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What is a Tower Fan ?

The tower fan is a device that serves to produce cold air and cool different spaces when summer arrives and temperatures rise.

It has a vertical shape and is usually of different sizes. Unlike traditional fans, they are usually silent tower fans and that is why they are considered the evolution of traditional style fans.

What is a Tower Fan Good For ? Benefits

If you don’t have air conditioning at home and it is impossible for you to rest or sleep, a mini tower fan is the perfect alternative. Some even know them as a portable air conditioner. Rooms will be cooler as tower fans are compact units that provide more airflow than most traditional ones.

They have the ability to distribute the air at an angle of 90 degrees, with an oscillatory movement supported by a fixed base, the fusion of these two elements make it a highly efficient appliance.

Their vertical design is one of the greatest advantages since it allows them to be located in places with reduced spaces where larger fans could not be located.

They serve to give the environment a feeling of cleanliness and freshness since almost all models are equipped with the air ionization function.

Types of Tower Fans. Features to Consider

The offer of tower fans on the market is very wide and it is normal that it costs you to decide before such a large and varied catalog. Instead of classifying by types, our suggestion is to compare some models with others based on these characteristics:

1. Speed ​​and Rotation

These two points are the most important because thanks to them you will be able to raise or lower the intensity with which your fan emits the air or the movement it makes. You can have your fan fixed or not based on the needs of each moment.

The normal thing is that the movement of a fan oscillates between 45 and 90º and they are usually three speeds, although there are also more powerful ones.

2. Power

It is related to the size of the room or space that you want to cool. If it is very large you will have to look for one with a high power, otherwise a 45 W one will be enough.

3. Timer

Although this is not a determining factor, it will be very comfortable for you. Thanks to the timer, you will be able to program the tower fan to activate or stop automatically.

For example, you can set it to turn on an hour before you get home and have it turn off at bedtime. As soon as you enter your home you will notice a very pleasant sensation of freshness and you can sleep without leaving it on.

Regulate it to get the temperature in your room between 20 and 24 ºC, the recommended average, and you will see.

4. Silent System

Thanks to your silent tower fan you will be able to sleep peacefully because these devices, unlike traditional fans, barely emit noise.

You will not be bothered by any buzz or anything like that so, in addition to being cool, you will be calm without anything disturbing you. You can have the window closed, sleeping in summer is already possible!

5. Remote Control

Although this is not a determining factor if it can be very comfortable, especially if you are lying on the sofa or in bed and want to change the setting of your fan. You will not have to leave the site.

6. Size and Weight

This can be much more important than it seems, especially if you want to take it from here to there.

If you are looking for one that does not take up much space, the mini tower fan is the most recommended option because it is of the same quality as the rest but a little smaller.

7. Price

The price of the tower fan is very wide and you can find one that costs, at least, 40 dollar to others, a little more expensive, it depends on what you are willing to spend.

The more options and possibilities it offers, the higher its cost and in this article you will find cheap tower fans of the best quality and with all the accessories you are looking for.

8. Brand

It is another aspect that can influence the cost of your fan. The most popular are the Carrefour tower fan, the Bionaire tower fan and the Honeywell tower fan. However, the Midea vertical fan or the Electrolux are just as good, among others.

9. Design

Finally, this aspect should be taken into account because thanks to it you will get it to fit more, or less, in your dining room, in your living room or in the room you want.

Once you have taken all of the above into account, assessed what you want to prioritize and found an ionizing tower fan that meets the requirements, making the decision will be very easy!

Advantages of the Vertical Tower Fan

As we have already mentioned, the fan tower is like a traditional device but a little more evolved. The advantages they present compared to the classics are:

1. Produce Clean and Fresh Air

Unlike the old ones, they do not move the air but expel a new one. This will really lower the temperature of the room and prevent you from dying of heat because you can turn it off when it reaches 22ºC on average.

2. Noise they emit is minimal

The usual fans make an annoying whirring noise when the blades move; however, tower fans simply blow air. Although, to tell the truth, they are also somewhat noisy, the sound is considerably reduced compared to the usual fans so they are much better.

3. They are much safer

If you have a boy or girl at home and you use a classic fan, you will have to be aware of him at all times. If you carelessly get too close to the fan and stick your fingers inside the blades, you can do a lot of damage. With tower fans this does not happen.

Tower Fan – Best Brands and Models

When choosing yours it is important to take into account different aspects such as speed, power, if it has a rotation system and a silent system or not or if it works with a remote. But do you want to make a safe purchase?

You can rest easy because in this article we offer you all the information you are looking for and need. You will be able to know which is the best selling or the best rated powerful tower fan, let’s get started!

Orbegozo Ionizing Tower Fan with Remote

Orbegozo brand has more than 5 models of vertical fans, positioning itself among the best in the European market. They allow the use of three ventilation speeds, in addition to three modes presented as night, normal and breeze.

