

Those who have obtained the Szsinocam bullet camera affirm the good quality of its security videos, manufacturing materials, definition of details, wide night vision and its perfect control from the mobile application.

This manufacturer offers 365 days warranty for the equipment, which presents an aspect of maximum confidence for interested users and customers.

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