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A domain is the name by which a website is known. There are domains for every type of company or circumstance and it is the domain that will define how it will be found on the Internet.

Types of Domain

The types of Internet domains are divided into three large groups, the generic domains or gTLD (geopraphical Top Level Domain), the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) and the third level domains.

gTLDs Domains

gTLDs are generic domains that do not fit the environment of a specific country. We know them to be the most common and they have extensions .com, org, .net, .top, etc. That is: is a generic domain.

Domains with a .com extension are used by companies and commercial organizations around the world. Those with  .org extension are used by non-profit organizations and institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). While companies and institutions related to Internet services are defined by having a .net extension.

ccTLDs Domains

The domains associated with a specific country are the ccTLDs, which are defined by acquiring a site with a unique extension belonging to each region. For example, in Mexico ccTLD domains end with the extension .mx, in USA is .us, in Spain this type of domain ends with .es, or in France, the extension is .fr.

Third Level Domains

Third level domains have the same purpose as gTLD domains, but they also acquire the territorial identity of the ccTLDs. Government or educational domains are characteristic of this type. They simply must have a termination,, etc.

However outside these three big groups, there are other types of domain extensions, some perhaps unknown and others more common than we think. Conversions presents you the most used ones:

Types of Domain: Extension Description


They are assigned by government institutions by country


Exclusive use for universities, secondary, primary and education-related institutions


They’re used mainly by video, film and television companies


For use on sites compatible with mobile devices


Domains designed mainly for information dissemination


For companies, organizations and individuals located in Asia, Australia and the Pacific


Can be used for commercial and business activities


This extension can be useful for those who want to get a global domain and have no possibility to get a .com


Abbreviation for Web Site, it is an option for any type of web


For sites with sexual or pornographic content


Intended for registration of proper names, nicknames, etc.


For specific use reserved for professionals of certain categories, grouped in sub-domains. Example: (doctors)


Exclusive use for the United States military


Reserved to cooperatives and to register it is necessary to prove the existence of the cooperative through the corresponding local body


The use of this domain is exclusive to museums


For use by travel agents or tourist destinations

There are also the generic Multilingual domains: those .com, .org and .net domains that have “ñ” letter (spanish), accents or other special characters. Example: Españ

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Types of Domain Name
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Types of Domain Name
Mains types of domains name are gTLDs, ccTLDs and third-level. Among the most common extensions are .com, .net, .org, .info, .tv and name
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