Its power is 45 W and they have a timer of up to twelve hours. On a digital screen you can see the temperature of the area where the fan is located, whose air will be kept purer thanks to its ionic function.

The remote gives an additional advantage, you will not have to abandon your comfort to control the operation. In order to achieve a better air distribution, it has an oscillation function. The best Orbegozo tower fan is the TWM 1010 model.

Other Orbegozo models:

TW 0850, TW 0745, TWM 1015, TW 1009, TW 0800, TW 0750, TM 0915, TWM 0975.


  • Powerful
  • Timer and remote
  • Aesthetic
  • Cools well areas with moderate size and indicated for its performance
  • Pretty quiet


  • A little more expensive than other makes and models

Rowenta Eole Infinite Digital VU6670F0 Standing Oscillating Tower Fan

Quickly cool the entire room with the Eole Infinite Digital VU6670F0 180-degree compact tower fan from Rowenta. Due to its stylized design, it provides space savings and a substantial improvement in terms of aesthetics, since it is integrated into practically any decoration.

It has a slim profile one meter high and cutting edge airflow technology. The VU6670F0’s enlarged air grill and innovative 180-degree oscillation provide maximum coverage and effective cooling in all directions.

Choose between three adjustable air speed settings or the «automatic» mode, which automatically adjusts the air speed to maintain room temperature, which you can see on its LED display.

There is also a setting to stop or start the oscillation and a timer that can turn the fan off after one, two, four or eight hours. For safety, it automatically shuts off after 12 hours.

Other highlights include a compact remote, a lightweight design with a built-in handle for easy portability from room to room, cord rewinding for compact storage, and the ability to open the rack at the back to safely clean the interior.

Other Rowenta models:

Eole Infinite VU6620F0, Classic Tower VU6140F0, Eole Compact VU6210F0, and the Intense Comfort Hot SO9420F0 ceramic tower heater.


  • Quiet and powerful in fixed position
  • It has a timer and remote
  • Due to its greater height it has a better air outlet


  • Slightly noisy in oscillating function
  • A little more expensive than the competition with good value for money

Vertical Bladeless Fan Combo for Hot and Cold Air U ULTTY

This appliance can be used in all seasons of the year due to its dual function of heater or fresh air fan. Among its advantages we find that it has 13 speeds, 9 for cold and 4 for heat.

It oscillates at an angle of 80º and its air multiplier technology forms a wide stream that covers the entire environment. Its remote control and timer of up to 8 hours increase your comfort and safety.


  • Minimalist and discreet design
  • Easy and quiet use
  • Convenient height
  • Remote control


  • Not enough for areas greater than 130 square feet

Taurus Babel RC with Remote Control, 45W Oscillating Power

Enjoy the comfort offered by this model of the Taurus brand. The area will be cool quickly thanks to its oscillation that provides a wide coverage which will create a comfortable environment.

It also has a timer that can be extended up to seven and a half hours, so you won’t have to worry about turning it off, all the information displayed on an LED screen.

If you need to move it between different environments there is no problem, in addition to being very light it has a built-in ergonomic handle that will allow you to do it with minimal effort.


  • Convenient air circulation
  • Small easy-to-use remote control
  • 3 speeds or operating modes


  • Somewhat low in height
  • Noisy

Cecotec ForceSilence 9090 Skyline Tower Fan

This model is manufactured with a high efficiency and durability motor made of copper. To control the air flow, it has been designed with 3 speeds that will allow you to achieve the desired temperature.

Its design is elegant and it looks good with practically all decorations. Easy to locate, store and transport.

Simple programming of functions such as timer, speed and oscillation using the remote, which can be stored in the fan that has a dedicated space. It can be purchased in four different sizes, with the 3.35-feet being the best seller. 

Other Cecotec Models:

ForceSilence 7090 Skyline, ForceSilence 8090 Skyline, ForceSilence 8190 Skyline Ionic, ForceSilence 6090 Skyline, ForceSilence 9900 Skyline Bladeless


  • Good value for money
  • Timer and remote control
  • Convenient height for increased air flow


  • In night mode it turns off frequently due to temperature

Other Brands

Among them we can mention Bionaire, Princess, Aigostar, Carrefour, Q-Connect and Troter, Pelonis, AmazonBasics, Holmes, Vornado, Artic-Pro, and Avalon.

Honeywell QuietSet HYF290B 8 Speed ​​Black Vertical Fan

This is one of the quietest models according to users. With QuietSet technology and its 8 speeds, it allows complete control of the cooling and noise emitted by the unit.

It is operated electronically through digital buttons and the timing function allows automatic shutdown in 4 different time periods. The cooling is uniform in the area as it is oscillating and is provided with a safety fuse in the socket.

