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An automatic sprinkler timer, as it is also known, is very useful for all those who want to take care of their garden without having to be aware of it at all times and, thanks to this magnificent device, the irrigation system will activate when appropriate and the garden will never be dry.

What is a Water Timer and What is it Used For?

The water timer is a device that allows you to control different irrigation systems, either by dripping or by sprinklers.

Another benefit of the so-called automatic irrigation clock is its invaluable contribution to making a responsible use of water, with the advantages that this implies for the environment and for our monthly bill.

From now on you can say goodbye to hoses. You will save time, save energy and recover a space in your garden that was occupied by pipes and watering cans. Are you looking for the perfect irrigation controller for you? Thanks to the product reviews that we will do below you will be able to find it.

Buying a cheap, quality irrigation controller with all the guarantees is possible. You just have to go to the right place! Find here everything you are looking for.

Battery Water Timer

Are you thinking of automating your garden irrigation system? Battery operated irrigation controllers offer programming flexibility for a wide range of applications.

The most popular ones are durable, sturdy, and completely waterproof. Battery operated irrigation timers are easy to install and offer reliable solutions for any irrigation system.

The Best Brands

Given the popularity that irrigation timers have gained, different brands have developed a large number of models that are present on the market today, among them we find Orbit, Hunter, AQUA CONTROL, Rain Bird, Gardena, Hozelock and many more. We expand the information about some of them below and you can see them on Amazon.

Orbit Water Timer

Due to its performance and technical characteristics, the Orbit brand has managed to position its different models very well. They are very practical devices that will allow you to maintain the beauty of your garden while you enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

Advantages and Features Present in their Models

  • They are easy to install and program.
  • Great value for the price.
  • They allow you to control the frequency, duration and time of irrigation, which is beneficial for the environment and for your budget.
  • The operation buttons are large for easy operation.
  • They have an LCD screen.
  • There are models for both exterior and exterior use.
  • To avoid wasting water on rainy days, some models have the «Rain Delay» function that can delay starting for 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • Programming can be interrupted without losing it thanks to a manual watering selector.
  • Irrigation zoning with times between 1 and 99 minutes.
  • There are models that have the possibility of connecting a rain sensor.
  • Variable amount of irrigations per day through its programming.
  • Orbit models for 4, 6, 9 and 12 stations or areas to be covered.

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Hunter Electric Irrigation Programmer 

The Hunter brand is synonymous with quality in the manufacture and marketing of a wide variety of products designed to make efficient use of water when it comes to irrigation systems. Among its main products are sprinklers, control valves, climate sensors and of course irrigation controllers.

Advantages and Features

The following characteristics are general and are not present in all models, they will depend on the one selected:

  • Non-volatile memory clock.
  • They are compatible with climate sensors.
  • Models with 4, 6 and more stations.
  • The Hunter X-Core water timer is considered the perfect solution for residential uses and has three programs and four irrigation starts per program.
  • Easy installation both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ability to detect short circuits electronically.
  • Seasonal adjustment in a range between 10% and 150%.
  • It manages a 365-day calendar in its programming.
  • Some models support the incorporation of a rain sensor.
  • Very reliable and efficient devices whose installation, operation and maintenance are very easy procedures.
  • In the event of electrical failures, they keep the programming, time and date information.
  • Programmable sensor by zones.
  • Outdoor models feature a lockable plastic housing and built-in adapter.

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The Best AQUA CONTROL Water Timer Model C4099N Blue

The AQUA CONTROL brand recognized for its more than 15 years in the market has developed several models of irrigation timers, but the C4099N has been positioned in the first place due to its excellent value for money. We tell you more about it.

Advantages and Technical Characteristics of the Model C4099N

  • It allows adjusting the frequency and duration of the irrigation process, thus programming the system in a very simple and fast way.
  • Protected against the entry of water in rainy conditions, with a protective cover that protects its internal structure.
  • It can be used in water tanks, with a minimum pressure of 1 and a maximum of 8 bars.
  • It has a waterproof compartment for two AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries which are required for its operation, which are not included in the shipment.
  • It uses a ball-type mechanism to control the entry and exit of the water.
  • The AQUA CONTROL C4099N water timer is manufactured with high quality materials.
  • Easy to manipulate through its ergonomic dials that even with wet hands provide a good grip.
  • Different programming scales of duration and frequency of irrigation time.
  • Built-in Delay function.
  • Possibility of manual closing and opening.
  • User manual in different languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German

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Rain Bird Model WP1 Water Timer with Solenoid Valve

This model from the Rain Bird brand is one of the most popular due to its easy installation and programming. It has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • It includes a solenoid valve.
  • LCD display with clear function icons.
  • Each schedule allows eight starts per day.
  • It works with a 9V alkaline battery.
  • Scheduling can be done on odd, even and weekly days.
  • A station.
  • Withstands temperatures between 158ºF and -4ºF.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 10 bars.
  • The WP1 has a Rain Delay function.
  • Possibility of automatically stopping irrigation if connected to a rain sensor.
  • It is an electronic water timer.

