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Innovation and home automation have created a new concept for surveillance and sports cameras: smart designs, specialized functions and better communication on both external and internal channels. Have you ever wondered what happens in your home during your work hours ?

In the following article, we will present you the great offer of Victure as a brand of modern cameras, with a complete operation and excellent connection with users through its mobile application.

Victure Sports Cameras

Sports cameras have an unbeatable offer in terms of resolution and FPS, being equipment highly valued by tourists and extreme athletes, as they are professional, waterproof and inexpensive cameras. Below we show you the best-selling models and with the best opinions in Amazon:

Victure Security WiFi IP Cameras

Each Victure camera model responds to the demand for security, good resolution, subtle design and night vision.

Victure Indoor Models

For home interiors, Victure offers the PC530 camera model with 1080p resolution, motion detection, two-way audio, 2.4GHz WiFi, and a complete application on iOS and Android systems.

The 90º angle lens of this Victure camera provides a horizontal rotation of 355º and vertical of 100º, achieving a total panoramic angle of up to 360º, which avoids blind areas inside the home. This IP camera has a 38dB microphone, intelligent anti-noise technology and two-way audio. You can see this model and the PC540 on Amazon:

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The PC540 with its 10 units of infrared LEDs and dual filter technology, offers excellent night vision up to 39 feet in complete darkness. This camera monitors every movement and sends notifications to the mobile phone application, which helps us control the external spaces of our home.

This PC540 model has two-way audio, 2.4GHz WiFi capability, and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Dome Type

The Victure dome camera is 1080P, has motion detection and offers a smart design that adapts very well to spaces. Its model is PC330, it has two-way audio and excellent definition not only for photos but also for videos thanks to its fast FPS.

What are the Advantages of  Victure Brand ?

Having a surveillance camera is a plus for both security and control of what happens in your home, from activities carried out by your employees (gardeners, maintenance people, babysitters and others) to viewing your pet during your alone time.

Victure cameras offer high sharpness, very good image definition, as well as excellent video resolution. It has WiFi IP cameras that allow the transmission of files, advanced functions such as night vision and also very good movement sensors.

Our Victure Camera Reviews

General Characteristics of Victure Cameras

  • High resolution photos and videos
  • Chambers resistant to changes in climate, water and the passage of time
  • Victure has good technical support
  • Excellent connection via mobile app and WiFi
  • The audio systems are efficient and have very good quality
  • In Amazon you find the best models of wireless and sports security cameras
  • 12 months warranty for each camera

Application: Does Victure have a Mobile APP ?

The cameras have excellent mobile applications that work over WiFi and generally, each model has a different application for Android and iOS systems.

Victure Brand Image

Customer Reviews

According to its users on Amazon, the Victure brand offers us a high standard in advanced performance, as well as excellent image resolution and full perimeter coverage.

VICTURE Company Contact Information

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The Great Offer of Victure as a Brand of Cameras, with an Integral Operation and Connection with Users through its Mobile Application
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