Very easy to install as it does not require the use of tools. Includes remote control and detailed user manual.

Other Honeywell Models:

QuietSet HY260W White, Honeywell with remote control HYF048, Powerful Cooling HYF023W, Honeywell HTF210B mini tower fan.


  • Handle and storage space for the remote
  • 5 levels of intensity of the lights that vary by 25% until they turn off completely
  • Chrome details in the finish


  • Lack of power according to some isolated opinions

Lasko Wind Curve T42951 Portable Fan

This tower fan has a sleek and slim design, saves space while providing all the functionality you need, easily incorporating into your décor.

It is oscillating and has 3 silent speeds. The convenient night time function automatically reduces the fan speed and dims the control lights for use at night.

It can be programmed to automatically turn off after a period of use between 0.5 and 7.5 hours with the electronic timer option. 

It can be easily moved from room to room with the built-in carry handle and the remote can be kept close at hand with convenient storage on the fan. It comes equipped with the Lasko blue plug, patented safety fuse technology.

Other Lasko Models:

Space saver Lasko 4924, 4930, Lasko 2511, 4443 tower fan and the AC60 without blades.


  • Height 3.6 feet
  • Oscillation function provides a well-distributed maximum air supply
  • Night mode silences the fan display and the intensity of the lights


  • Slightly noisy to sleep

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 without Blades

The Dyson Cool ™ AM07 tower fan generates a smooth, powerful airflow for personal cooling. Like all Dyson bladeless fans, it uses Air Multiplier ™ technology to draw in the surrounding air and create a powerful air blast.

Some models are quiet but weak; others are powerful but loud. The AM07 is quiet and powerful, making it the best silent fan. Dyson engineers have reduced turbulence and noise throughout the machine by channeling airflow more efficiently. Engine noise and vibration have been isolated and significantly reduced.

There’s also a remote for precise airflow control, and the AM07 has a timer that can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals, for easy use throughout the night.

All Dyson equipment is rigorously tested during development, so the AM07 comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. 

Other Dyson Models:

AM06 Table Fan, AM09 Heater and Cooler Combo, AM10 Humidifier Fan and the Pure Cool Air Purifier.


  • Dyson fans do not have blades, making them safer in homes with pets or young children
  • They are also easier to clean
  • Remote for better use


  • Expensive. Not surprisingly, a Dyson fan is much more expensive than a traditional fan.
  • Limited incline. If you are looking for a fan that can point air to a specific location, the Dyson brand may not be the best option for you.

Lo sentimos, no se encontraron ofertas en este momento / Sorry, no offers were found at this time.

Seville Classics UltraSlimline Combo Including a Mini Tower Fan

The 3.35 feet UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan can be useful in different environments that require cooling, whether at home or office. It is equipped with 4 very quiet speeds that will make you feel cool and comfortable on hot and humid days.

Oscillating feature provides 75 degrees of coverage. The fan can be regulated with the included LCD remote control and the timer function. This model has a sleek appearance with a satin black frame color while the grille is a beautiful silver.

Combo includes the UltraSlimline 17-inch Oscillating Personal Tower Fan. Designed to be lightweight and compact, so much so that it can easily fit into any workstation, such as an office, desk, bedroom, cubicle, kitchen, or garage.


  • 2-unit combo
  • Three speed settings
  • Oscillates 75 degrees for powerful, rapidly expanding air movement
  • Includes LCD remote control with 2 AAA batteries included with 15 feet of range


  • Slightly noisy personal fan

Ozeri 3X with Bluetooth – Compatible with iOS and Android Devices

This fan has passive noise reduction technology and highlights its Bluetooth function through which it can be controlled from a smart device.

Its height is 44” and it is manufactured with three fans distributed in its structure which can be controlled independently with 3 ventilation speeds each. To stimulate sleep it is pre-programmed with three air flow patterns and a 90º oscillation function.

It has been designed in an aesthetically pleasing style and its glass base makes it look elegant. Programmable timer for up to seven and a half hours in 30 minute intervals.

Using the free app you can control the functions via iOS and Android devices or using the remote control also included.


  • Use of Bluetooth technology and passive noise reduction
  • Touch LED control panel
  • Free app for smart devices


  • A little more expensive than other models


Buying a tower fan has never been easier! Thanks to this article you will be able to find the perfect one for you. Just evaluate what aspects you are going to prioritize and find the model and brand of tower fan that meets them and make your purchase.

Once you buy it and have it at home remember that you do not have to cover it, wet it and that you have to clean it when it is turned off and disconnected from the light. If you follow these recommendations and, once the summer is over, you store it in the box in good condition, it will surely last a long time!

So what are you waiting for? Choose a cheap tower fan, of the measures you are looking for and with the power, rotation and speeds you want. Having a good, nice and cheap fan is possible!

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