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WiFi Water Timer

Proper use and installation of a WiFi irrigation timer can save you time and ultimately money. All due to the more efficient use of water, which is great for your budget, your garden and the environment.

By simply connecting the WiFi water timer in your garden, download the corresponding application and carry out the process to synchronize the application with the key. You can wirelessly control the flow of water from your mobile or computer using the water timer wireless interface.

Where to Buy Cheap and Quality Water Timer ?

When buying this type of gardening tool, it is advisable to go to a trusted store such as the online portal Amazon, which has all the information we need and competitive prices, but not only this.

Knowing user opinions is just as important and this is one of the many advantages of the digital age. It is very important to know which irrigation controller is the one with the best ratings among users, the most purchased or the cheapest.

All this information will help you to clarify doubts and to be sure that you have made a good purchase. Once you have it at home, use it and the watering season is over, uninstall it. You have to store it in a place out of the sun to make sure it lasts longer and keeps working when you install it again.

Therefore, what are you waiting for to buy your Water Timer ? Compare all the information, do a price comparison and discard those timers that do not fit what you are looking for.

We insist, also pay attention to the users reviews, there is no one better than those who have already used a certain timer to tell how it goes! As soon as you install it, you will be more than satisfied!

How Does a Water Timer Work ?

A timer for irrigation is a garden accessory that allows the irrigation process to be programmed by time, duration and zones, thus facilitating the task both for those who have a garden or orchard at home, as well as for the common areas of some communities of neighbors.

You should avoid confusing the irrigation controller with the irrigation solenoid valve since they are two different devices.

How to Choose Which Water Timer to Buy ?

When choosing an automatic water timer there are several aspects that should be taken into account and they are:

  • Price: there are them for all budgets and it will depend on the outlay you want to make and what you need. A drip irrigation programmer for one or two zones is cheaper than the rest and, if you don’t have a very large garden, this can help.
  • Size: As just mentioned, each irrigation controller has a different organization by zones. There are some that allow programming for two and others that instead offer a wider offer.

If your garden is very large or has different areas of sun and shade, you should choose one that allows you to be able to program each of them independently.

If you don’t know how to manage the areas of your garden, we will give you a little trick: take into account the places where the sun shines all day and where it does not, if there are trees or even if there is a path that divides your flowerbed into different parts .

  • Types of turns and tap connectors: both aspects are very important, especially that of the tap connector. If you forget to look at this, you may find that once you open it, it does not fit the valve you have at home.
  • Battery: you may prefer an irrigation clock that works with batteries or another dual that goes with battery or current. According to your preferences and, above all, according to the installation of your house, they will adapt better to you.

If you choose an electric one, make sure before having an access point outside the house where you can plug in the automatic irrigation timer.

  • Installation: if you are going to be in charge of connecting and starting your drip programmer, it is convenient that you look for one that is easy to install.

Currently there is already the WiFi irrigation programmer and with it you will be able to forget about keys and others. If you do not like that they are in the middle, a timer of this style will suit you.

  • Accessories: there are some programmers with LCD screens and others that are ECO. The latter allows cutting the flow of water during irrigation so that it gives time to absorb the emitted water before continuing to water, with the savings that this means.

Other accessories that may be interesting are the meteorological sensor that will stop your irrigation programmer if it rains or those that also pour the fertilizer or compost that you have on your garden. Your automatic irrigation kit can be as complete as you want.

  • Type of programming: the cost of irrigation programmers is usually higher when both the duration and the frequency can be automated, but there are times when it is advisable to pay a little more.

If you want to water your garden a certain number of times a day during a certain period of time, you will need these types of timers. Here you can see how simple the programming is even when there are several sectors.

  • Brand: it is a factor that must also be taken into account, but it does not have to be decisive. Some of the best known are the Hunter irrigation controller, the Gardena automatic irrigation timer, the Orbit, Toro irrigation controller, the Aqua Control water timer, and the Galcon irrigation controller.

Types of Water Timers

There are three different types of irrigation programmers and they are:

  1. Analogue: it is a mechanical watch that simply opens and closes the tap for a certain time. They are perfect for small gardens.
  2. Electrical: they are more complex and have a digital display that allows you to program the hours of operation, their duration and the zones. They are the most suitable for large parks, with different areas.
  3. Mixed: it is a combination of both and the price is usually lower than that of electric.

Safety measures that should be taken into account when using Automatic Irrigation Systems

When we set our irrigation timer we do so with the intention of leaving it running without our supervision and we may not even be home when it is activated.

However, it is important to make sure before that everything is correct. Some of the precautions we have to take are:

  • Be careful with the electronic and / or mechanical equipment in your garden. Surely they cannot get wet so it is best to remove them or protect them with some type of insulation.
  • Be careful when combining chemical or flammable products with the irrigation controller, it is not always possible.

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