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Imagen Repisas Flotantes para Salon
Floating Shelves for Living Room

When you want to organize your home there are many resources that you can use to achieve results that are pleasing to the eye. Floating shelves are one of them, since by lacking visible support structures they add elegance to spaces.

The best thing is that these types of structures can be used in multiple areas of the house. You can use floating shelves for the kitchen, for the TV in your living room. You can also install them in the bathroom and even in outdoor spaces to place plants.

What are Floating Shelves Used For ? Types

Floating shelves are not only stylish, but they allow you to discreetly put your home in order. In addition, they can give objects a new look as they work very well to highlight a vase, a small work of art or very special books.

As you can see, it is a very versatile accessory that can be functional and aesthetic at the same time. In the Amazon online store there is a range of options in multiple materials and shapes to choose from.

Floating Kitchen Shelves

In the kitchen, floating shelves can be an excellent support for spices, small pots with aromatic herbs or for hanging pots and pans.

For Corners

Although floating corner shelves are ideal for bathrooms, every day they are used more to fill those empty spaces in the living room, bedrooms or other areas of the house, providing a perfect aesthetic free of clutter.

Floating Shelves for Living Room

There are several types of shelves, but most have in common that they have an external structure. Although manufacturers have played with this feature to make them more attractive, floating shelves undoubtedly provide the same practicality as a traditional shelf but without any decorative additions.

This feature is ideal if you want to give your spaces a minimalist touch, or if, on the contrary, you already have a very defined style and do not want to add more visual elements.

Bathroom Wall Models

Floating Shelves for Bathrooms

Floating Shelves for Bathrooms

In the bathroom there are many things to organize, personal hygiene products, towels and of course some decorative elements. With floating shelf systems that give the appearance of being an integral part of the walls, you can achieve that without complicated installations.

The Best Floating TV Shelves

In a living room, a floating television shelf gives a very modern air to the space, allowing you to place on it the satellite or cable TV box, DVDs, video game consoles, the WIFI router, etc.

For Books

If you are thinking that to keep your books organized you will need a heavy library cabinet, let us tell you what you are wrong. With floating book shelving systems you can store them aesthetically and always have them within reach.

Children’s Floating Shelves

Thanks to the advantage that floating shelves have of being able to install them at the height we want, they can be very useful in our children’s room. They can be used to highlight some toys or children’s stories.

Table or Desk Type

How about the idea of ​​having a nightstand, desk or kitchen side table without legs and possibly even folding? Well, the advantageous floating shelves also lend themselves to that.

For Routers and Consoles

Thanks to technological advances, every day we have more electronic devices in our home such as the Echo Dot, Wi-Fi routers, wireless speakers, among others. Since they represent an investment and even a necessity, why not organize them in a safe place instead of having them anywhere risking them?

Guide to Buying Floating Wall Shelves Without Fear of Being Wrong

There are some variables that you should take into account before buying your floating shelves. These are the most important:

Height: the height of a floating shelf should not exceed 71 inches / 1.80 meters. Having higher shelves means that very few people will have access to them, which is impractical, as well as being visually unpleasant. Also keep in mind that the shelves should never be higher than the upper frame of the pictures in the house.

Materials: on the market it is common to find floating wooden shelves or floating melamine shelves. But they are also available in other materials, such as glass, plastic, aluminum, or other metals.

Wooden Floating Shelves

Of course, the wooden ones are the most resistant along with the metallic ones. If the idea is to place objects of medium weight, plastic and glass must be discarded. This material should not be used in children’s rooms or to support kitchen utensils, as if they are hot the shelf can break.

Metal Floating Shelves

Imagen de Estantes Flotantes de Metal Acero inoxidable aluminio
Metal Floating Shelves

Shape: Today’s floating shelves aren’t just rectangular. They are available in many shapes: Some are curved, others allow figures to be assembled (children’s shelves often play with this type of design).

Other shelves already include a particular design, so when installed they are like a medium format work of art. Here the choice has more to do with personal tastes and the general tone of the decoration.

For a home with a very modern feel, curved shelves can be the finishing touch. If the style is more traditional, the classic wooden floating shelves are the best choice.

Colors: Floating shelves can be colored. But in this case, they have to harmonize with the color of the space where they are going to be installed, unless it is the children’s room. There you can explore very fun and unconventional combinations.

As you can see, floating shelves can do a lot for our home if we know how to choose and install them properly. In this sense, the quality of the materials will help us to obtain visual and functional results that last over time.

If the weight that the shelf can support raises you doubts, you can always resort to the supports for floating shelves, but if you take into account some considerations regarding the objects that you are going to place on the surface, then you will not have problems.

Where to Buy Cheap Floating Shelves ?

The online store Amazon has the most complete sale of floating shelves on the market. There you will not only be able to find the shelves, but all the accessories you need for a correct installation, such as the invisible brackets for floating shelves.

So if you are looking for floating shelves for the living room, kitchen or any space in your house with original or traditional designs and at the best prices on the market, you will find them at Amazon. Go ahead and give a new air to your spaces!

How to Install Floating Shelves

If you want to make sure you know how to install the floating shelves correctly, you can keep reading because here we are going to explain:

First of all, you must take into account the weight you expect to place on the shelf, because the depth of the shelf will depend on this factor. If it is to support small or very light objects, you can use floating shelves about 20 cm deep. Books require about 7.9 inches / 22 cm depth on the shelf, while heavier objects need about 12 inches / 30 cm.

Check that you can put holes in the wall. It will not be the same to try to open a hole in a concrete wall than in a plaster wall. In each case you will need different materials and it may even be necessary to make repairs.

At the time of installation you should have a drill and bit, leveler, screws, nails, rods, brackets, tape measure and of course the floating shelves at hand. Now you must follow these steps:

  1. Measure height and width of the wall. Choose the place where you want to place the shelf (centered, leaving a certain cm aside, etc.)
  2. If your shelf already has metal supports with rods, use those markings to highlight the drilling sites with a pencil. If you have only the holes with rods, use masking tape to measure where each hole goes. Make the mark with a pencil and then peel off the tape.
  3. Use the leveler to verify that the shelves will be straight.
  4. Drill the holes and attach the bracket.
  5. You are now ready to place the shelves on the respective supports.

Advantages of Floating Shelves

If you are considering buying floating shelves for the living room or any other area of ​​your house, at we explain the advantages of this type of accessories:

  • Floating shelves add a more sophisticated feel to the house. The lack of visible supports helps to stylize the objects that are placed there without the need to add other elements.
  • Patterned shelves can make up for the lack of artistic or decorative objects in the house by becoming the focal point of the area where they are located.
  • Floating shelves can be made to measure, this helps them to be more in line with the dimensions of the space where they are going to be located, and at the same time details can be added that make them unique objects.
  • Floating shelves are not only decorative, they are also versatile and can be a stylish ally in your home organization.

Images of Floating Shelves

Below you can see some images of floating shelves already installed, Enjoy them !!

Imagen de Repisas Flotantes para Esquina
Image of Floating Corner Shelves
Imagen Repisas de Madera para Cocinas Amazon
Image of Floating Kitchen Shelves
Repisas Flotantes para Habitación Comprar barato
Image of Floating Rooms Shelves


Imagen Estantes Repisas para consola echo dot google router comprar
Image of Floating Shelves for Small Electronic Devices

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